‘Nonsense’: Claire McCaskill Knocks Missouri Governor’s Pandemic Response | All In | MSNBC


    1. They were already a radical insurgency with no principles even before trump. That’s how he knew he could easily take the party over.

    1. Parsons is hated here in Missouri, he’s garbage and we didn’t even get to vote for him, he was appointed.

  1. Trump’s GOP governors will be convicted on involuntary manslaughter along with Trump and Pence.

  2. I live in Missouri. Love Claire. Miss her terribly. Our Governor is a moron. He just follows whatever Trump says. He wants our schools opened. He has no morals. Just like Trump. We need a self thinker in Missouri. Vote this man out.

    1. I was never a big fan of Claire, particularly because of some of her views on entertainment, but I’d take her in a heartbeat over our current governor for sure.

    2. The democrat State Auditor Nicole Galloway is running for Governor. Elect her if you live in Missouri.

  3. the whole world is laughing at america right now because of covid. mostly at your leaders. i feel for you guys. UK

    1. Australia is laughing…! lol 😂
      We have no empathy this time around..
      Your people did this themselves… you almost had it under control.. and then you opened up way too early…

  4. He invited terrorists to Camp David. He asked China to investigate US citizens. He ignored a bounty by Russia on US troops. Anyone still supporting Donny is UNPATRIOTIC.

  5. If there is any positive aspect of this virus is that it is uncovering The moral characters of people. Not just about politicians, but about the people all around us. Including our friends and family members. The actions we take in this pandemic affects not only us but Equally importantly, others around us. Our actions affect others. And over the months we have and will continue to see the actions of these people. The pandemic is revealing the characters of our souls as humans and the hearts we each have. Take notice of this and never forget. Use the power of your vote to make a difference in the future for America and take notice of the true character of people around you.

  6. I loved McCaskill when I lived in KCMO, she may not have always been right by everyone but she was always no nonsense and straight forward.

  7. Covid deaths today:

    New Zealand – 0
    Iceland – 0
    Greece – 0
    Croatia – 0
    Finland – 0
    Czechia – 0
    Denmark – 0
    Thailand – 0
    Vietnam – 0
    China – 0
    Norway – 1
    Austria – 1
    Ireland – 1
    Switzerland – 1
    Netherlands – 1
    Japan – 1
    South Korea – 1
    Australia – 2
    Portugal – 3
    Spain – 3
    Belgium – 4
    Germany – 9
    Sweden – 10
    Poland – 11
    Canada – 17
    France – 18
    Italy – 20

    The USA – 963

    Donald Trump “The only reason we have so many cases is because we’ve done so much testing”

    Well how do you explain the deaths?

  8. Omg, the vision of the governor putting on pink tights and a tutu and pirouetting down the halls of the State Capitol because trump told him to…

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