Nicolle: If Trump Inciting Riot Was In Dispute We Would’ve Heard About ‘His Remorse’ | MSNBC


  1. If Trump is let off the hook, then that means he is above the law and that is down right sickening 👎😡

  2. We need adults well balanced adults in public office. It’s amazing how many narcissists grow up into adult bodies but still run around like spoiled rotten brats throwing tantrums.

    1. @Chris Davis right it doesn’t matter why you hate someone. Whether it’s because of their skin or political views hate is still hate and it shouldn’t happen no matter what side of the isle your on

    2. Prepare for many more tantrums. Letting Trump off the hook underscores the 2 tier justice system. If they don’t respect it, why should we? The level of irresponsibility is unparalleled.

    3. This whole impeachment was more hilarious than the first Russia HOAX. It hardly deserves my response let alone one from President Trump. I’m content to watch the #FakeNews continue digging the hole for the corruption that is being exposed. #TheGreatAwakening

  3. His goal is what matters. How he planned to achieve that goal matters. The over all picture of what his speeches was to achieve. He wanted to stay in power. That required an insurrection, a civil war where he could declare marshal law.

    1. @Spider Taylor donations are very different from using funds of the tax payer. lol. he ripped him self off if anything. only president to leave office less wealthy. ever. lol. and his lawyer is correct…it wasn’t ‘stolen’… that would suggest close unexpected pipped at the post result. It was manipulated. very far from ‘stolen’

    2. @Titanium is Magical and this perfectly highlights the overall problem. you all seem to be seriously angry (misplaced anger btw) people… who don’t encourage others with any prospect of progress. lol. Trump had already succeeded. He exposed the weak frame work of society by highlighting the rhetoric and regimes pushed via media etc. He exposed the refusal from many to work together despite him himself actually allocating many top positions to democrats. democrats he KNEW, could not resist or hide their emotions or malice and malicious ideology which focuses on one single goal. lol. what americans need to remember…is 72% of you are also americans. you will win NOTHING, if you continue this 250 year long fight to each other…cos of what political party you support. lol. Your INDEPENDENCE was not even political warfare. it was support of english crown, against support of english parliament. yet history has you believe it was america against england. lol. america didn’t create democracy. lol. england did…and the usa used it as a basis for the constitution. england its self is actually a full real democracy. why? cos we aint had a parliament FOR england since 1707. 😉 …anyway… sorry..i like historical occurrences i guess. haha

    3. @madmouse84 Trump had us paying HIS hotels to house HIS secret service security amongst many other things. Trump has made millions upon millions from his presidency. The 400,000 a year that he refused doesn’t make up for any of those profits..LOL

      I don’t care about history. I only care about what I witnessed since the Ronald Reagan 1980s of republicans screwing me over to make the filthy rich richer. And Trump continued that process.

    4. @Titanium is Magical i can imagine you are PROPER pee’d off then, on the fact that all sitting AND former presidents are assigned secret service detail at the tax payers expense. lol. And as president, they were not HIS hotels. lol. The dude was a real 12 zeroes billionaire. he has almost 50% lesser now. still…..a couple billion aint exactly hard up eh. lol. 1980’s-2016? hmm. big gap. lol. 1980’s is history btw

    5. @madmouse84 He was self proclaimed, inflated billionaire when it suits him, but no when it comes to pay taxes, then he didn’t make any profit…;. The real billionaires were laughing at his lies.

  4. Perhaps Republicans present Trump differently to what he really is because they themselves aren’t really what they present themselves as?

    1. @madmouse84 don’t insult people and hide behind the humor statement. Clearly, you’ve tried to mislead folks by trying to use terms which have been defined and articulated to you. Peace? No another way to run away from the fact that you want to be a “smart Alec ” with whataboutism and hide behind western Caucasian superiority…while demeaning a quadrant of the world as not being smart enough. What sad human being you are….

    2. @madmouse84 stop trying to deflect from your initial statement. China banning BBC for reporting on the “Wiga Muslim sexual abuse and sexual abuse expose and Germany revoking CTGN office because it doesnt meet the journalist standards (further suggestion that CGTN isnt a media company but an extension of the Chinese government that can not give an independent objective news coverage) are different from your initial statement.

  5. Fulton County DA has opened an investigation into Trump and his election tampering (remember the phone call).

    And don’t forget the SDNY.
    And the Manhattan DA.
    And the Palm Beach Town Counsel.
    And Summer Zervos has resumed her lawsuit against Spanky McBoneSpurs.
    And Spanky has a huge loan that is coming due very soon.
    🤭 😀 😄 😆 😂 🤣

    1. Do you know if Lindsay Graham is also being investigated for his attempt to tamper with the votes in Georgia?

    2. None of this will matter if (when?) we have hundreds of thousands/millions of armed fascist domestic terrorists carrying out violent attacks on these people/institutions and governmental buildings to the point that they may be able to take the capital and install 45*. There simply aren’t enough people in the military to take on these sheer numbers, especially when many in the military are themselves 45* cultists/fascists, including in the pentagon.

    1. @first last o right. i assumed you were referring to the wooden structure with a noose, used for hanging people….called…funnily enough..gallows. or being a singular- gallow. Are the only images i have seen. not seen the scaffolding ones. DUH? lmao. aint ‘duh’ enough to suggest gallows are made from anything other than wood. hence the tree affiliated to such 😉 derrrrr

  6. T rump incited an insurrection, and his craven followers are just going to ignore it. What a sad day for this country. I think that’s the death knell for the republican party.

