Minority should be a ‘wake-up call’ for Justin Trudeau: Nanos

Pollster Nik Nanos breaks down the political landscape after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won another minority government.

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    1. A half a billion dollars could have changed the Lives of the Indigenous Ppl that have been on a boil water advisory for over 25 yrs n still counting.
      These Ppl live in northern Ontario and have been treated like they don’t even live in the country.

    1. @Arush S It’s not a broken system. Conservative support is just dog piled in the same region, and then they do middling elsewhere. O’Toole recognizes the problem of 20 years of pandering to parochial interests in the Prairies, which is why he’s trying to steer out of the death spiral it’s created.

    2. @8BitGamer4life True, yes, but it’ll work itself out – roll your eyes until the cows come home but It will – it always does

      Anyway, from what I read, I don’t think it was for nothing. Look into it, find nonpartisan sources & try to be a critical thinker is all I’m saying. Do I agree with the election being called? I’m undecided. I still need to understand the process. I do know that the Conservatives were pushing for it and then turn it around on Trudeau – totally greasy

      I’ve voted all ways over the decades – I just don’t trust O’Toole & as long as he’s representing the Conservatives, I won’t be voting Conservative

    1. I’ve got to wonder what Jagmeet Singh thinks about all of this. He supported Trudeau all this time, and then Trudeau decides to hold an election to unshackle himself from Jagmeet’s support, which apparently has failed. Will Jagmeet still be as willing a liberal doormat after this?

    1. No such thing as a “wake up call” for voters, they will just do the same thing they’ve been doing every election. You really thinks Liberals will abandon a Liberal candidate for a conservative candidate or vice versa? What exactly were you really expecting?

    1. @Chess Thugs he already screwed up our country. Canada is broke and Trudeau is happy about it. Because of him Canada has become the literal laughing stock of the world

  1. Was hoping i had a nightmare other night when he won, just can’t stand looking at him or listening to his poetic condescending voice

    1. @Noob Jitsu No. Only about 10% of the population were male “citizens” who were allowed to vote. You don’t get to all landowners being able to vote until pretty recently actually. And the general population getting the right to vote didn’t happen until the mid 1830s in England, as an example

    1. 3 libs,including Tollybohn Sista got removed. Not a total loss but you’re right, that money was poorly spent like everything those neoleft quislings do.

  2. The most votes should win. This seat situation is a slap in the face every election to everywhere but Ontario and Quebec

    1. @Yujiro Hamna cities already do decide all, look at what ridings the liberals actually won, pretty much the whole country is controlled by votes in Toronto and Montreal.

    2. @Joshua Brooks Actually as it stands at the moment, lack of proportional representation gives rural areas greater representation. If you live in the north of BC, your vote is worth as much as 1.75 votes in the most densely populated areas of Vancouver..
      As much as I don’t want a Clownservative government, proportional representation is fair.

    3. Quebec and especially Ontario are under represented compared to many provinces, such as Saskatchewan and all of Atlantic Canada. Even within their provinces they are under represented with northern rural areas having far fewer voters per riding then in places like Toronto and Montreal.

    1. The immigrants keep voting Liberal cause they open the gates and let everyone in. Even in February 2020 when everyone was saying the borders need to close to avoid severe outbreaks in Canada, the Liberal government said “to suggest that is racist.”

    1. Instead he chased surgeons doctors and nurses away from their jobs with the passport. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Now we’re worse off with even worse understaffed hospitals.


    1. this has been for ever. they suck B.C. for all they can whether they are provincial or federal. the 4 western provinces need to unite.

    2. @MaryAnn Dixon ah, i see, you have commented here also along the same lines as before, and as you misconstrued before, you have not figured it out yourself.

    1. You can’t help veterans when you have 600 million to spend on a useless election. Besides those veterans are old stock anyway. He’s a failed drama teacher he knows what he’s doing.

  4. Spent $600m on an election, bet that money could of gone to helping indigenous communities have clean drinking water

    1. There should be a tax that everytime a politician brings up “drinking water in indigenous communities” they need to donate 20$ to “drinking water in indigenous communities”. I swear the issue would be solved by now.

      I can’t believe Trudeau still makes that point often. Just solve it already.

    1. @2009TalkingHead His’ numbers’ shrink even more when you consider that only 58% of all eligible voters actually voted – which beat the last smallest turnout of ( think if was ) 2008 or 2009. Which means 42 % of eligible voters didn’t even bother to vote – which may well mean they don’t like him either or surely they’d have made the effort ?

    2. If Pierre Poilievre was leader for Conservatives Trudeau and his Liberals would have been beat badly. Keep O’Toole leader unless Mr. Poilievre wants the leadership. I don’t see anyone else stepping up except these two. Who else in the PC is notable?

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