New Doc Shows ‘Dangerous, Delusional Beliefs’ On Capitol Attack 1

New Doc Shows ‘Dangerous, Delusional Beliefs’ On Capitol Attack


A new Jan. 6 insurrection documentary, which follows-ups with people who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, captures many rioters’ persistent misconceptions. ITV News correspondent Robert Moore, who created this documentary, joins Jonathan Capehart on what he calls ‘the dangerous and the delusional’ beliefs of the people he interviewed for ‘After the Storm: America's Enemy Within.’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New Doc Shows ‘Dangerous, Delusional Beliefs’ On Capitol Attack


  1. The Insurrectionists will be forsaken by Trump, but they will continue to love and worship him for eternity.

    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Better, yet.
      We, The People, must DEMAND a Firing Squad for The “GANG of 5IVE”!! For *Traitor* trumb, the true “man-boy,” and his slimy spawn!

    2. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Better yet. We, The People, must DEMAND that the “GANG of 5IVE” face a Firing Squad! For TRAITOR trumb, the “man-boy” prez impersonator and his slimy spawn.

    3. @J lock We meet again Comrade Botski, Russian propagandist extraordinaire! Ah…Yes! Creating division through misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. Yes, yes, we know YOU
      Comrade Botski!

  2. Every insurrectionist knew exactly what they were doing on Jan 6. To stop the peaceful transfer of power in order to keep Mango Mussolini on the throne

    1. @below me hate to tell you it’s the Republicans trying to stop the fraudit. Because it makes them look like complete idiots. Their words not Democrats. Get the facts instead if the propaganda.

    2. @senile Joe Biden Hey, demented dic even more fuk’d-up than poor, ol’ Joe, what about BLM???

    3. @Bryan This is another version of the ‘it wasn’t collusion’ mantra republicans said over and over. Collusion is not a chargeable offence, the actual charge would be conspiracy. Conspiracy is a over used word and isn’t as good as the word Collusion when it comes to describing the disgusting cooperation between Russians and Americans that had been taking place since 2010. Republicans argue that because collusion isn’t a actual criminal charge, that there was nothing illegal about american pitns

    1. I guess all can recognize what kind of leadership the country
      Had..the main reason
      Mental illness on the

    2. Well, one can only hope they track down those in this interview who were there and charge them with crimes, just like the rest who have already been charged

  3. In the Trumpist world it’s always someone’s else’s fault. Personal accountability doesn’t exist

    1. Except if you don’t believe you’re are expected to pull yourself up by your bootstraps

    2. From the party of “Law and Order” and “Personal Responsibility” no less. LMAO, now they’re just another fascist movement.

    3. ​@Steel Hammerhands Call me some more names genius, make yourself feel better. You do know that your mouth defines what other people think of you right? So far I am not impressed.

  4. So if I follow this reasoning, Congress can just start inviting people to walk into the supreme court or the white house? Just imagine judges having to keep a straight face while they lock these people up for our and their own good.

  5. Shamommy is as bonkers as her son. As if this mob was legally authorized to reverse an election.

    1. Also their B.S about invoking Rosa Parks is part of their cynical, *disingenuous* racist propaganda!

      It’s as vile & calculated to be offensive as Marjorie Q-Anon Greene invoking idea that COVID19 masks & vaccinations “are just like the Holocaust” and/ or “Slavery” etc… (Expect lots more of this vile, *dumb* trolling tactic).

    2. @Dee Valerie A lot of people are assuming that Russia is providing most of the trolling but a vast amount of trolls are American.

    3. I’m sorry, but didn’t Trump give the green light for this? And wasn’t republican members of congress complicit in allowing the insurrections into the building?

    4. Mom , he’s a criminal get a grip he led that parade and wrote threatening notes to Congress people.

  6. “Invitation from Trump” to attempt a coup d’etat, is not an excuse. (Edit: These people did not learn absolutely anything.)

    1. Trump only had authority to invite a dangerous mob into the White House. He did not have authority to invite a dangerous mob into the buildings of other branches of government such as the Capital or Supreme Court. It is like if I invited everyone to a wild all-night party at my neighbor’s house and did not tell my neighbor.

    2. These people were filled with lies by the President, GOP Senators and Fox NEWS.. These need to face criminal charges. especially Fox news

  7. Nobody had a right to go to the Capitol it was closed to visitors and Trump’s rally permit was limited to the ellipse, the minute they entered Capitol grounds they violated the law. Tresspassing and entering a restricted area. Lock them up.

