1. Definitely struggling now. Especially since it was easier during Covid because I was able to work from home but now we’re forced to return back to work. Even child care has doubled.

    1. @WestCoastWeeb i know right. Jan 6 should be the number one issue for all families struggling to put food on the table. If you think inflation is more important than Jan 6, then you are a traitor.

  2. People better just start realizing the world is changing. The U.S that we are use to is slowly changing. World power is changing. We As Americans should see what’s going and come together no matter what party you belong to

    1. @rolback Yes. People have to realize that their quality of life is where they chose to live, how they chose to live and how they chose to vote.

    2. @rolback Biden is a hero that saved America. And you should be thanking him everyday and kissing his hand.

  3. Average wages not keeping up with the cost of living, paired with increased sticker prices is how the rich have been get so much richer, these last few years. The rich get richer and the poor get stepped on. That is life in America.

    1. people should be extremely grateful to have a president like Joe Biden. He saved this country! And he is fighting to bring people together through moderation. It is important in times like these to not rock the boat. We haven’t had a president like him since Lincoln.

  4. All jokes aside, you know times are tough when you buy a $12 Papa Johns pizza and stretch it over three days!

    1. @Chris Albert You have to take a slice or two out of the box, and immediately place the box in the fridge.

    2. @BORN FREE RAIDER The pizza has eight slices, you eat two slices for dinner the first day, skip breakfast, eat two slices for lunch and dinner on the second day, then on the third day eat the final two slices for lunch, rinse and repeat for dinner.

  5. Groceries are up 12% over the last year, huh? I can’t think of a single grocery item that I regularly purchase that hasn’t increased twice that much in a year.

    1. @San Diego Traffic Lights & Trains arizona iced tea is no longer 99 cents were have u been?!

  6. “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”

  7. Yep the pain at the grocery store is real. I have a family of 4 and what used to be maybe a $400 a month food bill is now $600. Ugh

  8. Same scenario in Canada. Even though I’m working 50 hours weekly with a decent salary, I barely make it since January. Couple of fruits and veggies, a loaf of bread and a carton of milk…… total? 60$. I checked my bill for an error the other day to find out that only one tomato cost 8$. I could have never imagined that one day I’d split a tomato in seven pieces to make it last. I feel for large families struggling through this crisis.

  9. *Americans, Canadines, the British….etc are struggling with the surging costs of living due to the huge companies who enjoy monopolies and to the politicians who work for them* .

    1. @꧁ღSwnsasyღ꧂ LOL be specific. Which companies margins have increased and by how much.
      I think you have no idea what you are talking about.

  10. I’m there too. Pretty soon I’ll have to lose everything and move in with family who is also struggling… Vicious cycle…😰😰😰

    1. Lucky for you to have family that you can move in with…some of us are the only family we have and there is no help….the world is so scary right now.

    2. @Mea Jent Well said. She is indeed lucky. Many people don’t realize just how lucky they are to have family (or real friends) to turn to in difficult times…even ONE person who can/will gladly help them.

  11. You can really tell that Jake ain’t buying what she’s trying to sell. Less talk & more action.

    1. @Kurdy Sin hahaha! Yea he was so tough! Threw her a softball at the end to make all the same excuses on the way out of the interview. And never followed up. You must be clueless

  12. The WH isn’t addressing the fact that Private Equity has bought up many homes in the US and is using renters as a commodity, we are humans and we need human landlords and more home ownership. Stop Private Equity from owning single family homes/apartments et al. Corporations shouldn’t be in charge of homes, especially during a housing crunch.

    1. @Dominiq Freeman hey hombre, there are multiple issues. Oil costs, inflation, and supply and demand are all effecting the general cost of things. But in the US, we have a housing crisis, that is caused by investing firms pricing out average Americans from buying homes, creating a lack of supply in the housing market, and artificially raising the value of homes, making rent and house prices insane. Thanks for playing.

    2. I see where you’re coming from, but during a potential housing crisis, you want someone to be there to prop up home prices for homeowners. With rates this high, it’s arguably more financially sound for people to rent than take out a mortgage for the most part too.

    3. @Kevin Offutt exactly….that’s why my home is paid for and I refuse to sell to investors unless they pay me 10x what the house is worth so I could buy a new home in another place

  13. _I try not to let it get to me, I just go day by day”_ – I’m impressed by that woman’s mental fortitude. When things are tough, being able to manage your thoughts and emotion helps.

    1. Yes and maybe the government will send prayers – cuz that is all they do for us now. Send prayers to our “face” and pickpocket us from the back!

    2. She is nothing but a sheep. Why not correct the policies and procedures that are causing these terrible day to day events? We were given the roadmap for energy independence and economic success. Joe folded roadmap up and put it in the glove compartment while he was driving the car off the cliff

    3. @T. R. Campbell No, she’s living life the best she can given the cards she was dealt with. That doesn’t mean she’s not trying. You think you can do better? You talk about change? Do it. Why are you talking to me about it on a youtube comment thread. Pointless.

    4. @Chris Albert exactly, sometimes you can’t change your cards in the deck of life and get dealt a bad hand. I just take a sedative every day before I get up and power on…..

  14. Wages and the cost of living have not been matched since the early 2,000’s. This argument is well documented and made public. Anyone who argues that “You should just find another job” is vomiting a loop of stupidity that cannot be measured with present mathematics. It’s equivalent to buying a broken car with the idea that it will somehow operate at full function.

    1. @Kristy Campbell “it here?” Can you form any coherent sentence that would implore me to click on a link without a single thought? Your bot game is strong. And your hacking game just isn’t matching that. I recommend you partake in a bottle of Tylenol with a glass of water.

  15. Big corporations are eating up all of the wage gains that were made following the pandemic. We need to tax the richest people, investments and companies and use that money to give relief to poor families

  16. This is a direct effect of careless monetary policy by our central bank in response to the pandemic

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