1. FOX running an ad with a Democrat attacking a Republican. I wonder if CNN would run an ad of DeSantis attacking Newsom. Color me skeptical.

    1. CNN has run republican political ads fairly frequently and will probably do more and the election gets closer. On network it would be about “equal time”, that isn’t necessary on cable so it’s all about the Benjamins.

    2. You are missing the point.

      Money talks friend. Fox like money and CNN also likes money.
      In the end is all about money and power.

    1. @Judy Chandler Yes, but California holds the record for having the most homeless. That’s why it’s a big deal.

  2. I would love to see a debate between DeSantis and Newsom. That would get some much needed ratings for CNN.

    1. @Dabbler Deluxe yes and still the likes of Pelosi and Newsom let it spiral out of control. What a train wreck!

    2. News on was handed him his job by Nancy….she’s related to him and she has that state under her spell….she’s 80 folks….can’t believe that state can’t come up with someone better…..

    3. @Tobias Birmingham no they didn’t, California had the best response of any state, repressed it pretty good at least until they lifted all the restrictions, but at that point vaccination and healthcare services were already well prepared.
      california had the fastest economic recovery also and now has a 100billion budget surplus

      I don’t get how people like you are so dedicated to being so wrong.

  3. Newscum the guy who cried about covid and had everyone locked down but went out to dinner maskless? That clown? Yeah he’s the best thing to happen to liberals. He wouldn’t last 2 minutes in a debate with Desantis….

  4. *Trump made a statement! Watch the video you will be shocked* everydays.ml

    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

    1. Russia has successfully liberated Lugansk.俄罗斯已经成功解放卢甘斯克!!!! .。

    2. @C Cole That is the president and union leaders. Most of us Latinos in labor union vote republicans now. I regret voting for Obama! It is now Latinos for Trump2024! Que VIva!

    1. Russia has successfully liberated Lugansk.俄罗斯已经成功解放卢甘斯克!!!! .。

  5. Newsome needs to focus on having the highest homeless population in the country, the most mass shootings in the country, maybe deal with all the poop everywhere, the high taxes, the black outs etc. There’s some things I have forgotten because it’s so bad people had to leave California to go to Florida and Texas.

    1. @David Joseph Isn’t it funny how people move to a different state for better living, but bring their same political beliefs that caused them to move in the first place.

  6. that’s how you put taxpayer money into good use, target a governor of a state that’s doing better than yours. smh.

    1. @G-child Inc Florida had the most people move there of any state in the country. Also lower unemployment rate than California and less homeless.

  7. I agree that we should have bills to protect kids in schools from grooming by their woke teachers. These classrooms should be monitored.

    1. @Raul Casas
      This must be the dumbest point in this comment section.
      You are making all of us Latinos look bad

  8. Newsome is full of it he raised gas tax making gas here even more expensive he is horrible Governor

  9. As someone who lives in California and just visited florida… this made me laugh at the logic

    1. I’m happy in california. We got our problems but damn you couldn’t pay me to move to florida.

  10. What this stooge governor of California should do is to take note on the things DeSantis is doing in Florida
    This anchor says Newsome is a raising star🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    The level of insolence in this man is beyond comprehension.

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