1. @Stan Leeger I didn’t recall Joe Biden served. I seem to recall Biden received five deferments to avoid serving in Vietnam. 🤔

      Also, the FBI and the DOJ don’t consider Jan 6th a “coup”, but keep enjoying your delusion. BTW, thank you for voting for increased inflation, violent crime, illegal immigration, and dead military members in Afghanistan. You vote surely matters.

  1. Should have negotiated with Taliban for an orderly withdraw while Americans still have the military presence and hardware there. So far, actually, Taliban is holding its side of the agreement for not attacking US troops at the airport. The withdraw looks much worse than USSR’s withdraw in the late 80’s. They just drove away.

    1. We didnt have cell phones, cameras, and reporters in country back then to see what really went on. I’m sure it wasn’t good. Just a thought.

  2. Deepest heartfelt condolences to all the families, both American and Afghan. We pray for the injured, that they may recover. What a tragedy for us all. 🇺🇸

    1. It’s Sept 12th, 2001 all over again. All deals with the Taliban should be null and void. It’s not like they’re going to fight ISIS. They’re probably in cahoots. It’s time for the US military to take whatever time it needs to evacuate and blow away any Taliban or ISIS fkrrs who interfere. Then say, “Enjoy your fkked-up country, idiots”.

    2. @Florida Man No, the tragedy is right wing traitors, same as attacked the capital on January 6th. Same like you who attack Biden for ending Dubya Bush’s GOP war.

  3. Now imagine Don Bone Spurs The Con making such a compassionate speech.
    After all a similar bomb attack might’ve happened even if Trump stays in power.
    Do you think he could’ve made such a speech?
    I thought so. Neither do I.

    1. Sue Howie more like such a shame he wasn’t re-elected to be able to follow through with the plan. But yeah Biden has such guts to completely botch our withdrawal, the courage is incredible.

    2. But it didn’t happen under President Trumps command. Impeach imposter joey for high crimes and misdemeanors

  4. I once believed in the “American Dream”. By now, I know there’s no such thing. And I’m glad I immigrated to another country, and not to the US.

  5. I understand that black hole and hate that more have to suffer from its un ending heartbreak may God bless the families of all those in mourning 💔

  6. to everyone in the comments. the family and loved ones of the service members who died, they’re probably reading these comments. be respectful please

    1. @The One if u name one trump rascist quote I mifht vote dem. Meanwhile, I have already thought of 3 rascist quotes by biden

  7. At the same time, I like many, many others around the world. Saw this coming, as the US withdrew Afghanistan without a real plan.

    Today, Biden is seeing the results, of that said mishandled plan.

    The importance of making a good peace treaty, where all sides are considered, is now showing:

    The Taliban may be ruling, but they are ruling a brain dead, poor country.

    The people are fleeing in masses and unwillingly causing problems to other countries, some will be forced to stay against their will under Taliban rule.

    The prisoners, including the terrorists are free, all that time and money and lives spent on locking them up, wasted.

    The weapons of war, scattered across the field, taken and mishandled by anyone.

    The US now tasting blood for it’s poor plan, as if 20 years of war and death wasn’t enough, there will be more to come.

    The world, watching, some laughing, some in tears, but everyone, doing so with disappointment and failure in their eyes.

    There are no winners in this war, only losers. I wish I was wrong, but I am not surprised. RIP everyone.

  8. my heart go out to our military and their families they have fought so long and hard in these wars and to have to see the destruction and cowardice of our own citizens here at home, they arm themselves for honor and our men here arm themselves for cowardice to prevent from wearing a cloth to save lives… shameful

    1. I doubt the families of the soldiers or innocent families he killed today share your prayer…..sadly pathetic

    2. Yes thank God for high gas prices and inflation! Not to mention having a southern border in crisis and absolutely botching the withdrawal from Afghanistan whooooo!!!!

    1. Yes such heart he didn’t think of pulling civilians out before the troops which would have let us avoid these bombings altogether but yeah go Biden!

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