Army wife battles cancer while husband is at training | Militarykind


  1. I am from Syria, my dream was from a child
    I serve in the Army of the Meriki
    I hope to serve my honor
    Greetings to me, the Army of America

    1. Keep strong 💪 no cancer in body will not succeed 🙏 in Jesus name say psalm 91 every day. Live life love remember the kids need u and hussy stay tough stay bold stay fight ing.

  2. Healing to u wife family husband be strong keep praying 🙏 no weapon formed on u will not proper

  3. U must try this to take VITAL C! brand it truly fights cancer! try google it. it will help and will stop cancer to recur. May God bless and have mercy on u and your family!

    1. brianna figueroa damn the profile picture got me wanting to subscribe no cap 🙅🏽‍♂️🧢

  4. Its a horrible disease. One of my closest friends once got a really bad cancer and survived it. Fight it with all you got. Thumbs up to you. 👍♥️👍

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