National Black Police Assoc. Chair: It’s ‘Perfectly Reasonable’ To Question Police Budgets | MSNBC

National Black Police Association chair Capt. Sonia Pruitt, Columbia University’s Kimberlé Crenshaw, and NBC’s Jake Ward discuss how policing should change in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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National Black Police Assoc. Chair: It's 'Perfectly Reasonable' To Question Police Budgets | MSNBC


  1. Does not the excessive and brutai force used by Police against peaceful protesters highlight the injustice in which Floyd was killed.

    1. @Paul All loss of life is bad but I would like to know where 8 police officers were killed since the protests. But at least I can likely say they knew what they were getting themselves into when they joined the police force. Can’t say the same about unarmed protesters in the United States. It’s literally in our constitution to ensure their rights to safely protest. There is absolutely nothing in it even implying protection of the other side of the coin.

    2. @Andrew Hunsaker The people who were killed were killed by rioters. You are making no sense.
      Also police were killed by rioters.
      It’s not the police people are afraid of. It’s the left wing activists and opportunists and criminals that have hijacked the whole thing. It is them who are killing black people and destroying black communities. Antifa are handing out bricks to young black men and encouraging them to destroy their own communities while the rich white activists go back to their affluent neighbourhoods after. you are defending the destruction of the black communities. That is insane.

  2. “My authority is total and I take no responsibility at all.” – Bunkerboy tRump

    1. @TrenTacos Name like “Taco’s”,(said like Chy-naa) you really are clueless aren’t you.
      Forgot about “The Wall”, already ?
      Moron, or Troll ?
      Pick one.

    2. @AP AS No, you do not have it right. There are protests in Republican run states and cities (no caps needed), also.

  3. Don’t have to defund the police.
    Just stop giving them tanks and MRAPs and a military arsenal.
    The American people are NOT the enemy!
    Stop treating them like they are.

    1. Us. Stop treating Is as the enemy. We are the #Citizens, #TaxPayors, #EconomicEngine. Supporting us makes it possible for Us All to #RiseTogether

    2. @Logic Police Are you really implying that military force is required for policing certain individuals in the United States? I would like to hear more about this nonsense.

    3. IMO defunding implies budget cutting on their resources. ( physical, trainings hiring) why do we need police with guns anyways take a look at London, America

  4. 1- Body cams should be on from the start of the shift till the last second.
    2- A neutral department is in total control of viewing these videos daily or upon needed.

    1. i pretty much agree, but those reviewing can NOT be in any way part of the police department. the mutual protection engendered, and necessary, in those carrying out dangerous jobs, makes the review of their actions impossible within the ranks. retaliation is almost inevitable. those doing the review MUST have COMPLETE autonomy and not subject to oversite by anyone up to an including the police commissioner and maybe even the mayor. and a turnover in the personnel must be constant, otherwise personal relationships will result in a fox guarding the henhouse situation.

  5. A violation data base for cops is an absolute necessity. Get the bad apples out and let the good ones you are on notice. Stay good or get gone!

    1. No … they’re team players, they’re all bad apples, that’s why they get off so much. Their ranks lie to protect their interests. ‘Unite we stand…Divided…’

    2. @Kepler Mission exactly the “few bad apples in the barrel” narrative is just an old trick in psychology to keep people from recognizing/focusing in that it’s the LARGE BARREL ITSELF that is bad. and as we see, this “scam” continues to work on people like a charm.

    3. @Philly Phil actually, the saying implies that bad apples need to be removed so the rot doesn’t spread throughout the whole barrel.

      It’s just that people often forget the meaning of the OG saying

  6. Hey guys???? You show images of London and don’t talk about?????
    Are you that embarrassed???!

    1. American journalist talking about American policy. Keep the good fight going in London but come on……

  7. “That takes time, resources, and money.” Yes, and black lives are WORTH it. 🙏🏼

    1. @Justice Boofer I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not afraid to say I’m primarily white in a modern world where the privileged (minorities) get backing by many in this artificial society to commit what would be racist acts if the roles were reversed. Are you portraying again?

