New FBI Video Released In Search For Capitol Rioters

Scott MacFarlane comments on recent updates in the FBI's Capitol riot investigation.
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    1. @gin-N-aujusrepublicans always have RECESSION. GREAT RECESSION and DEPRESSION The 1923–24 Recession: Warren G. Harding
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    2. @gin-N-aujus marxism is socialism …..MANY countries are SOCIALIST..and are doing JUST fine… Bolivia is an example of a prosperous socialist country. Bolivia has drastically cut extreme poverty and has the highest GDP growth rate in South America.

      Other countries that have adopted and enacted socialist ideas and policies, and have seen success in improving their societies by doing so, are Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand..
      Also fun fact genius…. AMERICA IS SOCIALIST already….and has been for a LONG. LONG time…and because of SOCIALISM you’re living the American dream… you don’t benefit from capitalism because you have no monopoly or monopsony power…

    3. @David Gibbs I just did a fact check and proved what I said RIGHT WITH EVIDENCE…feel free to PROVE ME WRONG…or….bye

    1. They peacefully took a poll, and then hit the cops with it to take back the country for Trump and his criminal gang

    2. @Ralph Boyd They only wanted to hang Mickey and assassinate Daisey! Let the tourists have their fun.

    3. @JoLoRod1 They’ll smash all the windows in Cinderella’s Castle and bear spray the Seven Dwarfs.

  1. Many people don’t seem to understand the line that was crossed on Jan. 6. The world was literally shocked that something like that could happen in America. Our reputation may never recover. I’m glad the FBI is taking this so seriously. We will get to the bottom of it no matter how much the Republicans try to obstruct

    1. @Jacob Calham Being rampantly corrupt with no safeguards against him for 4 years. Putting his henchmen into positions of power so that his dictatorship would have no one who could oppose him. Lying constantly and having no one oppose the lies, allowing him to do or say anything without any negative results. Having his goon squad attack the Capital because baby-orange-child lost the election. The list goes on and on.

    2. @smity smity check your facts, the media tried to blame the death of two capital police on the riot, one was a suicide and the other that was a stroke that was labeled as natural causes that is why they aren’t even looking for someone in connection with a homicide because first a homicide has to have taken place. Just because you want police to have been killed doesn’t mean they were.

    3. @JoLoRod1 Don’t worry the nasty orange man has no power anymore. Enjoy the hyperinflation.

    4. @Aaron Wernz you assume I want police dead. One was bludgeoned on the head, sprayed with chemicals and kicked after being pushed on the ground, then died of a stroke after his body was put through trauma. The leading cause of strokes is physical trauma. And PTSD is the leading cause of trama.but you are right, I do want blood.the blood of traitors. The blood of people who attack cops. Cop lives matter. Look, it’s really adorable how hard your trying, but leave the important decisions to people who can think for themselves and put Americans first. I know you want to feel like a special snowflake, but leave the trolling to people who are smart enough to be trolls. Might I recommend a book on grammar for you to read? I give you permission to respond, reading your attempts to sound smart makes me feel better about myself so you will respond at your earliest opportunity like the good liberal limp wrist you are acting like. Now start typing.

    5. @NebTheWeb
      first reason the BLM riots were heavily videoed or did you live in a cave all summer

      Second reason the current Vice President actually helped to raise bail for some of the rioters

      Reason three you’re right she did put her self in that situation, it is the double standard of the media and the law that is the problem, if they would have came down on the BLM rioters as bad as they did the capital rioters, we probably wouldn’t have hade a capital riot in the first place. I would say many of them thought they would be treated like the BLM rioters were. There mistake was thinking Democrats care anything about fair or equal justice. Democrats have clearly shown when they control the government it is only about power and there ability to crush any one who dare think or speak out against them. Congratulations, your the new Nazi’s🤨

  2. Red hat guy >> The vest says Sheriff. Either he is an active Sheriff or impersonating one.
    Either way that won’t go over well when he is arrested.

    1. @Polar Opposite You sound stupid. All of these Capital rioters deserve to be in prison. Because they broke federal and state laws by committing this criminal act. And on top of that they can do serious time in a federal penitentiary.

    2. @Polar Opposite is this some devil’s advocate attempt? Yes, only one guy has tried the ‘everyday tour’ lie – and since it has been SO thoroughly slapped down, maybe they’ll choose not to try to go viral with it. By this is just the latest stupid and obvious lie Trump’s cult has tried, and others DOS gain traction – remember how the first defense they tried was that the crowd were Antifa and BLM protestors? Right up until they started ID’ing people, and it turned out these idiots all had Facebook pages and social media groups and we’re BRAGGING about their affiliations and their insurrection.

