PA Republican reveals there was fraud in state's election ... by GOP 1

PA Republican reveals there was fraud in state’s election … by GOP


GOP Pennsylvania state Representative Seth Grove said that the state did see small-scale election fraud in the 2020 election, but that it was done by Republicans. CNN's John Berman speaks to Philadelphia's election commissioner Al Schmidt about Rep. Grove's comments.

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    1. @Marcus Tyler Go ahead–Google “How much does Fox News lie compared to the other networks ?”. They track this stuff & Fox News lies, by far, more than the other Media outlets. Well, not more than OAN or NEWSMAX, but more than the ones you accuse of lying.

    2. @Alex Rodriguez Does Stephen Miller really sleep in a coffin in his basement? Are Louis Gomert’s parents related? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself) Do Republicans hate minorities? Do Republicans want to replace democracy with autocracy? Are Donald Trump and Putin bffs? Was Donald Trump, Michael Flynn & Roger Stone the architects of the January 6th insurrection? —Yeah CNN & MSNBC need to start “just asking questions “. Yes they do!

  1. How Pathetic is it when law makers are spreading lies and say… “they shouldn’t believe us”. They need to be criminally charged. They have cost lives over this bs

    1. @Bob Davis Oh, you people always think you know everything, don’t you? I get tickled because I am a sissy. Lol.

    1. @Sam Harris I understand, not everyone can follow politics without partisan lenses. Good luck festering about the past…

    2. @Sam Harris then expose it already. 6 months no evidence, 60+ court cases lost…not 1 shred of proof. wheres the kraken?

    3. I don’t know if you’re being facetious or not.
      They unwillingly admitted that Republicans committed voter fraud, but then dismissed it by saying “it doesn’t matter who did it”.
      Do you suppose they would have said the same thing if only Democrats had done it?

  2. It is now humiliating to be a Republican….glad I finally came to my senses and switched parties. So very proud that I voted for Biden/Harris. They are doing a phenomenal job.

    1. @Pls_ explain Luckily, we are mostly a country of caring, sane individuals but all you need to do is look at the replies on this stream to realize we still have a serious problem….we have a whole group of people who still believe that the world is lying about covid, it’s no worse than the flu, everyone is exaggerating the death rate, ect….our country is in the middle of a serious mental health crisis that has left weak minded people without the ability to be rational….they do not care at all that people are dying worldwide in droves or that we could overcome this with a simple vaccination…it’s appalling, demoralizing, and has left rational people with a huge sense of embarrasment that our country is handling this crisis worse than most countries we see as poverty stricken, third world nations…..I have even started thinking of moving somewhere else……people shooting people in grocery stores, at schools, just in the streets….it is honestly embarrasing to be an american right now.

    2. By phenomenal you mean border crisis? Tensions with NK, Russia and China? Keep dreaming you basement dweller.

  3. The republicans committed the fraud in order to say “look. We tild you there was fraud. Now, change the rules in our favor.”

    1. @rod m For peoples favor… They very basic and small changes that did happen were so that PEOPLE could vote safely. You’re admitting that Republican strategy is to not let people vote.

    2. Yup, it’s just like when they say government doesn’t work, then get into office, break government, and then point to it and say, “I told you it doesn’t work so we should just get rid of it.” It’s all projection, deflection, goal-post moving and deception. The benefit of having an idiotic voter base is that you can get away with that and trick them into screwing themselves and the rest of us. And those who aren’t as stupid know full well that it’s simply to gain power so they play along with the propaganda.

  4. It’s a shame. People’s lost their lives. Because of voters fraud lie from Republicans. Incited the Riot. Has the gall to say bring people’s together.

    1. *THIS* discussion is regarding the so-called election “fraud” that incited the January 6th riot.
      If you want to discuss anything BLM related, be prepared for a discussion that traces back weeks, months, years, decades, CENTURIES. Are you prepared for such a discussion? @JUST SOME GUY WITHOUT A MUSTACHE

    2. Matter of fact- do not address me regarding ANYTHING BLM related. Don’t talk to me about immigration or covid-19. If you don’t have anything to discuss regarding the business on Pennsylvania that the Republicans are guilty of, then there’s NOTHING to discuss@JUST SOME GUY WITHOUT A MUSTACHE

    3. Your attempt to DISRESPECT MY ETHNICITY, MILLIONS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS- HUMAN BEINGS does NOT go unnoticed. I’m muting you now for my own sanity, as being dragged into the mud with you is bad for my mental health. I hope you figure out where your misplaced patriotism went, it’s a bad look for Americans @JUST SOME GUY WITHOUT A MUSTACHE

  5. “Stop the steal” was a third-rate freak-show featuring Rudy Giuliane, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro and Kay-lie McEnemy in the starring roles.