    1. @Bryan Hi, do you really think it would be good satire if it were satire?
      I disagree.
      This doesn’t resemble ‘the Colbert Report’.
      Or ‘Family Guy’.
      In what way do you think comment is satire?

    2. @Heritage Karma Assaulting Capitol Police is Not a misdemeanor
      Get tested for Moronavirus, immediately

    3. @Bea Conn her entire comment is so ludicrous it’s funny. It’s the perfect representation of the radical left’s corrupt thinking, which fortunately is still a small minority of the American ppl.

    1. @Sheila Boston stupid is as stupid does. It’s like fox”news”THEIR ON LAWYER ADMITTED they shouldn’t be confused with real”news”.

    2. @Georgia Lee that is why they need to get Trumps off the street now and stop waiting around! His bail should be set EXTREMELY HIGH!!!

  8. “He’s not a terrorist because his leader ordered him to commit acts of terror”. What a great defense.

    1. Yeah, well, the Nuremberg Defense has, historically, fallen flat on its silly face. However, given the state of things in this (to use Heinlein’s apt phrase) slightly slug-nutty country… it might just finally have its day. And may god have mercy on our souls……

    2. By her logic, the 9/11 terrorists weren’t terrorists either because Osama bin Laden invited them to blow up the World’s Trade Center. Except in the real world, actions have consequences and the “but everyone does it” defense has never had merit. Cocaine was still illegal in the 1980s for example.

    3. Soon they will delete this from your memory. Like how you used to call the virus starting a lab lies. Like how you used to say the pee story that the dnc bought from russia was real. Whete are the factchecks now? I feel so sorry for what they jave done to your minds

    4. Trump and his companions are in the process of taking power with lies and hatred just as Hitler did in 1933

  9. I find it hard to believe that these clowns are that ignorant. This is the excuse made up by lawyers to try to help them out. They absolutely knew what they were doing & knew it was illegal, they just did not care because they thought they would get pardons by trump.

    1. They go out of the way to destroy your believes and prove that they are indeed truly ignorant.

    2. That’s what they thought. Shaman even stated as much,that 45 was supposed to pardon him.

  10. Rosa Parks had balls, 1. 2: She had heart and a real human cause to fight for. These people have neither

    1. @Loriann Richardson she was a part of the civil rights activism. Planned protest for the good of all

    2. @Loriann Richardson Wait, you talk negative about Trump and his cult and then you’re here making fun of a woman who was/is a positive, powerful role model in history Loriann? Even IF it’s a joke, it’s a disgusting one. Keep drinking your boxed wine and cheap cigarettes. Bye Felecia!

    3. @Loriann Richardson yes Rosa’s protest was planned but again, tyranny must be opposed and a brave black women stepped up to do just that. Weak-kneed white people are silent about such reprehensible treatment

    4. @Chloe Key Yes, but an interesting question because of all the talk about censoring history…. should Rosa Park’s staged arrest be taught in schools?
      edit: I mean apparently Sun and Sea doesn’t think so

  11. This is the reason repubs DON’T want an investigation into the INSURRECTION, because Trump would be found GUILTY as he’ll.

    1. Ok … So why did the Demonrats oppose election recounts/audits so hard… If they had nothing to fear, the Dems should have been easily embraced recounts/audits…

    2. Trump isn’t so innocent himself for anyone trying to be a smart allic or just defending the guy

    3. @The Source ok take Trump and Biden out of the equation… Why did Demonrats fight tooth and nail to oppose election integrity laws?? Because they know it will be harder to rig another election…

  12. Nobody in the Republican world ever does anything wrong… It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault… BAH

    1. Republicans are masters of projection. Everything they accuse others of is exactly what they are guilty of doing

    2. @midknight Exactly. Like McConnell saying, recently, that Democrats are trying to rig the election system while Republicans are actively and blatantly rigging the election system across the country.

    3. Bull the whole thing!!! The Repunkkklicans are our enemy within and they brought the rest of the Traitors in and they all did the damage!!! That little joker claimed that was his Rosa Parks moment, over thinks his ego!!! He is NOWHERE CLOSE TO ROSA PARKS!!!

    4. Trump and his companions are in the process of taking power with lies and hatred just as Hitler did in 1933

  13. Saying someone told you to commit a crime and then you commit that crime is not a defense, it’s admitting you colluded to commit a crime. Maybe they should have said they were hypnotized by a giant orange fart.

