Netflix’s “The Crown” and other royally awesome shows to stream 1

Netflix’s “The Crown” and other royally awesome shows to stream

25 years after her death, we're still obsessed with Princess Diana and all things royal family — that’s why we’ll be watching Kristen Stewart’s new movie, “Spencer,” and waiting eagerly for season five of Netflix’s “The Crown.” In this episode of “Pop Off,” CNN entertainment reporter Lisa Respers France chats with Hollywood newcomer Max Harwood, star of “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” and breaks down a beloved Jay-Z meme in our “What’s it All Meme?” segment. France and her BFF Audrey Irvine also discuss the triggering racism and ageism in Netflix’s “The Chair.”

Watch “Pop Off" with Lisa for a sassy, no-nonsense take on entertainment and real life's biggest issues every Saturday morning on CNN’s YouTube channel.


  1. It’s time for us Democrats to start taking responsibility for Biden’s spineless incompetence. We need to stop acting like school ground children pointing fingers!

    1. @peyman p

      Daily Reminder:
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  2. I wonder what the final episode will be about…maybe her passing as it is her show and her death and she is in her near hundreds!

  3. This just feels like advertising, very out of place on a channel where the videos are about news. Love the cutouts though!

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    1. Yeah they were throwing shade at the crown now it looks like they want you to watch it I suggest something extremely sus with that. They probably threatened the show writers and now future seasons are more in line with politically accurate ideologies that really shouldn’t be force fed down people’s throats nonetheless I agree with you if they recommend it stay far away

  11. “The Free State of Jones” is an excellent movie on Netflix now! It’s about after the civil war the newly freed slaves can vote in Mississippi but the democrats stop them in every way. The African Americans all join the republican party to vote and after a lot of hardships they do!

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