Rush Limbaugh dies after lung cancer battle | USA TODAY 1

Rush Limbaugh dies after lung cancer battle | USA TODAY


Longtime radio host Rush Limbaugh has died following a battle with lung cancer.

Rush Limbaugh, the talk titan who made right-wing radio financially viable in American media and himself a Republican kingmaker years before Fox News, died Wednesday, after he revealed in 2020 that his lung cancer was terminal. He was 70.

His death was confirmed by his wife, Kathryn, at the beginning of Limbaugh's radio show, from which he's been absent for almost two weeks.

A longtime cigar smoker who stocked the humidors in his homes and studios with the finest, Limbaugh succumbed to cancer after battling drug addiction and loss of hearing earlier in his career (he was deaf by the end and broadcast his daily show in spite of it).

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    1. @paldo1321 no. If he hadn’t smoked, then he would’ve died from something else, maybe even sooner than today. No one knows. What’s important is that he enjoyed life while he had. All men die, few men REALLY live!

    2. Well, what a great endorsement. I guess what you’re saying is he stunk inside and out from the beginning.

    1. Yes! Rush was the greatest radio guy ever! He changed this country for the better. People will disagree, but I really don’t care. I’m just celebrating Rush’s arrival to Heaven! It’s a great day!

      you are right, the swamp is less filthy with this clown out of the picture, and the other one in his Mar-a-lago corral.

    1. Woke ideology, critical race theory, identity politics, postmodernism, mass immigration, cancel culture, leftist fascism and leftist propaganda are ruining society at a pace not seen before in human history.

    1. they are parasites they feed on negativity. u know for darn sure they will never lift a finger to contribute to anyone else or do something about their own life. So they lie in wait for anything negative about an yone else.

    2. Because they are fueled by hate. They live in an upside down world. What is truly good, they deem bad. What is truly right, they deem wrong. The darkness doesn’t recognize the light, so they are lost as long as they wallow in their hatred. I pity them.

    3. I’m not sure, maybe people just want to express their disgust at a man who created a fortune by spreading hatred and conspiracy theories. He literally celebrated the death of AIDS victims on air, playing music and everything. No sane, caring person would do that. He relentlessly mocked and insulted vulnerable people throughout his career, so I’m sure his ghost can take a few angry tweets and youtube comments.

  1. Thank you for calling that to my attention. I had no idea. Scrolling down, I can see there are no thumbs down. I wonder why they have this policy.

  2. Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Nevertheless, businesses and investment are the easiest way to make money irrespective of which party makes it to the oval office.

  3. I’m always on a street corner handing out booklets on conservatism I made them myself you other republicans should do the same. Liberalism is a limpwristed oppression it cant stand against ideas

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