New details about federal investigation into Matt Gaetz 1

New details about federal investigation into Matt Gaetz


Federal authorities are looking into whether a 2018 trip to the Bahamas involving Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz and several young women was part of an orchestrated effort to illegally influence Gaetz in the area of medical marijuana, people briefed on the matter told CNN.

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    1. @Lilly Anderson the cnn director Literally said they’re propaganda meant to hurt their opponents . Especially Trump…and they have no idea what they’re really talking about because it’s just made up information …

    2. @Jerri Hangman That wasn’t a director and that’s not what he said. It was one person’s personal opinion and selective editing was used..

  1. Everytime I hear about what’s happening to Matt gaetz I can’t help but smile. Couldn’t happen to a worse guy

    1. @Four Monkeys Cafe my folks passed away 5 years ago ,, both millitary vets !
      Soul mates forever .
      Now back to you ! Your losing it go and eat a Snickers sideways in one whole piece because I know it’ll fit .

    2. So, that makes you happy about sexual assault??? Wow…I guess it isn’t just on one side of the aisle. Thought you were more evolved than that? Guessing it’s safe to say you probably smile when you think about George Floyd’s death too…because “Chauvin is going to prison”.

  2. Best line by Stephen Colbert: “Apparently Matt Gaetz and others shared Ecstacy at parties. Ecstacy? Ecstacy is the feeling I get when I hear bad things about Matt Gaetz.”

    1. @Betty Newkirk stop being hypocrites and push for investigations into hunters crimes too…. whats so hard to understand?

    2. @Don Nwzad nobody voted for Hunter Biden though…he’s not an elected official there to serve constituents.

    3. Jail will reform them. U cant ignonor their disgusting desires to damage children for life with their filth.

    4. ​@Mauricio H he has profited off his fathers office many times. there’s no other reason for bidens crack head son to make 6 figures working for a Ukrainian energy company. or getting 5 million dollar business bribes where 10% goes to his father… i mean forgivable loans.

  3. Gaetz’s ‘fiancee’ should consider running as fast as she can from this clown. Think the engagement was on advice from his lawyer.

  4. 3:01 Ms. Paula Reed trying to smile extra hard after delivering a report on a really tough subject. She’s a pro.

  5. People don’t do 1-1 anymore, it’s an orgy with Evangelicals/ Family values type of people. The man is dirty!!!

    1. It’s not bad news, it’s propaganda. Project Veritas went undercover & caught CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester on camera admitting to using propaganda to hurt Matt Gaetz.

  6. He’s gonna be fine! He’s got that convenient grip handle on top of his head…he’s gonna be the belle of the ball in prison…

    1. Oh, I can’t wait to see who is new girlfriend will be in prison!! Unless, of course, daddy manages to bribe a judge etc. What a bunch of fucking MORONS!!!

  7. Iron fist in the Gucci glove! Lol love it! Wine reference? Margaux red wine with nice tannins “velvet glove on an iron fist” because it’s firm and packs a punch

  8. Gaetz is going to be like, “But, your Honor .. She was a mature seventeen. I’m not lying, your Honor”!

    1. @Krabby Patty good thing Hunter does not hold any government position…then you may have something there bud.

    2. @honeysucklecat Didn’t know he wrote a book. To be honest, I thought this Hunter stuff was just an smear campaign by the GOP, I thought he was similar to his father. But with what you told me, he’s a good man like his father, or the very least they try their best to.

    3. @Joe Pot calls kettle black. Veritas are GOP propaganda operatives posing as “journalists”, CNN is no better than they are and vice versa. Give me real sources and we’ll talk

  9. Now we see why they didn’t want to give financial relief after Covid. It’s because they needed it for these drugs and hookers. Great family values there

    1. @Krabby Patty Hello, I’m doing a survey of internet people and I would like to ask you a question.

      When has being buttmad on the internet ever improved your life?

  10. The old cargo van creeps into the back lot of the high school. Gaetz lights up a jay and waits. The small greasy cheese pizza cost more than he liked to spend, but he was feeling especially generous today.

    1. So is today when Gaetz’s Dad pays Matt his weekly allowance ? Matt Gaetz will be going out with a total blast – it is over for him.

  11. She was only seventeen, only seventeen and I was to dumb to know.
    I thought that I could do what I liked, cause my Daddy said so.

  12. if you listen and watch gaetz speak and can’t come away with ‘that guy is a slime ball’ guess what, you’re a slime ball too

    1. Shaun Dejwan – One by one they will get caught in their own web. Thanks to media it will be sooner rather than later. Rgd.

    1. Project Veritas went undercover & caught CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester on camera admitting to using propaganda to hurt Matt Gaetz. When CNN tells you “Q” is a conspiracy, you better believe “Q” is real.

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