Reps. On GOP Leaders Continuing To Downplay The Capitol Attack 1

Reps. On GOP Leaders Continuing To Downplay The Capitol Attack


The January 6 insurrection and storming of the U.S. Capitol continues to be downplayed by prominent GOP leaders. The struggle to form a bipartisan January 6th commission, as this fight moves to the U.S. Senate, is discussed by Rep. Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania and Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey, in conversation with Jonathan Capehart.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Reps. On GOP Leaders Continuing To Downplay The Capitol Attack


  1. This can’t be the same Ron Johnson from Miami Vice, when Unites States was the greatest nation on earth.

    1. @K Mauch Oh, it was Don. Yet the nation was the greatest? Nothing that had to be made again?

    1. won’t hear his name mentioned by the msm…they seem to ignore when blm does blm things

    1. @Sandy Allen and charges were dropped. the same people were arrested multiple times. They killed people, burned out businesses. The true insurrection was that group of people setting police stations and court house on fire and trying to barricade the doors so the people inside could not get out. They have to look at ALL up risings and property damage not only one.

    2. @Susan Hewitt well, fascist, what did they burn,loot, murder? Unlike the antifa and sblm terrorists

    3. @Rusty Shacklefurd cool. So when do they go after all the leftists who stormed the capitol? 3 times? Moron

  2. Dear House and Senate members: Get off the ego runs! Do your job! Serve and protect the United States.

    1. I hate when leftists talk about protecting the US while at the same time supporting people who are trying to destroy the US.

    2. @Lewis 970 they are quite simply psychologically confused after all the leftist supports HOW many sexes?

      **I believe it’s 86 currently.

    3. Republicans had 30+ investigations into Benghazi — and Benghazi was not an attempt to overthrow the USA — and all you did was applaud and soil yourself. January 6 was an attempt to overthrow our government from within, and we need to take out the trash on this. Republicans who don’t want justice here are likely guilty.

  3. Meanwhile, we will continue to ignore audits across the country and ignore video footage of capital police letting people through doors and barricades

    1. @Michael Estala What you’re doing is called ad hominem. Clearly, I’m dealing with an amateur.

    2. @Todd Blankenship Nope, the Insurrectionist deserve to be shot for Trte45on! You must have the Q!

    3. @LONE WOLF RC’S BS! They were infiltrated by trump Traitors, they are the one’s who opened the doors for them, they were, are, Traitors!

  4. No meet the press today I was hoping for a 3rd week talking about Liz chaney and the party that lost all there power and white house

  5. Remember when that guy who was a fan of Farakhan killed the cop?! How often was that mentioned?!

    1. @JAY T yep. When rep Greg Steube of Florida offered a resolution supporting peaceful protests but condemning George Floyd’s killing and all the rioting, arson, looting, murders, assaults and targeting of police, house Democrats UNANIMOUSLY BLOCKED IT. They even bailed them out and when confronted on the 47 person body count nancy pelosi responded “well, people do what they do”

    2. History books are written by the same people who work for NYT, so I wouldn’t expect much.

    3. It’s a protest, not insurrection . Capital police let them in, no violence. Unless the history writer lying about it, like dem always do.

    4. @Viva La Raza! Exactly. God forbid people want accountability in their government and for the incoming administration to not continue to rip the constitution to shreds.

  6. Oh, how I love the ratio on this one. I’m glad people are waking up and smelling the double standards.

    1. @Midi lol. You must be awfully interested in all the boring old folks comments, you’re commenting on them.

    2. @Kerbal AirForce YT isn’t doing a very good job at it. It’s common to see three times as many dislikes as likes.

  7. Any commission or committee needs to look into any hiring freezes, budget cuts and scheduling inconsistencies (particularly under-scheduling for the week of January 6th), and from how far up any of these orders might have come.

  8. Let’s investigate why troop reinforcements were declined and then capital police let them in.

    1. @stanley lizewski I’ve been seeing “you’ll see” and “just wait” for months now. Nothing has happened and nothing will happen.

    2. @stanley lizewski how many court cases? 62 I think. How many audits and recounts? trump lost. No proof of any kind has been given, none from anyone. GIve it up. trump lost the popular vote both times. He is a loser. Move one

  9. I kind of feel like folks should have an equal reaction for folks breaking into the capitol building… and breaking into local, state, and federal governments during the riots. If you freak out about one and not the other, you’re part of the problem…

    1. Yes. Republicans were against the commisison bc it did not look at other similar issues in Portland, Seattle, Oregon… which is a valid reason to oppose it.

  10. Fun fact: The same black Capitol Police Officer who murdered an unarmed woman allowed the attempted assassination of Republican Steve Scalise without even firing a shot.

    1. @Zezima Our founding fathers were insurrectionists, they fought a multi-year long war with high body-counts to effect the governmental change they sought. That’s not what we saw on the 6th, stop being such a drama-queen….

    2. @Jimmy Webb We’re getting our information from the list of charges placed against the people who entered the capital. NOT ONE is being held on weapons charges, NOT ONE. The vast majority have been held this past 6 month on trespassing charges and NOTHING MORE.

  11. An attack with no guns where the only person killed was a retired Air Force woman who posed no threat.

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