‘Mini-Trump’ DeSantis’ Covid-19 Failures Are So Bad They Are Making Florida Miss 2020

While President Biden gets good marks for his handling of the coronavirus, MAGA Gov. Ron DeSantis takes fire from critics who say he has little interest in getting vaccination rates up. Obama veterans David Plouffe and Chai Komanduri join MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss his handling of the virus and presidential prospects.
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  1. So why did Desantis get a shot, but he dose not want his people to get a shot. Please do not listen to him, get your shot.

    1. So why is it that you have a world of information at your fingertips and you’re still dumb enough to believe what someone else tells you to believe?

    2. @TheBestWayOne Yup, India thought they had “natural immunity.” Exceptionalism at work except the virus doesn’t care. Good luck!

    3. He did not say he does not want his people to get a shot. He said he will let the people of Florida decide themselves if they want the shot instead of mandating it.
      Have fun living in fear in your House as we Floridians enjoy my SeaWorld/Universal/Disney Season Passes, the Beach, the Pools, the tasty Fish, and my parents enjoy Pina Coladas at the Pool Bar as I play with the other Kool kids in this awesome state with a awesome Governor!

    1. @Nameless Progressive Clone They don’t have to force anyone to do anything. They can just refuse to pay medical bills for those that are not vaccinated. Zero force involved. It’s a business decision. Why should I pay for your bad decisions?

    2. @จันทิมา รักษาราช you can’t discriminate people with disabilities tyrant.

    3. @จันทิมา รักษาราช
      The problem with people like you is that you’re authoritarian psychos who don’t seem to understand that a person can be pro-vaccine and pro-liberty at the same time.

      Everyone just jumps straight to assuming I’m an “anti-vaxxer” because I don’t want people compelled through extortion or coercion to take the vaccine.

      I took it. It was *MY CHOICE* to do so. I made a health decision for myself and wish to allow everyone else to have that choice.

      You want to viciously punish people who do not submit to your will. That’s the difference.

  2. He’s pushing These people to take the medical treatments after they get sick, but won’t emphasize a way NOT to get sick. He is demented

    1. More covid means more money ,- Regeneron Pharmaceutical, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Citadel CEO Ken Griffin has donated $10.75 million to a political committee that supports DeSantis —

    2. Breaks fills Thier pockets with money and threw the stock trading. If Trump were to get in again it would be a matter of time I think before him and his Republican Nazis figure out exactly how to take your retirements and get them into Thier pockets. Right now retirement funds are making money now but if we had 4 more yrs of Trump we won’t be making money on our retirements anymore. 1if you have pa retirement plan you better be siden with Biden or voting blue this isn’t to scare people but I don’t want to loose my plan. Think you vested think it’s garenteed nope it’s not.

    3. He got slot in those stocks so does Cruz and if they don’t get reelected they can’t just switch a bad stock because Biden has a tax that applies for that and you have to pay taxes on that now. DeSantis would let his own mother die if it saved his stock market money but I think Cruz is even worse than him. They gotta get Trump back in and change those taxes or they would get the big money coming from stocks. These republicans aren’t living off Thier salties they live off of big corp who if they get tax

    4. This is just like with Rand Paul, he’s heavily financially invested in COVID-19 treatment centers, so Americans getting vaccinated and wearing masks hurts his investment. Think about how these GOP assclowns publicly downplay COVID and refused to tell their supporters to get vaccinated or to protect themselves from COVID! Now the GOP are buying stock in Regeneron centers and charging a fortune to treat their sick and dying base! The word to describe the cruelty of the Republican Party has not yet been coined.

  3. Those rebutlicans are going to try their damnest to not be open minded the same thing they blame anyone else that doesn’t think or feel the way they do.

  4. He’s getting a kick back from his donor that has stock in Regeneron. This is an FDA experimental drug for emergency use just like the vaccines. It has to be administered in the early stages of infection. There is no evidence or medical trial that it’s affective against the new variants.

    1. @Julie C Apparently. Dr.s are told by Covid patients they didn’t take the jab because too new, experimental, not fda approved. When the Dr tells them so is regeneron, the covidiots are suddenly ok with it.

  5. Desatan owns stock in the company that makes these drugs. The more people get sick the more money he makes. PURE EVIL

    1. @Don Waters you’re not a governor banning mask mandates. Hope you’re not celebrating people getting sick

    2. @Jose Sanchez guess what you can buy N95s all over now. You can’t smell cigarette smoke with one on or blow out a candle. The drs here are saying that’s a good test to make sure you’re mask will be a good one. We can’t buy medical grade N95s now with cases high again but could 4 months ago and I did. Box of 10 FDA and NIOSH approved $60. The next best are are the 3M aerosols and particulate N95 NIOSH approved. Box of 20 around $30

  6. Ah, the wise words of Dr.DeathSantas…….good to know that if one contracts Covid….there’s a football field waiting for you.

    1. Great deSantis has produced a trade fair where he can advertise the costly medication in which he has shares

    2. @Adam Givan Because he is taking focus away from Trump. Trump is always ok as long as he is the center of attention. If Trump runs, my guess is DeSantis wont….because he is a political coward. He doesnt have the political machine to deal with a run for the presidency. They are a mom and pop operation. He will be the front runner until he announces his intentions to run, then they will crucify him because like his daddy….he isnt smart enough to get through it and he is handing them all the attacks they will need to destroy him.

