Mulvaney describes how a McCarthy loss would be a ‘mark’ against Trump

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Mick Mulvaney, former acting chief of staff of President Trump, talk about the current dysfunction within the Republican party and GOP leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who continues to fall short of votes for House speakership. #CNN #News


  1. The fact that McCarthy moved into the speakers office before the votes is hilarious!! 😂 😂 They had to move his sht out. Lmaooooooooo

    1. Dude, I have Covid and just nearly laughed myself to death from that comment. All in all, I would have considered it a worth it, lol 😂

  2. no matter who the republicans vote in as speaker I’ll be amazed if they actually pass any bills that will be good for the millions of Americans they represent.

    1. How about Republicans put taxes back on the rich so the government doesn’t have to keep borrowing more $Trillions?

  3. I have a suggestion to break the impasse. Why not just vote for the gavel? They’ll get a lot more sense out of the gavel than any Republican.

    1. Michael Dodds, I’m with you because they’re all useless and the gavel always works, 😅😂🤣

  4. McCarthy has already moved into the Speaker’s Office before his nomination, when he moves it out at the end of this week, it should be broadcast on all news channels (with the exception of FOX, which is nonsense, not news, because they won’t cover another republican loss).

  5. Watching this vote live was hilarious, Kevin looked lost and defeated. First time this has happened in 100 years.🤣😂

    1. All Kevin MAGA nazi wants to do is sunset social security and Medicare and eliminate Medicaid. That’s his ” America first ” more socialism to millionaires and billionaires

    2. @Troy Stewart at least leftwing socialism helps the disabled and 65 and up. Rightwing socialism helps millionaires and billionaires and corporations and George soros

  6. “I’m a huge Jim Jordan fan.” LOL. OMG How does one utter these words and keep a straight face?!?!? AMAZING.

    1. He served in the same caucus as him, and founded it with him. As he said in this video, if you had listened to it.

    2. Especially because republicans have become the party of pedos. Why would he add to that impression with JJ?

    1. @granola funk
      None of that gaslighting bullshit you posted diminishes the utter fecklessness of the GQP.

  7. All McCarthy’s ghosts have come back on him at one moment, instant karma known and unknown, his betrayals his lies.

    1. Not nearly all of them, just the betrayals he meted out to Repubs. They don’t care that he hated former Guy on January 7, then went to Mar a Lago a week later. Or his crap agenda, which was “have a gooder economy!” No, they just don’t like that he went along and voted to keep the government open.

  8. Trump isn’t saying he supports McCarthy. He’s begun to understand why his allies call his endorsement the kiss of death.

    1. @A S Finish the Trump wall? Cheeto claimed he’s already done that. At this point, being pro-Trump is admitting to being a gullible fool, or worse.

    1. It’s so funny! 🤣 😆 😂 I had a good laugh because Kevin was so full of ego in seeking the Speaker’s position.

    2. That’s entitlement for you. Funnier still, Kevin had his office stuff moved into the Speaker’s office before the first vote. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
      I’m waiting expectantly for footage of the moving men of shame to walk that stuff back where it came from.

    1. @Troy Stewart He had no business showing up and showing his face. He brought it upon himself. Zero sympathy. He needs to get a real job and stop wasting peoples’ time masquerading as a congressman.

    2. @Colin Sherritt agreed
      But leaving a kid to eat lunch alone is a real pu$$$y act
      But telling the guy who says I OWN you vote fore me- to F off is glorious!

  9. Congrats, Newt, for starting a landslide of animosity in American politics that has us on the precipice of chaos.

  10. Mick acting moral and upright now? A little power makes life worth living, a lotta power makes life worth taking.

  11. “They like the attention on TV.” Truer words have not been said about Republican Congressmen in years.

  12. “I’m a huge Gym Jordan Fan.” Imagine saying that and thinking that it is literally anything other than awful.

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