New York AG’s Investigation Of Cuomo Included 179 Interviews, 70 Subpoenas

NBC News’ Tom Winter reports on the steps the New York attorney general’s office took in conducting its investigation of Gov. Cuomo as well as the legal foundation for its arguments.

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New York AG’s Investigation Of Cuomo Included 179 Interviews, 70 Subpoenas


    1. You don’t care about Cuomos victims because you would rather be partisan? So the metoo thing was all political? You guys are terrible humans, seriously.

    2. @Chad Bradley did you have that same energy when trump said he grabs women by the🐯and kiss them…..didn’t think so

  1. And still no investigation into the man sexually obsessed with his own daughter who admitted to assault.

    1. Like I said, the texts sent out from Cuomo’s team called on his fellow molesters to point at Trump as a distraction.

  2. If it was MoRon DeSantis in Cuomo’s shoes, FOX, NewsMax and OAN would be ranting about Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss instead. 😆

    1. Mainstream media your turns Democrats into haters! I suppose you’re going to blame this on Trump also

  3. “Just say the election was corrupt [and] leave the rest to me and the [Republican] congressmen.” — Agent Orange

    1. @Tom Barnett l don’t celebrate those deaths, l hope nobody does, but Cuomo’s mistakes pale beside trump’s 500K incompetence.

    2. Gov Cuomo needs to step down. Democrats are far better than RepubliKKKans.
      Ask accused child molester Rep Matt Gaetz if he should step down…?

    1. Sounds more and more that is he a Democratic version of Trump. Not to the same extent, but he wields power similarly.

  4. They can issue 70 subpoenas for Cuomo, but no one can subpoena anyone from the Trump administration? Cuomo is small fish, vote him out! This is just anorher instance of Democrats being held to a higher standard than Republicans.

    1. Gov Cuomo should be at the very least be charged with manslaughter if not premeditated murder.
      This sadistic psychopath needs to be taken out of power before he abuses anyone else.
      Stop voting in psychopaths.

  5. He needs to resign to preserve the dignity of his office. Just kidding, that was 20th century. 21st Century: “whatever”

  6. There is no evidence. Those interviewed can be influenced and coerced. The AG wants to run for governor. My goodness, Andrew received an Emmy. This will pass and he will survive.

    1. Over 70,000 pieces of evidence Democrat. I know to a Democrat that’s not much evidence,but to a sane person that’s a lot.

    2. He’s a man of low moral fiber. He’s not nearly as bad as Trump but bad nevertheless. Americans of all political persuasions need to stop supporting these people.

  7. Well, none of this sort of thing disqualified Qrump from the Whitehouse or Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh from SCOTUS so why should it disqualify Cuomo as Governor? seems like a double standard?

  8. It is absolutely unconscionable that it gets thrown back on the WOMEN to pursue justice in a matter investigated at taxpayer expense.
    The cowardice of authorities is beyond the pale. Truly.

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