  7. DeSantis has stock in Regeneron, and is working personally on behalf of the CEO to push this – that’s why he’s opening the citrus bowl. He doesn’t care about FL.

    1. @Ryan Christopher pardon my perilously perplexing purveyance of pluralities.you’re missing my point. DeSantis’ policies have made Florida a more desirable place for those of us that value freedom to make our own decisions.

    2. @LogicalQ During, and after, a pandemic is a special time. Hotels, say, don`t earn money if people are not traveling, so they have to lay off staff. And that happened in the U.S. too. But afterwards, because of the way Congress decided to pay out support in their first package, many people didn`t want to return to work for various reasons, from fear of catching COVID, to needing to look after children, to having found a better job, having started an education and more – so jobs were not filled. But had they been issued waiting pay directly as an extension of their salary, like in some other countries around the world, they would have returned to work as normal when their place of employment opened up again. Support during a pandemic is not handouts, but the grease that keep the machine that is society running despite the pandemic. Unless support were offered to people, businesses would go under, jobs would be lost – or the opposite, they would have remained open and operational, but as a result the pandemic would have spread like wildfire, with even more dire consequences for both businesses, individuals and the world as a whole.

      Your Florida property might have increased in value now – houses tend to do when dense living can be a health risk – but if DeSantis` strategy fails, and COVID will, because of vaccine hesitancy, remain a problem in Florida long term, Florida`s important tourist and travel industry will start to bleed seriously, and your property value start falling like a rock. If the choice is risk COVID in no mask mandate Florida, or having to mask up in a mass vaccinated European resort, many people will prepare to maks up.

    3. @Tvjunkieful12 anecdotally, I can say with some deal of confidence that crisis fatigue has been the driving factor for tourism here and will continue to be, so long as the state government continues to let people live their pre-covid lives here. Go to a restaurant, see a movie, play golf, go to the gun range, go boating, hit a tourist spot without the constant behavioral reminders or threat of being locked down and told you can’t do as you please.

      You may view it as irresponsible, but many will chance a 98+% survival rate to live a more fulfilling life. Medicine and lockdowns won’t make this crisis go away, so live the best life you can with it.

    4. @LogicalQ Not taking precautions is the best way to extend the pandemic, and the pain from it. As long as the virus is around, it will continue to mutate – that is a scientific fact. The more virus there is, the greater the chance of radical new mutations, more different to the other variants (and therefore potentially both more transmissible and dangerous). Therefore with a high rate of infection, low rate of vaccination, and next to no precautions, Florida is more likely to become a giant lab for new variants and radical mutations than states where more people both are vaccinated, and better at taking precautions.

    5. @Tvjunkieful12 There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that current precautions, even in the most restrictive places, will do anything to make the virus go away. You can’t extend something that is already indefinite. It’s also naïve to think that mutation will not occur even with high vaccination rates and socially restrictive mandates. You already have evidence to suggest inter-species transmission which further proves that this isn’t going away.

      Our healthcare infrastructure will need to be bolstered to accommodate. Beyond this, we are just going to have to deal with this morbid reality. Florida has figured this out and is currently ahead of the curve in managing Covid instead of trying to “defeat” it.

    1. ​@Audrey Weber Facts don’t care about you – or DeSantis… In other words; Karma. On the other hand, you can keep going with, “alternate facts.”

    2. Yeah that was a Ben Franklin quote: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” DeSantis motto: “Somehow I’ll fix the damage that I couldve prevented”

  8. I didn’t realize how stupid DeSantis was until I heard him speak at the building collapse. I also realized how incompetent he is when he had no clue what was going on and deferred to the Mayor.

    1. @TheBestWayOne Huh? Still upset that Trump failed to get a third world country to interfere in the election?

    2. @JJ Nelson You would think he’d try to protect our tourism dollars. The only area really standing up to him is Miami. They don’t want to close… Jesus this isn’t that complicated.

    1. @T R He’s going to get a lot of kids sick and dead. What about their freedom?
      Imagine how bad it would be if he wasn’t “pro-life”, eh?

    2. @Ray Stanczak kids don’t die of covid. If your vaccines work get them, and go on with your life. I’m not going to interrupt your life if you don’t try to interrupt mine. Tell the parents to home school if they are concerned. Will prevent them from being brainwashed. Win win situation

  9. So those who have mostly refused to inject some “unproven” vaccine into their body be ready to be treated by monoclonal antibodies not specially designed to fight COVID and whose side effects are still under evaluation! How ironic.

  10. Yale wasted their time on him! He should have dropped out and let a worthwhile student take his place. He didn’t learn a thing in college!

  11. “Regeneron and others…”

    What “others?” Isn’t Regeneron the only company that makes the Monoclonal Antibodies?

  12. So, I am wondering how many magaheads are going to be willing to take the even more experimental antibody treatment over the Covid vaccine just because DerpSantis recommends it?

  13. I’m betting DeSantis has some stake in whatever treatments going to be offered in that stadium. Why else is he working so hard to make people get covid in the first place

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