O’Toole faces questions over his future as Conservative leader

Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole faced questions on his future after his performance in the campaign and defeat on election night.

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  1. What went wrong was the flip flopping on gun control and vax passports and mandating. Stick with what you stand for.

    1. That is the problem. We couldn’t figure out what he stands for. Or we didn’t like some of it. Giving Kenney an attaboy, giving Kenney a pass when he has obviously screwed up, giving assault weapon fans hope…as a Prime Minister? Never going to happen.

    2. @Graham McFadyen Hill , conservatives have financial support from Quebec gun lobby just like Trump and NRA in USA. Short of YMCA dance he is Canada’s Trump . Reform party (conservatives ) need to change their hats !

    1. Why do you think Poilievre would be any more electable. He’s a polarizing figure and he would scare away more moderate centrist voters.

    2. @菊行條野 They said that to Doug ford when he was standing for elections in Ontario. Even the polls were favoring NDP. He washed the Liberals out of the park. Its a matter of time when fed up Liberal voters divert to NDP and angry Liberal voters could vote conservative. At the end of the day when it comes to politics the leaders graph ideally deteriorates just depends at what pace and at this point when it comes to package in Leadership of conservatives I see PP

  2. This guy displayed poor integrity. Pandering might work for the Liberal party, but it doesnt pass the smell test for conservatives.

  3. I will not vote conservative again if Otool stays on as leader,all those that voted for PPC would have voted conservative but not with otoole as leader. Bring on Pierre Pollivre as leader,he has the true conservative vision,Otoole flip-flops too much.

    1. I totally agree with you! However I have spoken to Pierre, and he has said that he is staying in the position where he is. That he is needed there.

    1. He’s hated by the Conservative base, which is about 30% of the population. There’s a whole other country out there beyond the Conservative base, and it’s thinking like yours that makes the Conservatives unelectable in central Canada. Until Conservatives can figure that out and why they’re unelectable in Toronto and the 905, they’ll lose election after election.

    2. @Erik Swanson sorry but canada is not Toronto and yes conservatives are too much but liberal is also too much need a in your face candidate I suggest Mr Polievre 👍🍻

  4. I think everyone is behind me when I say, CPC voters wanted Pierre Poilievre to be nominated for leader. Not Erin O’Toole.

    1. @DeadNorth 86 Is it? You want laws reverted to the50s? You want pollution to escalate? You want anti vaxxers in cabinet? You want more guns on the street?

  5. Does he not realize this is on the internet and all of Canada can see him avoiding the questions… otool you will never gain the support of true conservatives you’re nothing but a liberal with a different badge

  6. I couldn’t vote for the PCs or will I as long as O’Tool is leader, A leader being important in today’s issues not someone dodging questions all the time 🙁

    1. The conservative party is no longer conservative and I only voted for them to get rid of Trudeau. Their policies have become the same as the liberals.

  7. Otoole is fine just give him another chance in 18 months when Trudeau calls another election. This time be more of a true blue conservative.

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