Nikole Hannah-Jones And Ta-Nehisi Coates To Join Howard University 1

Nikole Hannah-Jones And Ta-Nehisi Coates To Join Howard University


Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates are both set to join Howard University’s faculty. Hannah-Jones recently declined UNC’s tenure offer after her initial tenure was shot down by the school sparking public controversy.

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Nikole Hannah-Jones And Ta-Nehisi Coates To Join Howard University


  1. Congratulations, Howard University. Your students will benefit greatly from your choice in Hannah-Jones and Coates.

    1. @Harry Lippidardo That is not what I said, and you know it. You’re a bigotry is on full display therefore showing your character. You aren’t superior because you lack melanin.

    2. @Friend When did I say I was superior? That’s just you projecting. I just wish we had actual educators teaching at schools.

  2. Diversity is Humanity’s Greatest Strength.
    Diversity is America’s Greatest Strength also.
    Only racism weakens us.

    1. @Seamus Mcinnes Why, exactly, does anyone owe YOU any examples or explantation? Who the fvck are YOU? Absolutely nobody.

    2. @Steve Wolfe not to step on the guy’s toes, but I can offer a response to your questions.
      Firstly, your presumption that a person has to “be somebody” in order to be granted a request, is not appropriate, not respectful, not gracious, and not valid. And you fail to recognize that under this unwritten rule of yours, the comment you left should have never been made. We’re _all_ nobodies. So if you feel that one person shouldn’t speak up on something, then you have no business speaking up either.
      Second, you presume wrongly again to infer any expectation to receive an answer. Nothing in Seamus’ words clearly show that he feels he is _owed_ anything.
      Lastly, if you were at all familiar with reasonable discourse, you would understand that he had every right to ask for substantiation of the claim that was made. Because when someone makes a claim without evidence to support its truth value–as is the case with OP–then nobody OWES it to the claimant to give their statement a second thought, or even a second of their time.

      OP claimed something was true; Seamus asked to be presented with evidence supporting that claim. That’s all that happened, and it was in no way unreasonable.
      Yours was the unreasonable response here. You are out of line..

    3. @Steve Wolfe When someone makes a claim in a public forum it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone (including nobodies) to question it. The person who made the claim, or someone else who supports it, should feel some obligation to answer questions about it. I think that question is a good topic for debate, not some vitriolic, authoritarian, ad hominem retort.

    1. There are propagandists everywhere. If you think it’s restricted to liberal institutions, then I have a bridge to sell you. Conservatism is not only being attacked externally, but internally as well.

  3. So….somebody tell me if Im getting this correct because Im late to this party…UNC denied her tenure and then when they were in the hot seat for not giving it to her, they decide to give it to her recently, and she turned it down? Is that’s what’s going on?

    1. @Randy Beavers They were still going to be racist. That just didn’t want the heat anymore. Glad to see more people bringing their talents to an HBCU anyway!

    2. @Randy Beavers What are you talking about? It’s still racism, otherwise why after being in the hot seat did they change their minds? Whether she accepts it or not, doesn’t change their original intent. You seem to be saying that if someone burns a cross in your yard, then removes it after being publicly outed and ostracized, you CAN’T claim they’re racist since the cross isn’t there anymore! That’s nonsense as their original intent was clear. The professor’s acceptance or rejection later is irrelevant.

    3. @Poor Finian because they are afraid of the cancel culture and didn’t want to be labeled racist without proof.

    4. You are partially right meaning that you are mostly wrong. She was named Knight’s Chair which is a position that automatically came with tenure. UNC decided not to include tenure to her position because right wingers started clutching their pearls. As a result, multiple professors and faculty left UNC in protest and students started to seek transfers to other schools. Only after all of that did UNC decide to offer her the tenure she was supposed to have all along after a deadline vote.

    1. that comment it is full of racism… just letting you know.. im sure u already KNOW THO

    2. @Kimberly Van Duijkeren what’s racist about a recognizing a con artist when you see one. What qualifies her for the position in ANY way.

    3. @Kimberly Van Duijkeren your childish name calling to back people down doesn’t cut it anymore so you better learn to deal with adults.

  4. I remember when we use to call colleges and universities places for higher education. Now it’s turned into a place for brain washing our future.

  5. Let us not forget: go read what Coates said about the 9/11 first responders (firemen and policemen) who died in those Towers that day.

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