NY AG Announces Criminal Probe Into Trump Organization

“TrumpNation” author Tim O’Brien tells Lawrence O’Donnell, “The fact that the New York attorney general has decided to convert her case from a civil probe into a criminal prosecution suggests that she has evidence of criminal intent. This dramatically ups the legal pressure on Trump, Allen Weisselberg, and the entire Trump organization.”
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    1. @joseph ivan You should teach it to Biden. But, that’s like teaching an old dog a new trick.

    2. @Tim Daugherty ..I don’t need to tell myself what’s happening. I’m telling YOU, because you’re out of touch with reality. The Trump Trials are coming. Watch and learn a valuable lesson.

    3. @Tim Daugherty teach him what? That the US president can’t control everything in the world. I’m sure he knows that. I’ll try to teach you instead. OPEC was producing gas at a normal rate. COVID came along and they continued to produce for a little while, until they shut down the production, no one was driving, prices dropped. Now that Biben is doing some about COVID demand has gone up. The oil production has not yet returned to normal so less supply and huge demand, prices go up. The only way a president could control the price is if the government owned the oil companies aka socialism or communism.

    4. @Tim Daugherty no chasing just reality guiliani then Gatez all the way to the top just ask glen kirshner a 30 year federal procescuter from Washington there getting Trump ready for indictment in florida and to be extradicted to New York and then held there until the rest of the other indictments come through from georgia chicago and many more now especially now add new York again with the attorney general’s new one on tax invasion it’s all over for the worst ex president in American History and the biggest lier and coward and national embarrassment in Modern History who killed 1 million people and tried to end are democracy through violence and the most cowardly and disgraceful act in american history the insurrection that added to his body count now add cop killer to that list

    5. @joseph ivan don’t listen to tim daughtry he’s having a hard time with reality now because his modern day Hitler is going down now in every direction imaginable with 8 investigations now 4 Criminal and 32 lawsuits eating up his bank accounts so he has to start trying to get his pension funds already the writing on the wall is obvious to you and me people that live on Planet Earth still unlike his delusional base that’s on a different planet a fantasy world from day one and won’t except that his former president is the biggest crook in modern history who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless Crisis in Modern History and tried to end America as we know it while he was in power and destroy are Country and Democracy with most cowardly and disgraceful act in American history the insurrection to add to his 1 million American body count add cop killer to that list to

    1. The message is clear:
      If you try to take down the Swamp, the Swamp will hunt you down for the rest of your life with made-up crimes.

    2. @Pauline Stephens – how do you know? From my perspective, he’s accomplished what he set out to do which was to expose the Leftists in the Democrat Party and the media and expose the corruption in the permanent government (the swamp)

      How do you know he’s unhappy?

    1. @Michelle Patterson- these people are doomed. They are waiting for the government to give them everything and when it can’t, they will have nothing and have no way to survive.
      That’s why I’m teaching my children self-reliance. They will be the kings. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

    2. @Scott Harrison
      LOL. The Washington Post has a list of the 34,000+ DOCUMENTED LIES Trump told in public during his term. Pick any you like!

    3. @Mike Pelligrino – no they don’t! 😆🤣😂
      I looked at that list and read the first 100. Not one of those was a lie. It was either an opinion or something true that didn’t fit the narrative.
      Smart guy. Think about it. If you are going to compile a list of 34,000 lies, don’t you think you’d put the actual kids, if there are any, AT THE BEGINNING OF THE LIST?

  1. How many of you guys could hear the theme song of ” The Sopranos ” in the background of this video?

  2. 👉The part in the video of ivanka watching her dad…ugh. 👉Then he hugs Eric, who is obviously not used to hugs.

    1. @Luke Rabin Keep dreaming. Trump is not going to prison. What has the liberal media done to your brain? seek help.

    2. @AT 1984… Trump won’t be going to prison immediately. He’ll first be indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced, and then to prison.

    3. @THE ANGRY QUAD oh? You know them? I like the interconnected family model, myself. But it does make calling them by the right name a bit tricky.

    1. @Amerigoth what’s your real name tough guy? You man enough to put a face with your god awful opinions?

    2. The message is clear:
      If you try to take down the Swamp, the Swamp will hunt you down for the rest of your life with made-up crimes.

