NEA President Explains What’s Needed For Schools To Reopen | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. Hate? What hate? Wanting to put kids and teachers back in school SAFELY without vaccinations? Is that that hate? Oh, but letting a bunch of innocent children suffer from mental health issues and die from suicide due to the lack of therapy cause by lockdowns just because you them to save their great aunt or grandma from dying from a virus isn’t hate? Even though, unlike kids, they probably already have a little time left to live anyway.
      Or what? Do you also believe millons of innocent healthy children will die from COVID now? So is that why you care about “saving” all of them more from COVID rather than suicide or even worse hunger due to proverty?

    1. That assumes parents are informed enough and not part of a cult of idiots who think masks are stupid or some dumb political statement.

  1. 1st group for vaccination people over 70 years old 2nd over 65.3rd.Medical workers 4rd.Public service workers teachers supermarket sellers etc.

  2. Covid infection get reduce after 60% population get vaccination and after 80% vaccination infection can be history

  3. Easing economic restrictions depending on Covid infection lever going down up or stay the same.Its show 10 to 15 days after .Easing Covid restrictions.

  4. What is needed is for the teachers to go back to work the same as grocery store employees or bankers or hardware store employees or Department store employees. The teachers have to go back to work and they don’t want to. They should be required either go back to work or submit the resignation.

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