Paul Butler: D.A. Made It Seem Like Andrew Brown Jr. Was Investigated

Georgetown Law Professor Paul Butler discusses the Pasquotank County district attorney saying that the deadly shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. was justified. 

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Paul Butler: D.A. made it seem like Andrew Brown Jr. Was 'Investigated'


    1. When the government unemployment and eviction moratorium ends next month in a lot of states… people will have to go to work and will be to tired to deal with petty crap like this

    2. @DriveInFreak y’all the ones crying and boot locker I’m a two time felon buddy. Take your broke self back to your mamas basement

  1. Kc Hunt when she and the morning news, i agree all morning long morning Joe and MSNBC to Ayman, Ari, i tune in. The rest i tune out.

  2. have they even released the tape if they say it was a just killing will they show the proof

  3. I don’t believe the prosecutor. If there is nothing to hide , show the video. We don’t believe you

  4. When we lie, know that it is not the seed of God. It is the manipulation by the Serpent. Recognize the Serpent and run to the light.

  5. All he was saying when they showed a video did not want to show cause you know he’s lying

  6. Duh, Brown actually was being investigated. I wonder if the news media ever take a moment to ponder that this kind of garbage is why nobody trusts them.

    1. They went up to the house like they were posse in the wild wild West when anything move you shoot first and ask questions later it’s just the truth they went there with detentions you go with us or you die and you seen what happened

    1. @I BE THAT I AM An even simpler question would be why didn’t he put the car in park and get out? Why didn’t he comply?

    1. So are 100 insurrectionist invading the capital building jan6. They all need to face the law.

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