New Reporting Shows White House Role In Directing Trump Mob To Capitol | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

New Reporting Shows White House Role In Directing Trump Mob To Capitol | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @babydollgoddess unfortunately i have to agree. We elected these people time after time. When the Supreme Court ruled the corporations could “contribute” unlimited amount of money, politicians were bought and paid for. Just sorry for my dads generation that fought and died and we have this.This is what they didn’t want,

    2. @Marlene Munoz hes been the president for less than two weeks and he’s already doing more for Americans who are struggling due to the pandemic. He’s actually being a leader and taking the virus seriously He’s increasing the vaccine distribution. He’s pushing for more relief for Americans. He’s signed executive orders for things I care about like the environment.

    3. @dalene naude Washington post. It’s all fact checked. You believed all Trumps lies. You’re easily manipulated and brainwashed.

  1. So glad we’ve returned to the days when the biggest terror threat facing our country isn’t sitting in the Oval Office.

    1. @Vanessa Northern what americans you mean all the foreigners n illegals aliens I’m A American my Grand parents n my parents r born n raised here in northern calif native Californians

    2. I thought George W would be the worst president of my lifetime. Boy was I wrong! At least with Bush, I never had to worry that he was a Russian asset or that he would try to establish himself as dictator.

  2. I’m just going to call this what it is: ‘Obviously’ An Inside Job

    Luckily Tr*** was as successful as his marriages, businesses, charities etc and FAILED.

    1. Pretty sad when everyone around you runs away except the craziest of the crazy. Probably off crying somewhere. The kleenex/puffs companies are probably making a fortune. 😆

    1. @omi god the market is controlled through.. and for the interests… of the Fed. They cater to the elite. They do not care about you.

    2. @omi god Studies over the last 30 years literally show congress only cares about the 1%. Why? They pay them money. This entire system has been built to help and increase the wealth of billionaires while they gain more and more control over society and the way it functions. Period. Soon they will control everything in what used to be America, and the world to a much greater extent than they ever have before. All by design.

    3. @omi god Your vote doesn’t matter. Just like you don’t matter. They only care about enriching themselves. The entire market itself was created by them. This a government of the government, for the government, by the government. Not of the people, by the people, for the people. They don’t consider you, me, or anyone else at all. Not even a little bit.

    1. @Joe Jones oh C’mon man. All lefties speak jibberish. It’s their native tounge. You’re all from the land of Jibber.

    2. @Chris Pery actually I’m a Republican. Have been for 30 years. With that being said even I know the orange man is a lunatic. Has nothing to do with left or right. I’d rather have democratic leaders than crazy town dump. Crazy is crazy no matter if you are left or right. You want to drink orange koolaid be my guest

    3. @Joe Jones if you want your kids to grow up as homosexuals you can’t be a republican. The dumbocrats are far worse than trump could ever be. You are way off.

  3. I’m not saying this guy is soft pedaling the riot and invasion, but there WAS violence suggested- Hang Pence was a rallying cry. And the people that died. Threatening shooting lawmakers, as well.

    1. not to mention the zip ties, the planned tours held days before to know where the hiding rooms were, knowing right where to go to find where the dems were hiding, some congress TWEETING where other members were publically so they couldn’t hide.

    2. I’m really liking Fred Armisen’s new impression of Steve Mnuchin.
      It’s uncanny.
      Don’t know why he’s calling himself Jim though….
      Oh well, still a good impression.

  4. Stop calling him “the president “, he’s washed up defendant for the rest of his stained life, stop giving him oxygen please

    1. @Hal Matthews I guess Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan are like a Backyard…maybe in Chicago or Baltimore.
      You sound so angry and bitter, maybe you should seek some help for that.

    2. @bondy7564 what as you sat at a comfy base if you even were there !! Ones who talk about it usually lie about it. Im too old to be bitter. I’m just smart enough to know trumpy has lied so much that it’s unbelievable. Only morons like you with no brains to think with still support him!!

    3. @bondy7564 hmm since there is a recording of him saying it and backed by people that were there 🤔 he said it
      Oh it doesn’t matter anyways cause trumpy is the LOSER anyways!!!!! Go back to your mommy’s backyard before you hurt yourself. Lol LOSERS

    4. I hope you enjoy paying his pension, security and numerous other benefits for life. When’s the presidential library going up? Hahahahaha.

    1. Wishful thinking. Any punishment of Trump will further add to his persecuted martyr status with his cult. If he were to be executed by lethal injection future followers will hang a small gurnee around their necks.

    2. I’m sick of hearing about Trump too. But I confess I look forward to news coverage of his multiple indictments, convictions and imprisonment.

    1. @Mark His whole team of lawyers quit because t**** wanted his defense to be about the election being stolen. The lawyers quit because they knew they couldn’t defend it, because it’s not true. Your ability to present an alternative reality to the defined reality of what constitutes inciting is not really amazing at all. Actually very expected. Others probably erroneously label you as stupid or ignorant. When the correct label should probably be pathetic. God bless you.

    2. @dragonfly6908 And what affect did the ballots found have on the total for both candidates? We already know that answer. You forgot to mention that. 🤦

    1. @Dana Eckel he literally made videos and tweeted to everyone to stay peaceful and you’re complaining he didn’t do that when he very clearly did

    2. @Shawn Mendenall those are good people rioting and pillaging peacefully not like those blm savages laying siege to a federal courthouse we ain’t those kind of savages

    1. @B K Name one politician who incited those BLM rioters by saying to them to march on a particular place & fight. Name one! And where in the BLM march did they rant “Hang Mike Pence” in specific response to Trump’s rhetoric. Name one person who told the BLM rally to have ”trial by combat”. Name one other developed free country in the world where this has happened. This was an absolute disgrace, shameful, indefensible.

