Cuomo Denies Making Sexual Advances: ‘I Never Touched Anyone Inappropriately’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks out following a New York AG press conference stating that he “never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances.” 

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Cuomo Denies Making Sexual Advances: 'I Never Touched Anyone Inappropriately'


    1. @thank u next Trump has lost every single case in attempting to prove voter fraud. Chew on that for a minute.

    2. @Hugh Jainus
      We are not right wingers. We do not scream, “LOCK HIM UP!” without a trial. But we do want him to resign. Yes, witch hunts do exist. But come on. This is way too much evidence to be fabricated.

    3. @Katherine Uribe: You don’t need to be found guilty in court of law to lose your job. And people like us are the court of public opinion.

    4. @Rick Simon I agree completely, you should be heard as he is a public official, he is a public servant after all. My statements are made purely from a legal point of view.

    5. @thank u next I hate Cuomo and I hope there is criminal charges that result in evidence and proof that gets him in trouble but with your logic instead, you would just throw people in prison based off of accusations alone. That means I can point you and say you killed someone and without any conviction or judge or jury or evidence and proof, you would be locked away to rot in prison. habeas corpus and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is the most beautiful of our founding documents and to give that up because you dislike one individual whether it’s Cuomo or Trump is completely irrational and stupid but today’s world is about instant gratification. do you want some thing and you want it now and you don’t care how it’s done and what unintended consequences become of it as long as you get your way… That’s not how the world works!

  1. I believe HE believes he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all a matter of perspective. If you do things that you can’t acknowledge as possibly being inappropriate, then your perspective may be in denial.

    1. @Recall Newsom Hahahaha this from someone with an account literally created in JULY 2021😂🤣😂🤣😂. 🖕 TROLL

    2. @Lea H The truth is your perspective. If there was only two people, its only two perspectives. Its possible that they are both right and both wrong.

  2. If he did it, he needs to face accountability including loss of office & jail.
    See repubs, that’s how a dem/liberal approaches injustice: dispassionately & with regard to the facts, not their preferences.

    1. The way you did when Hillary Clinton deliberately violated national security laws with her illegal mail servers and the pursuant subpoena shenanigans? The way you did when Bathhouse Barry illegally spied on Trump’s election campaign? The way you did when Bathhouse Barry let four Americans be murdered in Benghazi, then tried to blame it on a home-made movie? They way you continue to deny and ignore every piece of reputable evidence pointing to widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election? The way you do when Joe Biden violates our democratically-enacted immigration laws and the US constitution, in order to hold the border open and flood our communities with deadly drugs and hundreds of thousands of unvaxxed migrants every month?

      Do you guys ever actually listen to yourselves?

    2. @Wojtek Włotrzewiszczykowycki Trump and Republicans had all the power to investigate Hillary and her emails. I know you Russians love everything Trump though.

    3. @Wojtek Włotrzewiszczykowycki I like how you made them responsible for all those outright stupid yet quizzical musings. Stellar retort. Love it. So much indignation and copium. 10/10 mix. Hey, we nailed that screaming orange pig to a cross and will be collectively washing our hands in your tears for some time. Stay hydrated. Stay mad.

    4. @itsmesanto No they didn’t her home office with the servers magically burnt down and erased the evidence. Remember?

  3. The fact that he denies all these accusations that the AG has investigated and found to be true, begs the question, does he think how he acts is appropriate and respectful? Sexual harassment, a toxic work environment where the Governor is not to be questioned, staff bullied for speaking their minds… really?

  4. I trust the findings, but does the crime fit the punishment? I’d still vote for him. Let him deal with his personal stuff on his own, thank you. Cuomo 2022! Trump still on the loose…

    1. 1- When you conduct yourself like this in the office environment while on the job then it’s no longer a “private” or “personal” issue… the workplace is not private, it’s public.
      2- If he’s nefarious enough to harass and pressure females in his workplace for personal gain then he’s nefarious enough to manipulate things using his power as Governor for personal and political gain.
      Might doesn’t make right.
      I don’t want ANY shady leaders like this in charge of anything anywhere or representing me at all.
      The double standard is obvious, however – but that still doesn’t negate accountability. (Al Franken resigned for far, far less.)
      Also, Trump needs to be locked up…but that’s a whole separate issue from Cuomo’s problems.

  5. I would like to know why it wasn’t reported sooner, it happens when a person is up for re-election , why nothing was said 2 years ago, something isn’t right.

    1. Exactly. Someone probably paid them to do this. Trump wants him out so Rudy’s son can try to be Governor and pardon them all.

    2. Charolette Bennet worked for him just in 2020 and made the allegations the same year she quit.. so it didn’t take years and years or anything like that.

  6. Yeah I wonder when this guy is going to be held accountable he should be held accountable for the nursing home deaths

  7. Let’s see. 182 pages of testimony, and photographs. He’s in denial. Run Andy run. Fredo can’t help you now.

  8. I second – and maybe three times – back what most everyone else here is saying. When he believes he did nothing wrong, he sees nothing wrong in what he has done. I never liked Cuomo and maybe that colors my opinion that he’s done everything he’s been accused of. His next step is pretty simple: resign and let a court decide his guilt.

  9. “I was investigated and they found out I did all of it. My response to this is ‘nuh uh.'”

  10. If anyone thinks Cuomo will resign, you don’t know much about him.

    It’s going to take him getting removed from office whether it’s from impeachment or New Yorkers voting him out. That’s happens to be a fact.

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