    2. @living in a desert Im not afraid of trained many different ways in combat ..i allmost engage several protesters last night because they were coming after me in my pickup truck on the street. i was armed with a handgun..the only thing that stoped them was a female protester..telling them we weren’t attacking white people tonight..i would have killed at least 5 to 10 blacks & I wasn’t looking for a fight they where..& I was ready to rock & roll if i needed to.. you lost your cause with me over the rioting looting & burning business down & attacking innocent people of all colors..its over go home before it gets worse for you people..all by the way we probably been around for up to thirty thousand years from what I could tell at a science & history..

    3. @Mike Smith do you think I’m black??? Wtf!! I’m in Arizona outside tombstone az…just me and the family taking pot shots at coyotes and chasing rattlesnakes out of the cool garge, and shaking scorpions out of boots.

    4. Logic Police so right and 8 million black kids with no parents and dropping out of school. How can we fix that.

    1. @WSOX Man I don’t see the connection between the two things. So you’re telling me that everyone who is a part of a police union vote for democrats? Yeah, and liberal kids are so dumb, right? You just wrote one of the stupidest sht I’ve seen all day where you blanket an entire organization’s voting practices and pretend like that’s actually true or even close to legal.

    2. @Andrew Hunsaker I don’t think you understand what organization support the political parties.
      Exp. The Chicago Teachers Union supports only ONLY Democrats. There are no Republicans in leadership in Corrupt Chicago.
      Same with Police Dept in all ALL the cities with protests and rioting.
      The Dem Mayors negotiate contracts with local unions in exchange for votes. What union supports a Rep?
      The bad cops are like bad teachers. You cant get them fired without some major infraction. The cop who who murders Floyd had over 13 infractions on his record. Ask yourself ” who had the power to fire this cop?” Sure wasn’t Trump or a Republican.
      My Chicago us doomed after 80 years of corrupt leadership. But they keep voting D…why?

  8. The police assaulting protesters this past week kinda proves the point the protesters are making. 🤔

    1. @Ron Allen Sorry.
      Did Cowering Bunker Baby Bone Spurs Tweet something I missed ?
      As for sense, well you just displayed your lack in that particular category, didn’t you ?

    2. The rioting and looting and burning businesses down killed your protest with many real american’s though..

    3. @Ron Allen No, but I feel like none of your ideas are rooted in facts. So.. yes? Come over and burn my house down. I don’t even have a gun or anything but I feel like the Utah police would probably take you out if you give me/us advanced notice of your arrival. But, again, this is only because I live in the real world. There’s a huge amount of space between not having any police and police reform, but sure, keep on spewing utter nonsense until it makes sense.

    4. @Ron Allen I see you’re also not a fan of statistics OR facts. Interesting that your vote counts as much as mine. Just saying.

    5. @Andrew Hunsaker Its not nonsense, there have been proposals. We sane peopl know its nothing more than black pandering, just like reparations, every election year.

  9. …and this is exactly why I’ve said every potential police academy recruit is subjected to a behavioural evaluation before they undertake police training.

  10. These no-knock warrants have been abused by police for years. In some jurisdictions with high minority populations, more than 40% of warrants issued are no knock warrants. Many of these warrants are based on misinformation or downright lies. Of those killed in these no knock warrants, 42% are black and 15% are Hispanic. Upon realizing their mistakes, some cops planted evidence in people’s houses to justify what happened. It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t tell the difference between criminals and police.

    1. @living in a desert Hahaha ‘Black Biscuit!’ Better with Brooklyn Blackout chocolate cake washed down with a favorite coffee.

    2. @Kepler Mission BLACK BISCUIT isn’t a food goofball, it’s a term used in hockey. The puck is called black Biscuit. Atf used it so other agents didnt know what the operation was about. I’m in a known biker club and have been since the 80s when I was a teenager. Charlie sheen did a movie called BEYOND THE LAW and that’s what I’ve seen.

    3. The entire establishment is literally on its knees for “people of
      They aren’t oppressed
      Try being white and unashamed now a days.Now THATS revolutionary.

  11. All agencies are under funded-especially mental health. In England we were supposed to have a mental health worker in every police station-WHEN?

  12. Looking from far far away civilised country, its just mental what goes on in USA. And still most of them believe in fairytale about the greatest and best country ever

  13. Perversion of words are those used to justify no knock warrants.

    To ever elevate securing things or drugs above the physical safety of human beings, and even animals, for that matter—-is simply the ultimate OUTRAGE!

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