Newly-Released Audio From Interviews Shows Trump's Thoughts On Jan. 6 1

Newly-Released Audio From Interviews Shows Trump’s Thoughts On Jan. 6


Washington Post reporter Philip Rucker joins Morning Joe to discuss newly-released audio from interviews he along with Carol Leonnig conducted with former President Trump for the new book 'I Alone Can Fix It'.

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Newly-Released Audio From Interviews Shows Trump's Thoughts On Jan. 6


  1. If the current administration wants this BS to stop..they should enforce the current laws for people fundraising based on this and other lies.

    1. @Eli Burwell We voted for Biden to do a job. He’s not our savior, saint or God like you all treated Trumpelthinskin as.
      We talk about tRump because trumplicans refuse to let him go. He lost! He’s not coming back. The uncanny amount of asinine audits revealed nothing. If he runs again in 2024 just remember. He never won the popular vote. He was one of the least liked Presidents since they started keeping approval ratings and only about 40% of Americans like him at all. So….. good luck with that.

    2. Wonder if the laws are for democrats or just republicans. There’ll be a lot of dems braking the law. Better be careful what you wish for.

    3. @Kaye Wilkins You think you said something relevant don’t you? That’s the reason a good portion of Democrat politicians as well as every single republican politician doesn’t want the For the People Act to pass. It severely limits the amount that anyone can contribute to a campaign. I think it’s a $1000 limit. We also want to restrict politicians from trading stocks while they’re in office and term limits on all politicians. Including SCOTUS if you ask me. So… if Democrats are breaking the law, so be it, they deserve whatever they get.

    1. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..

    2. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and I can now confirm that
      “The Ukraine” has
      “finally” called, to “congratulate”
      me, on my “strange” victory….

      I’m releasing their “funds”,
      next week……………….

    3. @Baumer77 Another cultist of Trump the Antichrist’s. Do anyone of you realize if you needed help in anyway you would never get help from the Antichrist. Meanwhile he is stealing all of the money he can get from his cult members not for anything political but for his personal use. If he admits he lost he can’t keep on with poor me, poor mean, I’ve been treated terrible so if all of y’all could feel sorry for me, the supposed billionaire needs all the money you can give to make me feel better so keep those donations rolling in. Remember, your generosity will be remembered.

    1. @dabsafe it’s sad that people care more about trespassing than people being brutalized, beaten, and killed

    2. @Peter Wilson The majority of people there committed no violence, stole nothing, broke nothing, and simply walked around until they got bored and walked out.
      I’m not sure what you are saying.
      He STATED that a flagpole was thrown like a spear into someone’s eye, which is a lie.
      And either way, his question is the usual smartass crap we’ve had to endure from the left for years now.
      The left can riot, LOOT, BURN, assault, and MURDER. They can attempt to BURN PEOPLE ALIVE IN A FEDERAL COURTHOUSE and it’s called “mostly peaceful”.
      Or it’s declared that a man wearing a red hat shot in cold blood on a street corner “had it coming”.
      A couple hundred people go into the Capitol break a few windows, steal a laptop, and wander around doing absolutely nothing and it’s an “insurrection” and “treason” and every single one of them should be “put to death”.
      Yep, they broke the law and illegally entered a Federal building. NO they are not “insurrectionists”, “terrorists” or deserve to be put to death.

    3. @April Valleyvamp That’s all his brain washed zombies want to hear, some slurring racist trash, just like them.

    4. @Kain Tunziano
      I see on your resume’, that
      you received a “scholarship”
      from that organization…

      You should now be able to
      show “proficiency”
      in torching 4 businesses
      in one “peaceful protest”….

    5. @Babe Mer So did they light any fires on January 6th was my question? never mind I just looked at your account. I almost missed you were a Russian troll…My bad

  2. So he didn’t tell him to do anything…. but then he admitted to telling Mike to be Thomas Jefferson.

    1. @C Note
      Fukkin’ “triggered”…..

      See yourself, in the obsessive idea,
      that you can MAKE us hate him
      MORE, that we hate YOU ?…

    2. @Croakin Joe How exactly is he obsessed when you are the one making multiple YouTube accounts and trying to make fun of Biden on multiple threads? I’m not a fan of Biden, but it looks like you’re the one who seems to be obsessed, right?

    3. @Ameya Patankar
      You cant MAKE us like him
      LESS than we do YOU…….

      Get over it…

      Moreover, we are “re-imagining”
      the slimy “TDS” covered walls,
      of your “safe space” here….

    4. @Croakin Joe Uh… Could you talk normally please? I can barely make out what you’re trying to say.

  3. Why is that EX being allowed a platform? Something is wrong with this whole scenario. Maybe if he incites another domestic terrorism attack the authorities will get off their butts.

    1. @Sammy k don’t forget the multinational banks an corporations who are now democrat waving rainbow flags they’re thieves as well even if they virtue signal.

  4. “I won Arizona, ok, by a lot. It didn’t turn out that way in terms of the vote, but I won Arizona everyone knows it”. Ahem, if you didn’t win Arizona in terms of the vote, it means YOU LOST Arizona. And everyone knows it.