    3. So you agree to waste tons of money on a witch hunt for DT ,he has done nothing wrong , why doesn’t she investigate Hunter Biden , Andrew cumo , Deblasio sickening

    4. @Steve Austin A pandemic crisis starting to disappear thanks to Biden’s bold action to get Americans vaccinated. I guess you’d rather bring up problems. Those problems will also be addressed and will disappear. I know that’s what you really want to see happen since you love America, right Steve Austin?

    1. @Scott Harrison; Yes, thanks to all the souls that died in preservation of this great country, that we could make it to the Most Honorable President Biden. He will be going down as one of our finest presidents.

    2. The message is clear:
      If you try to take down the Swamp, the Swamp will hunt you down for the rest of your life with made-up crimes.

    3. Democrats & honest Republicans defending democracy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      HONEST AMERICANS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO SDNY & NY AG!!!!!!!!!!!
      (Justice being served!!!!!)

    1. @and who are you? This statement can and only will make sense to you. 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    2. Trump is in a panic, like a cornered rat, screaming and urinating himself. He’s about to be indicted and arrested in New Jersey, where Ron DeSantis can’t interfere with his extradition to New York.

    3. @and who are you? If only everyone had my lifestyle..it would be a happy world. As long as Dump out of office, I have no worries…I mean to keep it that way…Like it or not….

    4. wilson  lmao welll aren’t you just stereotypical 😂😂didn’t expect any different

  3. These people…, are disturbing; We need leaders, people we can trust, are talented, and can improve our lives. Instead of the human condition being the goal, our ministers, politicians, and leaders often fail to achieve this. Humans, are we? Look critically [or spiritually] at the trouble we’re in.

    1. @Brian Fergus LMFAO “weaponize” hahahaha WTF do you think the MSM is against TRUMP & real Americans? TOTALLY 100% weaponized hypocrite much lady?

    2. @Brian Fergus- Bwahahahahaha!!! Just how did Trump do that exactly? You’re just making it up. In fact, the opposite is true

    3. @DrMike Oxlong- the Nazis did this to their opponents. But the Soviets did it worse and for longer. “Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime ”
      So, I’m not sure if these people are Nazis or Soviets

    4. @Brian Fergus- no! You need to answer my question instead of running away calling me names

    1. It ain’t ever going to happen. The fake news has been leading you libs on for 5 years with “the walls are closing in on Trump”….and you keep falling for it! 😂

  4. I bet donny junior is saying to the old man,gee dad this isn’t working out like we planned…lol

    1. Sure, sure. It’s entertaining watching you libs get worked up at the propaganda of MSNBC/CNN. After 5 years of “the walls are closing in on Trump”, you’re still falling for it! 😂

    1. The message is clear:
      If you try to take down the Swamp, the Swamp will hunt you down for the rest of your life with made-up crimes.

    2. During a recount of ballots in Georgia last year they suddenly found over 2,500 ballots that had not been previously counted. When these ballots were counted the result was 1,643 for Trump and 865 for Biden.

    1. @Brenda Leary oh shut up with that no one knew they were innocent at that moment i dot believe that trump shoudve apologized after they were found not guilty..

    2. @DrumWild LIBERALS:haha you trumpers think the election was stolen
      ALSO LIBERALS: Russia! Trump stole the 2016 election because of Russia Russia Russia

  5. Endless probes and investigations. How about we finally start arresting and going to trial?

  6. I love New York and you have to love it when two great legal pros decide to tag-team!!! So much for the troll at Mar-a-Blogo!

    1. You “love” the new york the GOP made. Now you have people in power who will bring it back to what it was in the 1970’s. Do a little research.

    2. @My video account I was there in the 70’s and up to 2021 and our our BLUE New York is light years more advanced, livable, beautiful and welcoming that the rat infested, corrupt GOP New York. NYC is building a swimming pool in the East River that purifies the river water while New Yorkers enjoy themselves in the pool. In the GOP NYC you tout, mutant life forms and toxic runoff and garbage constituted the East River. The GOP was corrupt then and is traitorous and corrupt now.

  7. “…I like big, fat men like you! Because when you fall down…you make a whole lotta noise! And sometimes they don’t get back up!” ~ Tuco, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 1966.

    1. Cacopoulas is the real name of Tuco, the latter is only his nickname. I am a fan of these movies since I was a kid

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