New report reveals how Putin is now traveling

Investigative reporter Ilya Rozhdestvensky shares what he's learned about the armored train that the Dossier Center says Russian President Vladimir Putin is using instead of his private airplane.
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  1. Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili (usually known by the name “Joseph Stalin”) mistrusted planes and ships as well, but preferred travelling by train, too.

    That’s why during WW II all conferences with Stalin were train-reachable from Moscow: 4x Moscow. Tehran, Yalta (Crimes).
    Esp the Tehran conference in 1943 was security-wise a nightmare for US and British forces.

    1. Trains aren’t monitored as much as aircraft, plus aircraft are easy to shoot down so it does make sense, you are wrong

    2. @E L Δ T E  …They aren’t monitored as much because they don’t require it. They don’t move as fast as a jet and they are not nearly as hard to hit. They don’t have to be shot down because they’re already on the ground and their movement is lateral….meaning where they are going is predictable by a 6th grader who got at least a b in geometry.

    3. Can see a lot of derailments happening in russia soon!!! 🙄 mind you plenty of freaks to replace him!!! 🤷‍♂️

  2. So we can’t TRACK him on a train🤔
    His TRAIN runs on a TRACK and CAN’T MANEUVER!!!!!
    Putin just made it EASIER to follow him😎

  3. They have armoire penitrating missles. If they can figure out what box car has the most armoire that would be the one he is in.

  4. If the trains start derailing like in US…he’s screwed. Maybe we are practicing on US trains, then taking it to Russia

  5. No one is smart enough to figure out that railroad tracks tend to stay in the same place on the ground and if you look where the tracks go you will know where his train is going?

  6. If you’ve taken the right decision to go to war with another country you should not be scared but proud

  7. Not only is he the dictator of Russia, he’s former KGB: the man has a deep, deep, knowledge of the intelligence landscape. – If he’s scared of flying in planes, there’s good reason to be. He may be scared of his own generals and officials under him, and of the Russian people, in general. – I hope there’s good reason for that, too!

  8. He’s afraid to get hurt or killed but he don’t mind letting 200,000 Russian soldiers get eliminated cause he wants to be a big boy, what a coward

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