Must See: Teen Fights Off Mama Bear To Save Her Dog 1

Must See: Teen Fights Off Mama Bear To Save Her Dog


Southern California teen Hailey Morinico pushed a bear off a wall after it got into an encounter with her service dog at her home over the weekend.

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  1. That would have been me. When I was young, I was fearless, you just don’t think about dire consequences. Now that I’m 60, I’m much more cautious. It’s good to see young people who are brave. Our world needs that, now more than ever.

    1. @Kara Arendsen And if it was a conservative, it would go *tip over a sleeping cow* to prove its proud dominator heroism

    2. @Kara Arendsen And then demand taxpayers finance a recount of the herd performed by ninjas from Florida

  2. I’m glad no one was seriously hurt. I wish I could fight off my fur baby’s cancer, I’m helping her over to Rainbow Bridge later today. Very happy she was able to save her dog AND not orphan any bear cubs.

    1. You have my sincerest condolences. My adult children and I had to do the same for our precious kitty, just 2 days ago. I found him crying, lost, and alone, as a tiny kitten, under my pickup one hot August day at lunch time, almost 15 years ago, with no mama anywhere in sight in the middle of our city, so I brought him home. My heart is broken, as I know yours is and will be for quite some time. Please try to focus on the good years and the good times, which is what I am “trying” to do. I’ll never understand why those with the sweetest, purest hearts (our pets) have the shortest time here on Earth.

  3. We have a bear in our neighborhood that pushes over our trash cans, looking for food. I never put trash in the cans until the night before trash pickup day. I always pour ammonia over the trash because bears don’t like ammonia. We’ve got a photo of the bear drinking water from my little wading pool. A neighbor has a video of the bear walking up to the glass front door of their house.

    1. True. I am glad no bears were hurt in this. She simply was walking down a wall with her babies, then the dogs did what dogs naturally do – defend their home and family, and then Haley did what most people naturally do – defend her “babies”. No villains in this story.

    2. No, of course she isn’t. And I don’t think the young lady sees her that way either, especially since she said she thought “they were cute”. Fortunately, for all involved, the story had a happy ending. I think the only reason the girl was able to shove the mama bear without getting hurt was because she ran up to it so quickly and took the bear by surprise. Thank goodness.

  4. 10 seconds of video are worth a million words. Quick thinking, gravity, the mass of her would be attackers, used in beautiful sequence to save the day. Hailey Morinico is my SHERO of the day.

  5. A girls got to do what she’s got to do, and so does a mama bear, either way their all still alive!

    1. Yes, fortunately a happy ending for all. I think what saved the young lady, as well as her dog, was the element of surprise. She ran up to the bear so quickly that it didn’t have time to process what she was or size her up. Thank goodness.

  6. Bear pushing. It’s the California version of cow tipping. But it takes way more balls so it’s traditionally a female sport out here.

  7. Notice how the smallest barkers are up front – they always think they’re bigger than they are
    But good on her to go for it! I woulda done the same for my cat…
    And also kudos to the black dog, he/she got in there as well and caught a few claws with the face

  8. This reminds me of the video of a guy punching a kangaroo after he saved his dog from it’s choke hold.

  9. ” i was like oh my god, there are dogs and they want to take my cubs. they are barking at them and if I dont do something about it who knows what might happen to them” Then gets pushed for being an amazing, protective mother. The offender gets hail as a hero. SMH

  10. I wonder what happened to the dog in that other yard, it was running after the bear in the background.

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