  14. Rosa Parks would have considered that delusional person part of the oppression she stood up against.

    1. @Mike perfect No doubt MSM is a MIX of: Lies, truths, Facts, omissions, leading/misleading, inferences, minimization, etc. and some to plenty of outright establishment propaganda.
      However, some to many Facts & Truths – along w/ Life-saving, v. valuable* ‘Need 2 Know’ INFO, are reported, also, and at a FAR higher % rate.
      Vs. 98% “pathological LIES,” Pure BULL-, & a much more craven, heinous and pernicious, puerile form of Propaganda. At its’ worst. Designed* to penetrate and inbed in the weak-minded and gullible!
      That’s been out to destroy your,* now, “$hit-HOLE country” – all along!
      30 years of Fox CRAP + 4 years of a moronic FAKE and ‘incompetent’ TRAITOR; and you uneducables get what you deserve!
      Please, learn to be a whole lot more discerning. But, you have to Start with your Poor judgment, FIRST!

    2. @Mike perfect There’s also those who refuse to acknowledge the obvious facts presented so they “check” until they find some obscure source that tells them what they would rather believe, and then accuse others of not doing “research” to find the fantasy truth they have had reinforced by people who think just like them.

    3. @Jens Wetter Many people that day Jens were let into the Capitol. There are multiple films of police moving barriers, beckoning them in . MOST walked in and MOST walked through ,taking selfies. Im not disputing of course that there were idiots attacking brave policemen but many simply walked in and would have seen nothing of the violence . Your emotive language in some ways conveys truth but i doubt very much that most were stepping through. blood or near to any attacks . The MSM is showing the attacks, the independent media is showing the policemen moving aside, moving barriers aside, and people calmly entering the building in single file . The truth is somewhere in the middle As for his motivation. If you fail to understand that half of the US believes a coup’detat has been enacted, then you have no place assessing their actions . Regardless of your view , this is what many truly believe. In such a circumstances, entering into the Capitol is hardly a hanging offence . If you had been there that day , and you were convinced that Trump had overthrown the election and that you now had , in Trump, a dictator who had ended democracy in your country, that there would never again be a free and fair election because criminals had enacted a ‘coup’d’etat ., what would you do ? Until you engage with that , your judgement is irrelevant . I assume and hope you would not ahve atatcked innocent policemen . You may however have entered the Capitol . That would be pretty restrained if you believed your country had just been overthrown !!!!

    1. Could these idiots actually understand the”liberals” were content with the election?
      Why would they commit treason when their guy won??????????????
      It’s like thinking if you back your car up, the used up
      gas will be back in the tank!

    2. @Mark Cross I interpret they’re actually implying that liberals planned to show up en-mass as a trap to embarrass Trumpsters by getting them to do something illegal. Somehow…enough liberals could stomach a post-election tRump rally dressing and playing like his supporters to fool the few actual supporters into marching there with them.

    3. @nobody that you know it’s kind of an implicit admission of being the sheeple they are, willing to follow the herd into criminal conduct.

    4. @Dark Paradigm Implying that trumpsters can be embarrassed is like saying yellow snow is clean!

  15. I am happy they’re all saying they were invited by trump. It won’t help their defense at all, but it will help prove that trump and his cronies led the insurrection.

    1. @Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon yeah Nancy biden pence ….. Every person INVOLVED with DOMINION all the gov that certified you BETCHA

    2. @Pro’ se Kim 60 court cases say you’re wrong. Support the constitution, which makes the courts

    3. @Callsign Starbuck Viper Dragon SUPPORT a dictator who was INSERTED is what your saying no THANKS COMMIE

    1. They were let in and 99.9% were completely peaceful. As opposed to BLM protests that burned down police stations, federal court buildings, and lasted for 6+ months.

    2. The irony of course being they feigned sarcasm toward the white couple saying there were left-leaning agents/agitators who spurred the violence. While, at the same time, everybody in MSNBC comments and most of the left when presented with the overwhelming violence and destruction of BLM protests blame it very openly on “white supremacists” and the right, with no sense of irony. Hilarious.

    3. Trump and his companions are in the process of taking power with lies and hatred just as Hitler did in 1933

  16. “A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.”
    The Fifth Basic Law of Stupidity

    1. @luke yznaga yes don’t take pictures of yourself, don’t wear pants that trip you or shoes with flashlights when you run. Most importantly do not brag about it. Other then that you should be good .

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