    2. @Shawn Stoner A real success story wasn’t he? So successful he has racked up the record for the shortest time in US history to have accumulated 425,000 deaths from a single issue. Yeah, right, real successful murderer.
      Talk about corruption, in just 4 years, the Trump administration has got more criminal indictments than all the administrations before his combined in 240 years. Drain the swamp did he?

  5. If this dictator is not convicted, US democracy is over.

    It may take some time, but democracies are toppled by these dangerous precedents time and again.

    1. I’m afraid he won’t be convicted. But we still can hope that the next step they’ll do is take him to court and prosecute him.

    2. Hitler failed in his coup of the German government the first time round. He was allowed to do it the second time round, and we all know what happened thereafter.

    3. The USA has just started the Weimer Republic on their territory. If they are not careful, we all know what comes next.

  6. Trump gave his rally-turned-riot attendees permission to turn on Mike Pence, it lays squarely on Trump’s feet that his supporters were screaming “h__g mike pence”.

    1. @sleepyhollow girl its like psychopath cult ,its like eople manipulated by a cult that brainwashed people .using avoiding fear and getting rewards

    2. @Alexandra Cyr because trompets are trying to find a equel equivalence when theres none…they are trying to shift the blame some how, any psychopath does

    1. Mikkel Petersen Trumps own personal AG found no evidence of significant voter fraud. Ok, may have a few bad apples. But after 61/62 court cases lost. Why believe him except to stay true to the cult.

    2. @Claire Robinson “Mikkel Petersen Trumps own personal AG found no evidence of significant voter fraud. ” Yea we know. Can’t you see this is a troll having fun? That’s why nothing he says makes any sense! He is probably 11 years old laughing his a*s off right now!

  7. I didn’t tell them to rob the bank, I just drove them there, gave them the guns and ammo and counted the loot afterwards. -John(Barron) Dillinger

    1. @j c What I meant was what happened was the same thing we hear about all over the world. Something bad happens to cover up something else. Like selling arms to foreign nations so they take something over. The our government goes after the country they sold the weapons to and collect all the spoils. This time they did it in our own back yard. Major issues with 4 states ballots about to be discussed and reported by the news. Perfect time to stage a riot and reap the benefits of a violent insurrection to further discredit the person in question. Putting forth a problem,letting it go off on purpose and claim to be heroes after the mess is picked up. All kinds of new laws coming out of that one.

  8. As Beau of the Fifth Column says: “If no one is held accountable for this insurrection, it is merely training for the next time”.

    1. @Martin Thomas Guys like Biden led to Trumplandia. They are all there because it pays. Capitalism & Democracy are a farce with the mafia & billionaires pushing voting like a drug. It is the only show in town when the civilization is built by gorging on oil & other fossil-fuels. The Dems better make government work, coz the public his still losing faith in that cult.

    2. @Mikkel Petersen there was over 9000 protests throughout the summer and fall. So 26 people dieing would be a small percentage -less than HALF of 1 percentage. The capitol riots had 6 people dead from one or two hours of a riot. They aren’t even close enough to consider. Put into consideration that of those 26 the guilty party for each murder is on both sides of the arguement and Jan 6th was all one sided.

    1. @SpicyHotPot just like a parrot to make nonsense sound like resolve. Yes, I know Biden is prez and that both dems and pubes cheated to win it for him.

    2. @Michael Gallagher wow.. a lot of babin there.. let’s start with what did he do indeed? I have no idea which comment you’re referring to anymore. The lawyer did not say pence could throw out electoral votes; he said he could send them back to the states to investigate and recertify. But I have seen the media coverage twisting the context, to keep you dumb. Also pence was also being set up.. you should look at the nsa intel on that. And last my name, which is always a target for the intellectually defficient who think themselves more witty than they are.. it is the name of a charity from the 90s for down syndrome children. Well done once again.. you have made all the liberal bully points. Isn’t it ironic how most of this thread claims it is trump supporters who are the bullies and bigots.. oh the irony as stupid just keeps breeding more stupid.

    3. @Baby GoneWrong “…The lawyer did not say pence could throw out electoral votes; he said he could send them back to the states to investigate and recertify…”

      Be that as it may, Pence consulted lawyers–the White House counsel if memory serves–and the Senate parliamentarian and told Trump more than once he had no such power. And that’s on top of the fact the electoral college votes had already been certified. In the case of Georgia, where Trump called the secretary of state an asked for 11,780 votes, there had been a hand recount, a machine recount, and a check of the signatures on mail-in ballots. None of them changed the vote totals.

      “…pence was also being set up…”

      By whom? And can you provide a link to evidence that supports your claim?

  9. “no one’s saying “go commit violence”” Guliani literally said “let’s have trial by combat”

  10. PROSECUTE. protect our defenseless, kids, elderly.
    otherwise, this was a training exercise for the next attack.

    1. @Jane Wyatt says the one who’s the uneducated that Chump loves so much and gets her information from Qannon 😆😆🖕🖕

    2. @Nunya Business You get your news from MSNBC.
      It’s pretty sad I know what your skin color is based off of your emoji argument because only one demographic thinks using emojis is an acceptable form of debate.

    3. @Jane Wyatt I’m a Republican that is fed up with the party and voted for Biden just like millions of other Republicans. 81 million people voted for President Biden, the majority wins

    4. @Peter B Well, at least you admit to having no values and will simply throw away everything you believe in because the media told you he’s a bad guy. Congrats. I bet you’d steal from your own mother.

    5. @Peter B I would like to thank you for your clarity of thought and integrity for standing against tyranny in spite of your party affiliation. Our democracy needs more people who think like you.

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