NY State Assembly Member: If Cuomo Does Not Resign We Must Impeach

Calls for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's resignation reached a crescendo just hours after New York State Attorney General Letitia James released the disturbing findings of her five-month investigation–that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. New York State Assembly Member Ron Kim, former Assistant U.S. Attorney and former 2021 NYC mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, and former special advisor to Governor Andrew Cuomo Susan Del Percio, join The ReidOut with their analysis.
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  1. If you think Cuomo is going to resign, then you really don’t know anything about the guy.

    He has a stubborn streak on steroids.

    1. He may as well resign he has no chance of running for re-election now even though he was going to

    2. Correction they are the definition of sociopath both Chris as well as Andrew Cuomo have demonstrated their lack of humanity showing absolutely no remorse for any of their criminal activity I am heartbroken for the victims families. I honestly pray to God almighty for Chris and Andrew Como to be touched by the Lord in Jesus holy name I pray amen

    3. @Support your Troops & Athletes I’m sorry only he has publicly announced on several occasions that that’s never going to happen he is an continues to literally Pat himself on the back he has written a book about how great and wonderful he is I can assure you he will never resigned as far as impeachment I don’t believe that will happen as well Andrew Cuomo, Chris Como as well as several other power greed control freaks will never admit to any wrong doing I honest to God believe that they are sociopath not even to apologize for The Hundreds if not thousands of deaths they’ve caused not so much as an apology tells me everything I need to know about what type of people they are anyone who cared would have apologized at best

    4. @Ivory Alexander He’s already said he’s done nothing wrong as well as he has every intention of not only remaining in office as well as running for reelection? im sorry only i believe that they are sociopaths who have no remorse I heard his fake sorry and that’s exactly what it was empty words as they feel no remorse and believe they’ve done nothing wrong a sincere sorry would have been nice I do not find his apology authentic

  2. The idea statue of limitations (SoL) exist for abuse and murder make me feel sick some times. Obviously there needs to be solid grounds for a trial if post SoL but when we have a whole report saying that it happened we should be able to see those who did the crime responsible. I mean if you just need to get past SoL tile how does anyone on bail ever go to Prison is beyond me when can flee for a few years and be solid. It’s a law to help the rich more than the poor.

  3. Impeach??? He broke laws he needs to be arrested. Oradell there 2 sets of laws one for liberal politicians and one for us

  4. “Most Corrupt and Government ineffectiveness” State Award goes to the State of New York. Congrats.

  5. People in his inner circle of friends had warned him about his actions years earlier. His brother apparently condones of treating women this way and is probably guilty of the same sexual misconduct. Reminds me of Bill Clinton’s denial on public television.

  6. “I couldn’t imagine that during my tenure with the Governor I would be the one to reach out and give him a hug”? It is illogical self centered comments like that that makes believing victims sometimes difficult. It would be like me saying, I couldn’t imagine myself going into a bank and robbing it, therefore robbing banks is a myth. No one would ever do that.

  7. ” Hold him in your armchair you can feel his disease “…come together…good luck Andrew..your going to need it…..db

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