    1. @Trevor H. Mike Hill is a 2 day old completely empty GRU FANCY BEAR ACCOUNT….
      It’s a Russian disinformation HATE FARMER….. You’re basically yelling at a toaster with those 2 paragraphs you just wrote…..
      You’re on point with all of it though

    2. Trump is mad because he was told as long as he rigged the elections to get 74m votes he would win. Pretty sure Graham rigged the results in SC.

    3. @Trevor H. Sorry but I’m not reading your long and stupid comment. I bet you cried the entire time typing that lol

    1. @key peele did anyone die in Oklahoma? Did they charge the capitol screaming lies while armed and trying to overthrow the government of Oklahoma? No. None of that happened. But Trumptards did that in DC on January 6th. Check your own side before you start hurling accusations, kiddo.

    2. *THIS* discussion is regarding the insurrectionists on January 6th. that stormed the CAPITOL BUILDING based off a LIE@key peele

  6. The Republic gift for double speak is quite astounding.

    Even Republicans commiting electoral fraud will result in Republicans still pushing the lie, under the guise of preventing fraud..
    . By themselves

    1. @Sam Harris he was impeached for spreading lies about election results and inciting a riot on the rightful day of counting the votes

    2. @Sam Harris says the guy who believes that Dems are running a Satanic pedophile cult in the basement of a pizza place that has no basement.

  7. Republicans are beyond pathetic. Next election they’ll claim fraud again when black folks refuse to vote for them.

    1. @Bob Davis Regarding the Impeachment it’s now revealed Republicans felt Trump was guilty but were too scared to act against him. Fun fact kid but very few Republican Politicians like Trump but they are scared of him and his cultists.

    2. @Daniel Bramer oh fyi atlanta doesn’t need to vote. Have you seen the way they have destroyed their city that is a disgusting crime filled toilet. The last thing we need is for that to spread.

    3. @Daniel Bramer lack of population. Against the constitution. A 90% democratic power grab.
      If they make it a state. Then why shouldn’t republican rural California and oregon be made into states ?

    4. @ProudKyGirl l AND YOUR LORD AND MASTER STILL LOST. Melt away snowflake, the heat is rising and nobody wants your brand of inaction and corruption.

  8. Oooh, I saw this on Twitter last night, and have been waiting for it to make it onto the news! It’s certainly not surprising. Of course there will not be a word about this from the ‘election integrity champions’ Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, etc.

    1. @Sam Harris wtf are you talking about? If you’re going to be a bot, maybe spam the right message in the correct feed. This video and specific comment is about Republicans who committed voter fraud. Of the small amount of actual voter fraud committed in the last election, the majority was committed by Republicans. Dumb@ss

    2. @Eric Hampshire All you people know you are not going to be believed, but you don’t care. Power first, truth last, I got you always

  9. “Just raising the question becomes a tool that’s kind of used to conjure up these ghosts or phantoms and to then try to come up with solutions for problems that don’t exist.”
    –Rep. Seth Grove describing the rhetorical con job Tucker Carlson performs on Fox News every night

    1. @Sam Harris thank god!!! people for eternity will see how a narcissist led a cult to attempt a overthrow of the gov based on lies and manipulation. And it will just get worse and worse and is it drags out and info comes out. like the bombshell that proved collusion in 2016 that was just released.

    2. It’s metaphysic tactics that your everyday narcissist uses to hold the little bit of power they do.

      everyone here needs to educate themselves on how to deal with Narcissism.

      They use mental tactics that are purely self destructive. We must not let the careless and wreckless people control the ship. We must stay healthy.

  10. Is anyone really surprised? Tr**p was so shook he lost – because he was rigging in as many states as he could

    1. @omik redarhcs remember when he called Georgia Republicans and told them to find enough votes for him to win? Sounds like trying to rig the election to me, kiddo.