    3. @Polar Opposite haha Biden must be doing too good of a job if all you can say is “ he told reports to get in front of the truck while he floors it”.


    4. That would be very scary if they were black people. I mean BLM people. Cause im not a racist and calling me a racist is fascism and its worst then the NAZI.

    5. @Polar Opposite What “threat”, snowflake? Nobody got in front of a truck while Biden “floored” it. You’re also leaving out the part where Biden says “…I’m only teasing”. But other than that, exactly the same as the MAGA cultists rioting on January 6.

  3. Next time I take a trip to somewhere like Disneyland or the beach, remind me to bring along some mace, a bat and a gun. Oh and some SPF 15 because you never know.

  4. The boldest things he’s ever done before? Well, like Star Treck, he can boldly go where many criminals have gone before him – straight to jail

  5. They need to arrest the man responsible for sending that mob to the capitol. They taking too long on that. The evidence is all their.

    1. @Jack Hamilton lol are you going to riot when justice clamps down on trump? thats pretty funny racist old man

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra Really? People attacked the Capitol, committed treason, and you’re making a stupid Pelosi comment that doesn’t even make sense? And you guys wonder why people call MAGA a cult.

  6. They should all be charged with treason and put in prison for the rest of their lives

    1. Civilians should go to jail so that they learn their lesson. But active duty members of the military and current police officers who stormed the Capitol should be given the death sentence because what they did was un-American and treason. They are nothing but scum

    2. @Love Light Reality is all perception of the individual. Reality can be distorted by social media, news outlets, friends, and ones beliefs. Just because someone views things different than yourself does not make them wrong. You know nothing of my background. You also don’t know what I have witnessed with my own eyes in person either. So good day to you and your unreal reality.

    3. @King of Gotham Trump, the first US President to be impeached twice! It will go done in history.

  7. You gotta lance a boil before it heals. Holding everyone responsible for their actions will drain the pus.

    1. Searching for Americans who have only been charged with breaking in entering while not searching for thousands of Democrats that have rioted looted, burn down businesses assaulted police officers and even killed them.

      We live in a banana republic folks.

    2. @Steve Austin Why do people compare one set of criminal activity with another? During the rioting and looting of 2020, I don’t recall seeing anyone carrying any Biden flags are chanting his name. There was a lot of illegal property damage, but no acts of treason, attacking cops or attempts to disrupt the democratic process like there was on January 6.

    1. Its just about Civil War! Definitely a Cold War. Fortunately based on bs or it would have succeeded. The SittingbPresident is responsible and is not in jail.

    2. Searching for Americans who have only been charged with breaking in entering while not searching for thousands of Democrats that have rioted looted, burn down businesses assaulted police officers and even killed them.

      We live in a banana republic folks.

  8. “If you didn’t know it was January 6th, you’d think it was just any other day with a normal tour of the Capital.”

    1. @tutnetam
      Perhaps in one location, but that isn’t the issue is it? We are talking about the people who assaulted police. Don’t you think that’s a bad thing?

    2. Yes… But the guy never mentioned what capital! Or when! Perhaps he though of Berlin back in 1945!

    1. Proud Daniel Grey, not only taunted but took pleasure in the fact that an officer was crying, who’s crying now? What traitorous wuss.

  9. Let’s Not Forget about the Panic Buttons that had been Ripped Out of the Offices of Presley’s and Others??

    1. That’s why everyone but Republicans want a commission to investigate. Some of them are GUILTY.

  10. If these traitors didn’t want to be tried in DC, they shouldn’t have committed crimes in DC.

    1. But but but….. the government they wanted to overthrow was all the way over there in DC. How are they supposed to commit treason at home

  11. Please let justice be served up to each and every single one of those cretinous insurrectionists. Most of all let justice be served on those who incited, aided and abetted the attempted overthrow of our Republic. Stay healthy everyone! 🇺🇸

    1. Let’s have the same punishment for the people who burned down and destroyed infrastructure for the same reason!!

    2. @Wyatt Ybarra I agree, the election wasn’t stolen and this Dan Grey fellow will be the one crying when he’s forced into sexual enslavement for his crimes on the 6th….. so, good for him !!

  12. Aaaawe… Look at them. They’re so peaceful, taking pics & such. They just look like Canadian tourists in any given day.

  13. And CLYDE said the January 6th insurrection looked like regular tourists entering the Capitol and taking a nice tour. Meanwhile he was stacking furniture against a door to keep the peaceful tourists from getting to him.

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