    1. You know, dweebs…

      We are currently “re-imagining”
      the slimy “TDS” covered walls
      of your “safe space” here…

    2. @Babe Mer if you think a few ten thousands of votes is the difference of him winning or losing among millions of votes, this pretty much speaks for itself.

  5. Trump “I didn’t tell or want him to do anything”
    Also Trump 20 seconds later: “I told him you can be Thomas Jefferson or you can be Mike Pence”.

    1. Even if the Commander in Chief told pence to deny those electors votes, pence still had to make his own choice and that’s what he’s done no matter how poor the choice was.

    1. @Next Book “shitbags”? “Great again”? Dude, stop repeating Trump’s propaganda and try to actually come up with your own arguments.

    2. @AWriterWandering
      They are “bloods” and “crips”
      sporting a new name…

      Nothing else…..

    3. Wow !…

      I hear there is “tuition assistance”
      (bail money) available to many
      “underpriveleged arsonists”
      through the programs of the
      “kam harris/blm/barrel-o-monkeys”
      organization !………..

    4. @Josh S. I remember Obama’s Inauguration was Amazing and should go down into history books! I also remember Trump’s inauguration and that you could hear crickets because it was So dead, And remember the first Band that was supposed to play? they backed out a day before and they had to scramble to find another band!!! I remember that, but I can’t remember who backed out and who they finally got.

  6. ‘I didn’t tell him anything’ obviously, he lied. No surprise there, he is a pathological liar.

    1. If you don’t believe that it is a cult you’re as smart as a goldfish or a member of that cult. Or both but there’s nothing in between

    2. @I go back to BLACK Your pic n name is fire. Once I had the same pic for no particular reason but ppl assumed I was depressed. Too much negativ ppl around. Keep it real, greetings from another country

    1. Hi….. I’m Joe Biden….

      …and how come every time they
      play MY ‘POTUS’ song….

      ….everbody be singin’
      “HAIL TO THE ‘CHEAT’ ?”…..

    1. @A B LOL

      Those were the leaders of the audit you rube.

      And judging by your fast reply, you obviously didn’t even watch it.

      In person voting and mail in voting are different and tracked differently.

      If you watched the video, you’d know that.

    2. @BB1967 This is actual physical proof which took millions of dollars and copious amounts of hours to do.

      Something that low IQ people on the left need to see because what was obvious was over their MSNBC heads.

    3. @A B Hey, My Pillow guy has a cyber symposium next month.

      It’s a 72 hour presentation.

      He even put up 5 million dollars for anyone to prove him wrong.

      Will be fun to see.

    4. His grotesquerie is now associated with the American flag, forever. This country should be forever ashamed they handed the reins of power to the most despotic madman imaginable.

  7. “I won Arizona. It didn’t turn up that way with the votes, but I won Arizona”.
    Nothing more needed

    1. Yeah, the votes that showed up in the small hours (like they did in WI, GA etc.) after he clearly was projected to win. So, wrong, more was needed

  8. At the end, he’s calling John McCain a bad guy, saying that a lot of people didn’t like him. This man is so removed from reality it’s unbelievable.

    1. He knows perfectly well that everything he says is false. He lies for a reason. And it’s working. He’s still at large; he’s got a whole political party fawning at his feet, he’s still allowed to spread his made-up propaganda in public and no-one is doing much to stop him. And don’t forget, in 2020 he got more votes than any previous president. You’re in big trouble USA.

    2. He is still intensely jealous of John McCain, who was not a draft dodger and who went and risked his life over Vietnam. Cadet bonespurs never forgets and never forgives.

  9. “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day,”
    ~ Mitch McConnell.

    1. @tposeinfly Of course. If they let him be impeached, they’d then also be going down with him for helping push the Big Lie and inciting the insurrection.

    2. @Adam Taylor
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know dog hair
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

    3. @Adam Taylor
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know the hair
      where you used to have
      a “stone sack”,
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

    4. @tposeinfly
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know the hair
      where your “gender change”
      procedure was,
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

    5. Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know the hair
      under the tails of the sheep
      named “adamhole”
      and “tposeinhole”
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

  10. This man needs to be stopped. No matter what, he is a clear and present danger to this country`s democracy.

    1. @Pete Rembranch If the current GOP would honor their oath of office like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are doing, instead of kowtowing to trump`s base for their votes for re-election.

    2. @Marquis Ni`Shawn You are a clear and present example of why ignorant rhetoric from fairy tale believing sycophants should not be counted as free speech. Just wondering if you’re an example of how religious radicals prey on the mentally ill, as well. Probably.

    3. It’s a reason why states that are ran by Democrats have the highest unemployment, crime rates and low IQ test scores . It shows .

  11. “If you see fraud, you have an obligation to do one of a number of things.” – careful what you wish for, Donnie!

    1. Donnie was right. He should have done something to the fraud… of Donald Trump.

      The man could have been a president for the last few days. Tell that Donald is danger to USA and throw him out.

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