Mother Of Officer Sicknick Urges GOP Senators To Vote For Commission 1

Mother Of Officer Sicknick Urges GOP Senators To Vote For Commission


The mother and partner of late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick are requesting meetings with all Republican senators to urge them to establish a January 6 commission. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Mother Of Officer Sicknick Urges GOP Senators To Vote For Commission


  1. True words, GOP Congressmen/women and Senators who cant put politics aside at this case have no soul or are so ignorant that they dont care

    1. They will not BECAUSE they are complicit! GOP-ers (we all know who they are!) planned and plotted for the outcome that we all witnessed on January 6th — an insurrection at the Capitol building.

    2. @Alex Hamilton you mean when they showed all tthe facts that where all proved by video evidence omg how dare they

    3. @Charlie Short he won’t talk now he’s realised his pathetic attempt at trolling and is sister kissing time

    4. Or maybe they see through the bs and know there IS NO intention of investigating what really happened. Let’s all just ignore cops let people go inside.

  2. Tucker Carlson always notes one death, the death of the female rioter he never mentions the Police Officer and the GOP is falling in line.

    1. @Greg Bors Jon Stewart didn’t have to he does that all by himself with the vile muck he sowes ffs, cmon asking ppl to call the cops for child abuse for putting masks on there kids in a pandemic that’s taken almost 600 thousand Americans seriously your standing by that cmon really sorry I didn’t get your message statement properly I get ya now my bad

    1. @adat smith How about the deaths of black people on the hands of the police? Daunte Demetrius Wright, Patrick Lynn Warren Sr, Vincent “Vinny” M. Belmonte, Angelo Quinto, Andre Maurice Hill, Casey Christopher Goodson Jr., Angelo “AJ” Crooms, Sincere Pierce, Marcellis Stinnette, Jonathan Dwayne Price, Dijon Durand Kizzee, Rayshard Brooks, Carlos Carson, David McAtee, Tony “Tony the TIger” McDade, George Perry Floyd, Dreasjon “Sean” Reed, Michael Brent Charles Ramos, Daniel T. Prude, Breonna Taylor, Manuel “Mannie” Elijah Ellis, William Howard Green, John Elliot Neville. Say their names! Justice for them!

    2. @adat smith great whataboutism. Let’s have an investigation of that too! So far, every death has been attributed to right-wing racists who tried to throw blame on BLM. Like the Boogaloos who killed the police officer.

    3. @adat smith the deaths from those protests can never compare to the lifes lost due to the pathetic ideology that is conservatism. If you believe that to be a worthwhile rebuttal, then you are worthless as a human.

    1. @BK VJ communists acting like socialists… try educating yourself and learn what words mean. Possibly a dictionary would be a starting point for you assuming you can read.

    2. Grand Old Perverts. Nothing more. BUT… they still to this day have all the power. There will not be a commission. AND… Have you seen our SCOTUS. Democracy has been dead for years.

    3. @John Yost Listen to the speech by G Edward Griffin in 1969. He will educate you, but I know you won’t seek information that pops your sad little bubble

    4. @BK VJ I’m not living in a bubble because I understand socialism and communism are not compatible and that you are a fool.

    1. @Kteka If I misread your comment, I’m sorry, but when you said, get a grip I thought why is he being so rude.

    2. @Cody Conyers who decides what’s morally and ethically right for them. Do they decide for themselves or do you decide for them.

    1. @Mr.comments yes, I lost a lot of friends. The only ones I have are the ones who agree to refuse to talk politics. I just wish someone could make me understand their thinking!! I just can’t see it. I do try to be objective, but no one can give me a real answer.

    2. Antifa is anti-facists. Weren’t the facists the trouble makers in WWII? So, if you’re against facism, I’d think that’s a good thing. Or did I miss something?

    1. @Alex Hamilton Brought on by being attacked by T-rump’s good squad! I do morn the death of David Dorn and every police officer who died or was injured in service to our states or our nation. I deplore any rioters who loot, burn businesses, or otherwise destroy public property as these people are actually tearing down what BLM and other peaceful protesters are protesting about! In my area those who have been responsible for the unreasonable destruction of private and public property have been and are still being arrested and rightfully so. Antifa is in my opinion just as ignorant as the KKK, Neo Nazis, and any other anti American group!

    2. @Darth Quantum wait..really? So you can attack police officers while you break the law and if the officer gets hurt…oh well right? It’s what he signed up for….I thought Republicans always stood by the police…until they enforce the law against republican goons….

