NASA holds a virtual briefing on its latest mission to Mars | USA TODAY 1

NASA holds a virtual briefing on its latest mission to Mars | USA TODAY


A day before Perseverance is to land on Mars, NASA briefs on the rover's journey to search for ancient life on the planet.


Despite having bridged a gap of nearly 300 million miles between Earth and Mars, NASA’s Perseverance rover still has its most perilous moments ahead.

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  1. Just thinking, if NASA can do this, from samples from mars… Then WHY NASA cannot help the journey of finding WHAT causes Cancer, that has cause Death here on earth??? With experts that works with NASA, they can work with the experts in solving the problem of cancer that killed my Mom.. Two or Three HEADS are better then ONE, as the ole saying goes.!!

  2. Why is America going to mars they didnt rebuild back up America yet roads crumbling, bridges, old train, water is not to good and alot more. But we got money to go into space and for wars but we having trouble getting money for STIMULUS and money to rebuild back up America. We should be canceling the wars and canceling going into space u till they fix back up America 100 percent

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