    2. @wayne Kocher right? Facts are like kryptonite to Republicans. It doesn’t matter how many you show them, they’ll never believe it, anyway.

  11. “their was voter fraud and to prove it well commit voter fraud,” – republicans
    Got to love them if their stupidity wasn’t so dangerous it would almost be endearing

    1. Yeah I feel this way about Dr fauci lying to us saying that we don’t need masks and then later on admitting it and saying it was for our own good


    3. @Inarus Lynx when did trump use 50/50. Educate. Bipartisan is supposed to be 60/40. Well couldnt pass last stimulus bill right. So demos with a split house use harris to pass whatever they want. So nothing is bipartisanship right. Biden said he wanted a joined america. Well he hasnt tried. In fact get as much changed while the power is there. 2022 things change. Ive never seen a president in my lifetime push this hate on people and executive order and use a slit house to change everything. In months. And still bidens border worst in 20 years during a pandemic. And never went there. Economy on the rise when trump left and now is going fast. Please. Educate me sir. Please explain why using the VP to push demo plans through is ok. So you get mad when demos do whatever they want and Republicans get mad. Because you do everything you want no matter. Might take a couple buildings burned down to get there

    4. Or laugh their asses off anyone believes them. They don’t care about the country or their constituents. They are heartless, and insidious. Focused like a hawk on obtaining and maintaining their own power at any cost to the country. Reelection, is their only “job”. FULL STOP. They have been doing this quietly for decades. Trump comes along and gives them permission to spew their inhumane racist, sexist, xenophobic, scary crap through a bullhorn. He’s gonna go away the way Putin his last extended vacation. Just gave himself reign til 2036. Republicans are cockroaches in you kitchen who are bold enough to stay there when u flip lights on. Real F U kinda creatures.

    1. @Nicolas Ceresoli ah yes. The “both sides” argument. So far there’s been plenty of evidence of fraud by Republicans but both sides are bad because dems must be up to something right? You just don’t know what exactly they’re doing but when you find out it’s gonna prove your point. Ok. It’s getting old now. Dems are not saints (no one is perfect) but they are far away from the level of outright incompetence, malice and hypocrisy displayed by the Republicans for the past 4 years. You coming here and saying they’re not saints and trying to claim they’re equally as bad is disingenuous.

    2. @jiv32 equally as bad because they are..simple as that. You just don’t see that because you are biased into defending the Dems no matter what, especially the atrocities committed by Cuomo and also Gavin’s level of incompetence (leading to his recall) within their respective states which was both reflected against their people. Its all a civil war of both you guys ranting who is right or wrong in this circus while defending the wrongs of one over the wrongs of another. You won’t have the balls to run a background check on most of the Democrats you worship because you are afraid of being as wrong as the GOP bastards, thus hurting your pride.

    3. @Nicolas Ceresoli at least they’re being called to resign. All the allegations against matt gaetz, trump, etc and no calls to resign from the GOP. Also, all the instances of fraud from the 2020 election – all republicans. No evidence of fraud from the Dems. Get the hell out of here with your “both sides” argument. You just wish the Dems were as bad but it’s simply not true so you have to resort to projecting whatever the repubs are doing onto the dems. Your logic is basically “if one side is doing it, the other must be doing it too, they just haven’t been caught”. Just like trump can’t comprehend how he got beaten so overwhelmingly after his party tried every trick in the book to get him to win so he has to claim fraud. All you have is wishful thinking and disingenuous arguments.

    4. @jiv32 “no evidence”. Oh really? Spend too much time on a biased news outlet? Like I said, you dont have the balls to run a background check towards the same Dem rats you worship.

    5. @Nicolas Ceresoli yup. No evidence. None. Zero. If you had any evidence you’d be showing it right now but you don’t have any so all you can do is claim “bias” because real news sources don’t support your wishful thinking. Besides, Fox news, newsmax, OAN all had to retract their false statements of fraud because they had no evidence to support their claims. Powell said no one in their right mind would believe her claims of fraud as her defence. And you have absolutely zero evidence to support your claims either.

  12. In Britain there is a law if a politician is caught committing a crime, regardless pf how petty it is. It automatically triggers an recall election. Something to think about for all other countries.

    1. JWong, That’s a great law! That law would have put all GOP officials that aided in the insurection, in jeopardy of losing their seats. Future crimes can also trigger the recall election. It might help to keep government officials in check!

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