    3. @Daniel Pupo You got it! These fake republicans will support anything that covers their lies, but as soon as they get called on to do justice they run and hide like roaches when the light comes on!

    4. @Bill Casey the problem is God did not create men to rule one another! Only God has that right! What’s happening in not only America but around the globe is world powers falling!

  3. Its absolutely disgraceful for any elected official to try to scuttle an investigation into the first and only attempted coup d’etat in American history. Voting against the investigation is complicity after the fact.

    1. What did you expect after 4 years of that behavior under the former guy?! Let’s vote them out and elect individuals that represent us, not party hacks, of any party for that matter. We’ll be better off if politicians know that if they try to pull this behavior, their career is over. They’re our employees, civil servants. Don’t like it, don’t run, simple.

  4. The Republican party let trump do what ever he wants. They are also responsible for what happened at the Capitol building.

    1. @The VELT You’re Ron Burgundy? Have a safe day, be kind to your neighbors and volunteer for those with less.

    2. @Rich Rich yeah fighting 800 people for 3 to 4 hours after being sprayed with bear spray! The coroner is in on it too! They all crooks!!

    3. @Alex Hamilton here we go with BLM. You know the rioters were actually white supremacists in black face right?

  5. The GOP do know the truth and they do not want it to come out publicly, that’s the sad truth.


    1. Republicans don’t want the commission because some of them gave orders to let the Capitol police let trumps followers inside the capitol. And the most disgusting thing about all of this; they just want the voters who were told their democracy was being stolen to be the scapegoats. Those trumpers were only doing what any American would do if their trusted elected leaders told them that the presidential election was stolen.

    2. @JRLM I’m 70 years old and have seen a lot of elections and even though the people were disappointed not once did we join forces to overthrow the the government. Trump supporters are Nazi Fascist just like Trump.

    1. @mike briganti A fumbled and failed insurrection is still an insurrection. Walk in to a bank to rob it, drop the gun and shot yourself in the foot, is still attempted bank robbery no mater how funny it is.

    2. @Josie No. You and the other foreign trolls who are continuously trying to further divide the United States are obviously the real enemy.

    3. @mike briganti The Capitol incident was a pathetic coup by the white Nazi attempting to overturn the result.

  6. The off-the-rails, radicalized, detached from reality republican party is the biggest threat this country faces.

    1. @Darth Quantum It may come to that, but let us hope that miraculously the Dems will grow a pair and stop treating the GQP with kid gloves pretending there is a way to “reach across the aisle”. There is no negotiating with terrorists, and that is what the GQP has literally become.

    2. @Darth Quantum True. But, it would be so much better if they worked together on a bipartisan committee. Otherwise, whatever is discovered that doesn’t reflect well on them, the Republicans will be shouting that it was rigged, a witch hunt, a hoax, fake…

    1. @adat smith b-b-but Obama, b-but Benghazi…
      The democrats had NOTHING to do with these cases and often encouraged to peaceful protests.
      What did Trump do?? Not telling them to go there peacefully

    2. No, they don’t want accountability, because it will be horribly painful – they are cowards, or they were complicit in the insurrection. There is no other reason to fear a bi-partisan, apolitical, fact finding commission.

    3. @Alex Hamilton yeah, how’s that workin’ for ya? Ever heard of Louie Gomert? Been there for years. Moscow Mitch – MORE MARXIST THAN MARX, more SOCIALIST THAN CHRIST HIMSELF… term limits = 1 across the board!

    4. @adat smith I find it telling that in 2016 when Clinton won the popular vote and Impotus squeaked by in several states the Democrats didn’t start screaming election fraud. They accepted the results of the democratic process. Didn’t start claiming fraud and start passing voter suppression laws. When McCain and Romney lost they accepted the results as well. Why is it only in this election that a certain politician/sociopath is claiming fraud? Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004 certainly had reasons to question electoral results but didn’t. Impotus is a wannabe dictator and president for life! And I would think the data base of votes are the counted and certified ballots. Counted and recounted and recounted and audited…

    1. You used to only see this kind of sick horrible beings in horror movies! Now it’s become normal for the gop!

  7. As sad as a moment as this is an American history, the Republican Party are no longer a party…. They are a cult! Totally unreachable!

    1. @moonlighter That is so very true, and says alot about how most Americans view the Republicans! They have to cheat to win! Pathetic

    2. @Justin Muraya I get your point and understand Republicans like Mitt and Cheney stood up to Trump at times, but these same Republicans were silent at some of Trump’s worst moments which made them complicit!

  8. Her son should deserved the medal of honor for defending all those people in that Capitol and fighting against those animals.

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