Netanyahu Adviser Defends Continued Airstrikes In Gaza | MSNBC 1

Netanyahu Adviser Defends Continued Airstrikes In Gaza | MSNBC


Andrea Mitchell is joined by Mark Regev, the top adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who defends the continuation of Israel's airstrike campaign in Gaza after President Biden expressed support for a ceasefire to prevent further civilian casualties, with Regev arguing that a "premature cessation of violence" plays into Hamas's hands.

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Netanyahu Adviser Defends Continued Airstrikes In Gaza | MSNBC


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    2. @Andrew Yerian have you ever consider that MAN is in control of these prophecies and not God? Have you ever considered that MAN wrote the Bible and not God? Open your mind to ALL possibilities like a good God would do. Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  1. Hopefully history will remember moments like this and be able to condemn the main stream media for propping up the war machine at every turn

    1. @metaglypto Yes it does when you’re the aggressors and start oppressing and invading a land that was never yours because you feel entitled to it since you THINK you’re “God’s chosen people”….Pretty arrogant and insane to me to start invading and killing people for that reason…You people are dangerous to society when you think like that…The world is watching..

    2. @Eddie martinez

      So… YouTube has been around for 15 years. Your account is 4 months old. People know more than you think they do… “Eddie”

  2. I think we are approaching a time where the media has to be held responsible. This is beyond normal

    1. See to begin with, my original comment was about how the media sells a certain narrative, what they ask, what they don’t. When they rebut, when they don’t. I only concern myself with facts not just from one side but from both and you seem to only regurgitate one side. It’s not your fault it’s just the facts.

    2. @Tommy Tucker Do you not understand the concept of whataboutism?

      (Btw, keep in mind they said that. I wasn’t the one who made the original comment. This doesn’t represent my views).

      I would assume they mean that Israel needs to be accountable for perceived injustices against CIVILIANS. I don’t think any logical person has any problem with Israel bombing the f out of terrorists or active militants.

    3. @X Ray i just had someone defend Palestinians using children as human sheilds and still blame isreal. You’d be surprised

    4. @Kyle Morgan I don’t support Israel at all as an american. As an atheist i do not believe in any religion for this crisis makes my point valid. But i believe what Israel is doing is apartheid and war crimes against the palestianins. Hamas is killing innocent civilians as well and i dont agree with their approach either. Both Hamas and the Israeli military are terrorist organizations.

    1. @He Is We American minorities know we must use the constitution in order to realize our rights.

    2. @Doranda Colbert God bless you. God bless America. USA has been here almost 300 years but its not guaranteed to be here forever. Same as all the other super powers throughout world history. There is only 1 nation that is promised to be here until the end of time and its capital to still exist even after that. Israel is a witness to the world that Yahweh is the true living God and his word is alive. Yesterday, today and forever more

    3. @He Is Nameste. Is this why people have been fighting over Israel because they want to be the ones occupying the land at the end time? You can’t steal from God.

    1. @Du Hast zionists aka people who believe Jews have a right to exist are cancer? So what are genocidal terrorists to you? The vaccine? Lol you’re on sick lady

    2. @Secession Gets Closer Everyday english is an international language, most Israelis know english, the Palestinian woman probably lived/worked near Israelis and know english as well.

    3. @staywoke it may come as a surprise to your zionist ar se but many palestinians speak perfect english and most of the jewish settlers are english speaking europeans anyway.

    1. @Free Speech Extremist bro i love your name hopefully you don’t get punched by the free speech conflaters


    1. Just like big corporations liberals and democrats are stealing the world right in front of our eyes.

    1. He told stealing just because that woman accused him for stealing, but he won it in court – do your double check.
      Proud israeli

    2. Yan in a Nazi court Jewish property belong to the state. In pre civil war court blacks were slaves and personal property. You think a kangaroo court makes an action correct? Grow up!

  4. I’m glad to see so many other Americans are finally paying attention to Israel’s crimes against humanity. We must somehow convince our politicians to acknowledge it as well.

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