North Korea fires two ballistic missiles in second launch in a week

North Korea launched two ballistic missiles Thursday — the second such launch in less than a week. South Korea's joint chiefs of staff said in a statement that two short-range missiles had been fired from the Hamju area of South Hamgyong province toward the sea, off North Korea's east coast.

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    1. You should care. Once they get the nuke to reach us than world war 3 will start. wake up and start watching real news, not fake news

    2. @Big Bear Hungry their nukes can reach us most likely, possible alMost the entire of South America

  1. It’s amazing how the media over there just parrots the official line and sucks up to ‘The dear Leader’ and never shows him in a bad light.

    Well that’s CNN for you i guess.

    1. @Tim Read WOW, LOL. How naive can one be? They are complaining, playing the victim of an aggressive North Korea. That is the narrative, the propaganda. The media and the US government never talk about the reasons North Korea does the things it does, both rush to claiming “self defence” even though the US is the one provoking North Korea.

      By the way, US citizens don’t control the US government. Right now Majority of US citizens want US troops out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc… US citizens are tired of endless wars but the US government doesn’t care. Its keeping troops there anyway. That dumb claim that majority of Americans want to wipe North Korea and Iran of the map is a lie. Nonsense. Look at the polls. You have internet. Its not hard to get the facts.

      Your last sentence says it all about you. You are a clown. Iran and North Korea don’t have to do anything the US asks of them.

    2. @Tim Read North Korea doesn’t want to fight. That’s my whole point. Stop provoking them and they will leave everyone in peace. You have terrible reading comprehension skills. You give the US education system a bad image. How old are you?

    3. @Tim Read “anyone who wants war can come and be obliterated!” you say. LOL

      Child, the US is not invincible, it can also be obliterated. It takes only about 200 nukes to do it and China has them, Russia has even more than the US.

    4. @Tim Read bidens been in office for 2 months it took trump over 2 years for him and kim to stop their little feud

    1. Your dollar is on life support systems. Thats what happens when you rent 200 bases around the world & cant use them. Not only that, crypto currencys are flying circles around the dollar & its dirty sanctions.

    2. @David He is the King/God of an entire country. China has passed the usa and is the most powerful country now and they talk about him. Why would he care what the American news says?

    1. @blackmarketyardsale A toddler that has both the strong support of China and Russia which is the only reason they are allowed to even exist as a rogue state. Now that Trump is gone there is no one to stand up to these countries and Kim Jon-il feels he can now do whatever he wants again.

    2. @Dad oh yeah, they were terrified of big daddy don don. what will we ever do without stwong daddy?

    1. Idk, why doesn’t biden admit he lost & take his dictatorship & go back to the nursing home

    2. @randy w ok 😂 illegals can’t vote if u can name a way that they somehow can because u have to register to vote therefor have to be a U. S citizen the American people voted for biden only because they like what biden has to offer if he keeps his promises but it was mostly to get Trump out of office

  2. Sadly he knows Biden is a weak and not a very smart politician. He is in no way strong or a leader. He has proven he is not up to the task.

    1. Kim tested missiles 25 times during Don the Con’s time in the WH. Apparently that makes Donnie 25 times weaker and 25 times less not up to the task.

    1. Blake Newmar actually he twice launched missiles over SK and also even Hawaii when your Zionist president was in office

  3. kim used few million dollars again for a rocket.
    but the citizen can’t even eat enough.

    1. My sources (Onion News) on the ground in North Korea are telling me Kim is still on life support.

    1. @oregon 1961
      Obama passed off some dude as the 1st lady for 8yrs deceiving the nation.

    1. You think they’d risk death by targeting US, North Korea, China, or Russia? The sea is the only safe target.

    2. No, he doesn’t. Or do you want them to test their missels firing US, instead of absolutely harmless launching those to the sea?

  4. Why so surprise, us and its sidekick’s naval ships are having a picnic at the South China Sea, which is a long way from home for us sailors.

  5. Yeah…after selling weapons to Arabia and helping arming Al Qaeda, the US is rhe last Nation that can talk on this subject

    1. Correct..if US is strong enough then go alone to give a lesson to NK…
      Why involving South Korea Japan and others??

  6. When North Korea fires a missile it’s the equivalent to a little brother or a little cousin following you around at a family gathering tugging on your shorts until you finally turn around and give them attention, and then they run away giggling

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