    1. @madmouse84 thats because youre missing 90% of the pictures. Sanctions where passed by a veto proof margins and his treasury secretary quietly removed a bunch of them after they where passed against the will of congress BUT the GQP said nothing. Almost every move on the foreign policy front benefited the interests of Russia if you actually go back and look..

    2. @Noreb doubt it. i am employed to obtain those missing 90% of pictures or info, whatever the scenario. tbh… its made far easier nowadays due to everyone using digital devices, storage and comms. used to hard work. lol

    3. @madmouse84 then how are you fundamentally uninformed about this well documented set of (now) historical facts?.. Trump invited putin to the G7 ffs despite Russia being expelled for attacking Ukraine and the 6 other countries unequivocally refusing….

    4. @madmouse84 are you serious? Trump has looked the other way at everything Russia has been accused of…. Trump trusted Putin more than his own intelligence…LOL
      Biden already warned Russia in his first month.

    1. @first last Hah! Nice. Brought Mysogeny right on cue. Sorry only solid arguments accepted here. None of this meaningless name calling. The Capitol police are her responsibility as are their failures to Forsee and prevent the insurrection. Try again AOC.

    2. @Grant Anderson Solid arguments? On Trump’s thinking as to how that was supposed to achieve anything? Sure, dude. The SecDef and Homeland Security are also responsible. They sure all jumped in for that church desecration of Trump’s but when it’s white boys attacking, it’s Nancy’s fault. Whatever. Go back to Breitbart.

    3. @first last Hahahahahahaha! BLM has been running roughshod over this country for almost a year. They are still rioting in Seattle and Portland! They’ve killed 19 people including an 8 year old Secorea Turner. They’ve caused 2b in property damage. (All predicated on a conspiracy theory btw) they took over part of Seattle! Discrimination are you serious? There has been no consequences for BLM. Harris set up a bail fund! The church that was “desecrated” by Trump was literally burnt by Leftist rioters. Why were they treated so aggressively? Because it was the President you dolt! Good lord The left has become professional victims and race grifters.

  7. Has he ever showed remorse about anything. He is a narcistic and he will not change because he believes he is right

    1. @adamf663 you got over 400million in usa, despite mainstream claims of 330million. trump aint no doctor or scientist. BUT… many in usa are. irrelevant at any extent. if you are suggesting ONE person holds responsibility … you my friend… are a freakin crank. lol. the error was allowing people to leave a locked down, quarantine zone of another country. i.e china. not his call. far from his ideas of safety as it goes. on the flip side however… it did exhibit everything he had said regarding immigration, border control…and of course…states failures to adhere to NATIONAL laws. ;–)

  8. Nicolle, malignant narcissists do not care or think like normal people! More people need to read and understand what narcissists are!

    1. @Erica Robinson aint daft enough to seek medical advice, nor accept opiods, man made jank….or anything else. waste of my tax contribution, i agree. on the plus side…….. still have free will and a positive outlook on life. only one thing in life more contagious than ‘love’….- ‘hate’

    2. @Erica Robinson well…yh. but free will would suggest they don’t HAVE TO put up with me 😉 jesus wept. bye bye.. thanks for coming!

  9. He tolds us, all along, how he can do anything and get away, with it! Remember when he said: “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” He knows his sect will back him, all the way!

    1. Trump also said — you can grab them by the pu__y etc. Which leads me to believe the GOP now’s stands for Group of Pu__ies.

    2. Republicans were taught to ignore everything from any source of news and trust only one source that isn’t classified as news. Fox New was created right after Nixon was impeached to control Republicans thoughts and twist it so that truth would never come into play when discussing republicans. It’s worked and even trump…..who was a democrat before he ran chose to run as a republican because of their minds being controlled to follow a republican to their destruction. He knew he wouldn’t get far in the democrat party!

    3. Yes I remember when he was campaigning in 2016 and Trump says I can go out and shoot someone and still get the votes. Needless to say I was shocked by what came out of his mouth

  10. I am so sick of hearing about “cancel culture” from folks who literally tried to cancel the legitimately cast votes of millions of Americans.

    1. isn’t that the truth he was the one that committed fraud on our vote and tried to steal our votes away from us here’s a thought he could have tried doing a good job and not about hate and did something about the coronavirus but his Omaha was I don’t care

    2. They made it up just to cover up what they attempted to do. That’s their defense mechanism for everything.

    1. Chuck, Nancy and Joe have FAILED us. With the House, the Senate and the Presidency and we are still the do nothing Democrats and this without a shadow of a doubt proves it. The realization is that Democrats b!tch they don’t actually get anything done, they pour their effort into b!tching instead of making a change.

    2. Shameful, disgusting, and how is it not criminal? I’m to the point with this nightmare that just KEEPS ON GOING, that it is biblical. And Trump is on the side of evil. 100%.

    1. And Hillary Clinton, and Black athletes, and Black lives, and Muslims and Mexicans, and news reporters, and….
      The man is just full of hate – among other things.

  11. If they don’t convict him, we still have the Merick Garland justice department coming up, state government charges and the 2022 midterms to defeat these guys

    1. What, so that more white people who don’t hate themselves couldn’t take more selfies?
      Who are you kidding here? Lol

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