1. Even the manufacture does NOT claim vax stop transmission … 50 % after 6 months … a toss of the coin

    1. It’s already here in holland. But they say there is no reason for panic yet.

      Me: was there ever reason for panic🤦🏾🤦🏾
      They are going to use this as the next excuses to enforce the paspoort in more places.

    2. Same symptoms as Alpha … same group in hospital with underlying conditions see new Alberta numbers ( only gov in world to publish no kidding hiding ? ) …Sample Condition
      Death Count Percent died [ underlying ]
      Hypertension 2262 83.3%
      Cardio-Vascular Diseases 1438 52.9%
      Renal Diseases 1372 50.5%
      Diabetes 1222 45.0%
      Dementia 1142 42.0%
      Respiratory Diseases 1102 40.6%
      Cancer 648 23.8%
      Stroke 519 19.1%
      Liver Diseases 119 4.4%
      Immuno-Deficiency Diseases 91 3.3%

    1. @Jumbo Me Nope, I have made no such claim. The point is that this is still a developing situation, again, you can’t hide what is not known.

    2. @Jumbo Me Perhaps you should read the thread from the beginning, To repeat “(W)hy would you place that kind of expectation on something that no one (repeat – “no one”) has all the information about”.

  1. Lets listen to a PM who has worn blackface multiple times and his Deputy PM/Finance Minister grandpapa was a 88 collaborator.

    1. @Jumbo Me the inside joke thing was to stir possible interest and though I do get where you are coming from,
      I think it needs to be overplayed to the point that history does not ignore how corrupt the news networks are

    1. Everyone has moved on with their lives travelling shopping going to movies and sporting events and concerts. The only ones who’s lives haven’t is anti vaxers

  2. At this stage in the game and vaccinations, I would be embarrassed to even mention the words “new strain”. Enough already!!!!!!

    1. evolution is real. mutations are real. nothing is static. your embarrassment won’t save you or stop mutations and evolution.

  3. Notice how COVID was super scary and then when it stopped being scary the DELTA Variant was even more scary and now every new variant is not simply a COVID variant but specifically a DELTA variant-variant so it sounds even more scary?

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