Nurse and firefighter share emotional embrace | Humankind

Nurse and firefighter share emotional embrace | Humankind 1


  1. Y’all have the 7 am clap!? Oof my country the ppl clap any time they want and start singing the national anthem once they started clapping at 1 ammmmm

  2. I love waking up to these things

  3. I compare these good people, to the protesters who are working to destroy America. Those protesters need to leave America if they are not happy here. There is enough good people in it like these people in this video so the protesters will not be missed…

  4. Love thats what is going to bring us through this madness. God bless you all in Jesus Christ Holy Name Amen And Amen.

  5. As a retired nurse of 25 yrs i know how she feels. Thankyou for your service. God bless you and you felliw nurses and drs. Huggs and prayers Nora

  6. In day to day life you hear people say “that would happen only in xyz” ….well what we’re watching is so cool and so humanitarian and so NY….and this is coming from a 57 year old Indiana man. I’ve been to NY several times and I do enjoy NY. You need a PhD to figure out the subway design, but the ordinary day to day citizens are beautiful, helpful people. All one needs today is to forget about what is going on in DC and just live your life. Everyday, just smile at someone you don’t know and say “Good morning”…that’s a start in getting this country where it needs to be….cordial.

  7. According to the Mueller Report, Mr. Trump should be arrested the day he leaves office. Who else thinks he will commit treason or another crime to stay in office.

  8. Medical workers are the angels sent from the heaven πŸ™

    May God bless you and your family πŸ™β£οΈ

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