1. ” Make Accountability Great Again ” Indict Donald Trump. Let this nation heal and our people move on.
    Those asking ” For What ” – USC 793, 2071 and 1519 Trumpers can move on, grow up, conform

  2. The news means nothing till they arrest him, I’m sick of hearing “may” and “could” and “he should probably be arrested”
    Call me when he’s in handcuffs!

    1. @Kirsten Grau If you are Christian, you will have heard that Jesus said, ” Watch and pray. ” That is what Trump’s Christian BELIEVERS/(LOVERS) are doing, as opposed to his haters. Haters are crowing, but the apple is still on the tree with the fox looking, hungrily, at it.

  3. Arguing with Trump protesters is like playing chess with pigeons….. no matter how good you are at chess, the pigeons are just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the boards, and strut around like it’s victorious.

  4. Consider the following: President Biden should (with his mind) re-classify all those documents that former President Trump declassified with his mind, then send a formal letter to former President Trump that all those previously declassified documents are now hereby classified and they are to be immediately returned to the US Government. Not doing so and there will be consequences. Your choice Donald.

  5. The problem with Trump finding a successor who is just like him is…the successor would be just like him. Trump is a narcissist who always has to be the center of attention, shows humble deference to no one, and sees anyone who would take the attention away from them as a threat they must combat. Having two narcissists allied together as predecessor/successor would be a recipe for disaster because the narcissistic predecessor wouldn’t show deference to the narcissistic successor and vice versa, and they’d only end up trying to destroy each other.

    1. I hate to be the guy who says this but if you got into Star Wars stuff and look up the “rule of two” you sum up what you are saying Glenn.

  6. If he thinks its gonna look political to indict if he decides to run I’d say its political NOT TO indict. Theres no rule on the books saying you can’t, so in my opinion DOJ needs to just go for it.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em I agree. But that will never happen. I was raised catholic and as much as I try I cannot shirk off the belief in Hell and that I’m definitely going there. But his life is already hell. Nobody loves him and he’s never known how it feels to love anyone else, so his life is already Hell. Thats the best we’re ever gonna get, in my opinion. We’ll likely never see an orange jumpsuit. At best we’ll see his orange skin fade to a pasty white and fiery red sunburn while selling oranges on the side of the road in my state of Florida. We’ll never likely get that, either. I think they should just indict him even if we lose.

  7. LOL Trump ‘resigned’ from SAG. SAG execs must’ve had a sigh of relief. In Trump’s mind it must’ve been his best ‘you’re fired’!

  8. In order for the FBI to not take unrelated documents, they would have had to read and filter everything as they were seizing it.

  9. Then there’s Clearance Thomas!! Nothing would surprise me anymore. Documents is what his wife could be in trouble for!!! I have no faith in the judge!

  10. Yeah, if anyone else would have been raided, the whole house would have been stripped with no concern about “warrant only material” and could use evidence found of other crimes not listed in the warrant. No judge would ever side with you.

    1. @Kitty Kitty Remember that you asked this question next time you make similar comments about things/protocols/algorithms from here on.

  11. when you lie and lie and lie about having the stolen material, eventually they are going to come look for it. There are many more stolen items and documents at his other properties, when are they going to search them?

  12. Imagine that. 😐 When it comes to Trump, nothing surprises me anymore. He just can’t seem to stop himself.

  13. It appears that if this ends up in court (which it may well do ) and Trump is found guilty yet does not receive a suitable sentence.
    It will be imo read by most Americans that some people are indeed above the law .

    1. The fact that djt is 76 & medically considered obese (mainly due to bad eating habits) might help if he only gets a short term sentence for all the wrongs he has done.
      Definitely needs to be held to account. He has a horrible track record (New Yorkers can attest to all that) & having been mentored by Roy Cohen seals it.

    1. Seize means to take something back that was taken from you. They had a Search & Seizure warrant. If you’re going to argue semantics at least understand what semantics are, you might need a thesaurus.

  14. They had the authority to take what was mixed with the government documents. It shows he had them, how he kept them, and where he kept them. It doesn’t matter if the other documents are personal or not.

    1. I like how trump trained his followers to always point the finger at the other party 😂😂 just like little kids when you catch them red handed

  15. taking the tack ‘how could they go so far afield of what the warrant says’, if they were doing a drug bust and found a bunch of people tied up in the corner, would they have to turn a blind eye since the warrant only specified drugs? of course not!

  16. When authorities execute a search warrant they can seize anything in the area of the search even including pictures on the wall. Items not covered by the warrant are logged and returned but they can be used to establish the suspect’s personal connection to, and control over the area of the search.

    1. Missing documents could very easily be hanging on the wall with pictures or maybe resting in a coffin peacefully 🤔

  17. Just having one classified document would have been enough to put anyone else in jail. We should just drop the “no one is above the law’ crap” because obviously some are.

  18. The information that there was a type of special master in place during the search was in the redacted version of the search warrant. Anyone who took the time to read the document knew this. Not sure why media hasn’t given this more attention.

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