Mom Charged with Attempted Perversion of Justice in Matter Involving Pastor – June 11 2021

The police have charged the mother of a 15 year old girl who was allegedly raped by a pastor in St. James, Jamaica. The woman was charged yesterday with attempting to pervert the court of justice.

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    1. Too much praying, the invisible man is hiding in the clouds scared ! We really need to educate ourselves!

  1. That’s right pastor wife fe lock up to bad mother thay are trying to cover up nasty and durty work it’s about time action taking with these uncover abuse parent

  2. Man of the cloth issa dutty ole rassclattt send the whole lot a them a prison bout them a try cover up

  3. Lord of mercy,maybe them being played off that’s y them tell the child an mother to change there statement , dear Lord please protect our children 😇🙏

  4. Does this mean that no proper documentations were done for those who received the first dose of vaccine? If people’s informations are available then follow up should be done by the ministry of health to bring them on for second doses.

  5. I grew up in Garvey Meade in the 70’s and 80’s during which was a magical time for me as a youth.
    This news of violence and it’s frequency is unbelievable.

    For me this an indication of how dire and desperate the lack of security and lawlessness have overtaken this incompetent administration and the entire nation.
    I haven’t been back to Jamaica in almost ten years and this news isn’t making me yearn for my return anytime soon. Garvey Meade was once the most beautiful and peaceful place where We walked the streets at any hour day or night. Had many house parties, soccer, volleyball and hockey tournaments during the summer holidays.
    If this is how scary life is now in a once romantic and peaceful prosperous place like Garvey Meade, then Jamaica is doomed.

  6. when was the last time the government build a new hospital in James hospitals no fire station no water reserves no good local roads expensive food poor people doom…

    1. Because the ppl nah apply to pressure to the government and they keep taking advantage a poor people, it’s 2021 time for a change, time to hold them accountable if you can’t do the job then they have to leave, why are they wasting their tax money

    2. @Chanel H these so called leaders are not looking out for the betterment of poor people…we don’t have place to put the sick so what it takes to solve the problem is to build more hospitals right so what so hard in doing that…there not investing poor people tax money to benefit poor people no future investment to improve the quality of life for people in Jamaica..for too long they been doing this both party a dead house..

  7. Mrs. Williams Beckford, you have work to do. Do right by those hard-working doctors and vulnerable patients. This is 2021. What kind of hell hole operation is going on at Cornwall Regional Hospital???? Get the medical staff the supplies they need. This is totally disgraceful and unacceptable.

  8. This is a bad situation going on at the Cornwall rigonal hospital mr minister of health say it is not so seriously this is acceptable just saying

  9. The police did the right thing Too many of these mothers are getting away with murder they must be charged

  10. No one is applying any pressure to tuffton, how long will Jamaica make these politicians get away with tax payers dollars doing this, this is embarrassing, a women just lost her baby in a hospital!!’ This is crazy

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