New York Adds New ‘Criminal Capacity’ To Trump Organization Probe

NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams discusses the New York attorney general adding a criminal component to the Trump Organization probe. 
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    1. @Michael P You made me smile. I also have a good friend who is a forensic accountant. I loved hearing Pete say forensic “accountantS”, plural!

    2. @Michael P I think it’s a level of interest thing. Just like you can read a 2000+ page novel if the subject matter is of interest to you! Or if you are into reading YouTube comments….

    3. @Democrats are Stupid The 🐀 are SCARED 😨 SH%$! WWG1WGA💯%, AMERICA FIRST,✊✊🇺🇸, NOT CHINA DOMINANCE✋

    4. @Rosa Esle nobody is scared kiddo. The audit in Arizona is nothing but a PR stunt which is why the AZ GOP hired a biased company with multiple conflicts of interest and no experience in forensic auditing or auditing in general. The findings will hold absolutely zero weight in court due to the lack of independent oversight. See without independent oversight there is no way for the AZ GOP to objectively verify the results or validate the processes and procedures used. But hey you believe in Q-Anon so I don’t expect you to possess the intellectual capacity to understand anything I’ve said.

  1. Cute thumbnail. The only thing missing is the words —
    Rogues Gallery at the bottom of the thumbnail 😏

    1. @Abigail Stockwell Trump is the king of fake news just ask his sheeple facing years in prison for storming the Capitol.

    2. @Democrats are Stupid typical of your kind when you have NOTHING to back up your claims

    3. @Damien Darko247 , I responded to pillow guy and that @crap came up. I think you tube is messing with me.

    1. @Democrats are Stupid I’m an Independent but we actually prefer Warlock hunts, especially hunting the burnt orange type of warlock.

    2. @James Smith lol. Yes Trump totally lost in 2016 and the Democrats didn’t attempt a coup using illegal FISA warrants.

    3. The FISA warrants were not illegally obtained at all. They had a justifiable reason to obtain those warrants.


    2. Kimberley Gargoyle isn’t shouting so much lately.Maybe she knows the WORST is yet to come.

    3. @Helene Flamand I’m confused (as usual) she’s transgender? I had no idea. That’s all good. I just didn’t know.

    4. @Tsunami Blue No. As far as I know, she is and has always been a woman. Someone else on that thread had a different perception. But it makes no difference: she is a horrible human being.

  2. the governments been giving away alot of nice things lately
    I wonder if they can provide us with popcorn

  3. It is shameful that just a ‘comment / letter’ of a person in the DOJ during the years of the Watergate scandal is the only thing, which had basically stopped justice to take its course.

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