New ‘Havana Syndrome’ Cases Reported By U.S. Officials Across Globe 1

New ‘Havana Syndrome’ Cases Reported By U.S. Officials Across Globe


NBC News’ Josh Lederman and The New Yorker’s Adam Entous report on the large number of Americans who have come forward to describe possible symptoms of directed energy attacks. 

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New ‘Havana Syndrome’ Cases Reported By U.S. Officials Across Globe


    1. @Melissa Honeybee Don´t need help, I have China on my side, they are crossing the border as we speak.

  1. I have jokingly said that we all are being bombarded by ” stupid waves from space ” but in reality this type technology is possible . Whether satellite based or ship or land based it could work . There are plenty of instruments to detect the presence of such waves so any evidence should be readily at hand . So pull out the equipment and get going and stop the speculation . :O)

    1. That would be the only thing that explains the trump cult phenomenon.
      The Russians are beaming Stupid Ray’s at them.

    2. I’ve noticed when I’m talking to my partner on messenger I told him I’m getting what sounds like underwater sonar

    3. @Catherine Reilly Catherine , sometimes that can be attributed to a bad internet connection and the audio gets quantified and you get that underwater sound . If you run audio through a noise removal filter , it produces the same sound. The Ping sound is new to me . Usually you find that on some kind of active recording device . It is meant to alert the user that the recording is working . Technology is being turned into a weapon by ordinary people these days so all I can tell you is keep on your toes. :O)

    1. According to much earlier reporting, most of the people were affected in their residences, and in some cases, relief could be had by moving the bed across the room or going to sleep on the couch. So whatever was the cause, it seemed to have a narrow bandwidth.

    2. The American embassy in Cuba, where it was first reported, was vandalized the same weeks the attacks were happening.

  2. P.M.E. devices is one possibility, or infra sound generators, but both of those are easily detectable. The pulsed idea, that it occurs in micro second bursts, and therefore is hidden in normal background electromagnetic noise might have some merit, but again, you can still detect it, if you know what you’re looking for.
    Whatever this is, clearly hi tech and energy weapons are the wave of the future.

    1. It does sound (no pun intended) like a sonic attack from the symptoms, but I’m not sure it would be infra. Low-frequency sound travels a great distance, but tends to diffuse rather quickly. There could, of course, be advances in coherent sound I am completely unaware of.
      Microwave, btw, is unlikely, as those affected did not complain of crossing their eyes (a weird side effect, but true).

  3. I guess it will just be one of those riddles that people will have to figure our, like Platos Allegory of the Cave or Herman Hesse’s Glass Bead Game.

  4. “and one day like a miracle ivankas pants will disappear” – demented Donny Daughter Diddler

    1. that doesnt explain how they just targeted you yanks, i think they just targwet those with the intelligence of a rock, so europeans and we british arnt effected only yanks

  5. They’re testing several weapons out on us and have been for a while. Expect a coordinated attack coming from several nations at once.

  6. Send Rubio, DeSantis, Trump , Gaetz and all the other republican’ts to Guantanamo island. They do more for Cuba than Americans anyway.

    1. @CAT Proof? Were you asleep that last four years or are you sofa king stupid that you believe Fox News?

  7. I remember this being talked about several years ago. Mostly Americans reported it they all worked in Cuba. They didn’t have a clue then, and are now looking in the wrong direction again. .. It’s more than likely to find its’ birth nearby Trump.

    1. I seem to remember it was China, not Cuba where these people were working. The story keeps changing.

  8. That happens when every wacko on the planet simply has to watch YT, to know how this has to be done!

  9. Funny how the only people praising Cuba are the millionaires who made their money through Capitalism.

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