1. “educated” like in “I do not know what a woman is, but I believe stongly that men can give birth”?

    2. @Muslims remember Apostacy Day 22nd of August
      I mean … you really don’t understand the difference between sex and gender ? 🤣😂🤣

  1. In war, losers don’t get to put up monuments. The government should tear down all Confederate monuments and put up monuments celebrating the U.S. victory over the states that wanted to own
    human beings. That’s the real history, if these people truly want history to be preserved and remembered with monuments, then they should have no problem with monuments that celebrate the U.S. victory and the freedom from slavery, and the loss by the Confederates.

  2. There’s a difference between teaching history and celebrating it. Slavery, the Confederacy,, the Civil War and Jim Crow should be taught in schools and written about in books. But it shouldn’t be celebrated with statutes.

    1. @Ziggy Stardust If I’m your son, you must be in your 70’s. And your not. Otherwise the rest of you comment speaks for itself. You don’t have the intellectual capacity to debate your point.

    2. @Max Mustermann Keller Independent School District officials are removing all books that were challenged last year from schools, a list that includes all versions of the Bible and (a graphic novel of Anne Frank’s) “The Diary of a Young Girl.” Texas passed law, which goes into effect Sept. 1, includes a list of founding documents that Texas students must be taught. It also includes a list of additional historical documents written by people of color and women. It also mandates that students be taught “the history of white supremacy, including but not limited to the institution of slavery, the eugenics movement, and the Ku Klux Klan, and the ways in which it is morally wrong.

  3. The same people demanding we ‘Protect History’ by keeping this statue are same people who are demanding we ban books that teach CRT. Because we can’t allow books that teach about slavery.

    1. Max Mustermann; true. And it shows very much that people who whine about critical race theory have no idea of what it is. They just repeat what they heard Tucker Carlsson say on Fox News.

  4. I guarentee none of these people even knew wtf these statues were before they started ripping them out then they heard the reason why and, it’s all “oh no muuuh histreeee.”

  5. No matter how repugnant that history is, these individuals are deeply proud of their Confederate history. This is shameful and is the precise reason these statues which are symbolic of slavery must be removed.

  6. This guy literally has never heard anyone explain reality otherwise known as the truth- by anyone that he respects

    1. First. Don’t pretend like your opinions literally are reality. Thats just your big egos talking. Youre no more important than the next individual.

    2. @Arron Smith Second, you mean YOU don’t want to look at random statues because it reminds YOU PERSONALLY about how YOU feel about…farm equipment. Thats no one’s racism but your own.

    3. @atheist religion and islame is one and the same “Pdf flies”…I can guess what youre trying to say there, but youre at CNN, genius…That about half of what you do here.

    1. So… what does history tell us about smashing statues? There are two options, you can choose here, islame and communism. Which of them turned out well?

  7. I love this reporter. She is calm, straightforward, respectful of her interviewees and willing to engage with them logically.

    1. You’re watching cnn, and you’re taking it seriously? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    2. @Muslims remember Apostacy Day 22nd of August what news chanel should we take seriously please? Fox?

  8. There are folks who are still trying to present these statues as being important “to convey history”–it’s a statue commemorating the practice of brutal, forced inhumane enslavement. It wasn’t even destroy or hidden away. It was literally **just moved**. How is the history of slavery being “cleansed” by the relocation of a statue??!!

  9. His use of “cleansing” and “replacement” are absolutely, without a doubt, being used as loud and clear dog whistles.

  10. You don’t have to have a statue to remember something in history. If that was true then you would need statues everywhere for every event that ever happened.

    1. What about karl marx statue in Germany, should that be smashed? Because it is not needed, is it?

  11. They represent what people in the past chose to celebrate and memorialize, they do not represent history. Teaching history is almost never the reason why they are erected. Statues in public spaces since Antiquity have most typically been used to represent power and authority.

  12. Most Confederate monuments have nothing to do with preserving history. A few were erected between 1860 and 1880 to mourn and honor Confederate dead. There were very few of these.

    The vast majority of Confederate monuments were erected after Reconstruction during the Jim Crow era as deliberate racist symbols. They were celebrations of southern states success in passing and enforcing Jim Crow laws. Others were erected during the Civil Rights movement as symbols of resistance to civil rights.

    IMO Confederate monuments should all be removed from public property. Replace each Confederate monument with a historical marker describing the monument, who erected it, when and why. Also explain when and why it was removed. That’s a better way to accurately preserve history. We should definitely acknowledge and remember our country’s failures, but we shouldn’t celebrate them.

  13. One of the greatest historical failings of all time was when Lincoln failed to round up all Confederates and Confederate sympathizers, and march them all into the sea. It makes me deeply ashamed, and sick in my soul to know what and who my mother’s ancestors were. I genuinely wish I had never known.

  14. As a native Nevadan, when i first visited Salisbury and saw the statue in 2000 i was shocked. The statue itself is quite beautiful until one reads the inscription. At that time I was not aware that it was even legal to have Confederate propaganda like that in a public space. Those people don’t care about losing history. They care about losing their power symbol.

  15. Statues are not history, they are monuments and idols. The people complaining, “they’re tearing down our history” are the ones who wouldn’t bother to read a history book.

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