Turner Vs. Brown: A Showdown Between Progressive And Establishment Dems

The special election in Ohio featuring candidates Nina Turner and Shontel Brown has become a reportedly "acrimonious and bitter" battle between the progressive and establishment wings of the Democratic party, as these factions go all out to support their preferred candidate. Journalists Eugene Robinson and Jeremy W. Peters join The ReidOut with their analysis.
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  1. When the establishment comes for you that’s how you know you aren’t the bought and paid for candidate

    1. @kyle melby Nina Turner was funded by the people unlike Brown was bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists and establishment Democrats

  2. It’s so telling how msnbc downplays the importance of this election, and only throw shade on Turner. Corporate dems are scared

    1. @Kid Dracula Biden is the most leftwing president in history, he’s lurched so far to the left that he’s running the country not as a liberal, but something between liberal and democratic Socialist. If he went any further to the left he would be Che Guevara.

    1. @Evil Yoda ~ Chantel Brown: Bought and paid for by Republicans, corporate interests, and the Israeli lobby. Fairly obvious she’s not going to be representing her constituents best interests.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera ~ While true that Brown only raised half as much campaign money as Turner’s grassroots donations, Brown’s large infusion of cash from Republicans (yes, Republicans!), corporate interests, outside PACs and the Israeli lobby probably gave her the lifeline she needed to stay alive and win. Of course, this was also a very moderate Ohio district, too, which made this an uphill battle for Turner from the start, anyway.

    3. @Carol Lemieux ~ Yeah, they could have discovered Brown was being backed by Republicans and is under investigation by the Ohio Ethics Commission for supporting millions in contracts to be awarded to cronies of hers. And they could have learned that Turner advocates for policies that would have helped them more.

    4. @Dakoder II Their logic is easily disproven with little to no effort.

      This is why they censor information so much nowadays.

      “Keep the people uninformed”.

  3. Subtle, MSNBC. It must have taken so much restraint not to draw a _literal_ halo onto Nina’s challenger, for the thumbnail to this piece. Your corporation is so _crude_ about leaning on the scale for corporate Dems. It really is stomach turning.

    1. All Democrats, all Republicans, and all Libertarians are corporate and oligarch donor owned. There is nothing for the 99.9% in the Democratic, the GOP and Libertarian parties. Have you been napping since 1996????

    2. Yeah they even use a sweeter image of shontel than Nina so she looks like the perfect candidate, but little do they say that she is a corporate shifty stooge. Nina is for the people and you can look sweet, but Nina don’t need to look sweet as what Americans in Ohio need is a pit bull for the people against corporations on the repelican and democratic side!

    3. @Lars I dunno about you but the more money I got from the Dems helped me more than the less money the republicans tried to argue for.. more money with D is better than less money with R.. more money > less money…. jsyk

    4. @Ron Turnis MSNBC is the prime enemy of progress. Fox is just clown show, but MSNBC and CNN are considered serious with the liberal electorate we’re trying to educate.

  4. Corporations bought another election. Used every trick and lie in the book. This country sucks. Lobbyist had to funnel billions of dollars to defeat this one congresswoman. Disgusting. I want a list of names of these corporations and their entities who backed Chantel Brown so that I can boycott every last one of them.

  5. Everybody wants somebody that keeps it real until they get somebody that keeps it real. Turner 100%😎

    1. I give up!! Progressives can’t win in this corrupt country… The establishment is the Ruling Party of American and I am now Officially going to Brunch…. We are Tired..

    2. @Jason Milton
      Bernie lost like 10 times before he even became a senator. Keep pushing. They can be defeated!

  6. I love how america uses words that have no application to the situation. There is no such thing as “progressive” in the nation that is housing the biggest drive to regress our species in history.

    1. Come now. Were the Nazis not progressive? Of course they were. Between them and their sister socialists leftists the Communists, they took over most of Europe, all of China, half of Korea, and all of Viet Nam. Is that not progressive enough for you?

    2. @Central Scrutinizer Nazis killed socialists and communists. They were far right ultranationalist fascists. Conservatism maintained monarch style control over China, sabotaging its attempt to evolve. Imperialist capitalism, another right wing policy created the Korean and vietnam war. Hope this cleared out your insane confusion. The idea that progressives took over Europe is also quite misleading. They just had better success implementing socialist policy because they aren’t as stupid as Colonial America. Their main successes are all socialisms. Where did you get all your insane lies from? Sounds like you’re quoting Rupert Murdoch or some other oligarch.

  7. We all wonder why its so hard to get money and corruption out of politics. Its cause we keep electing crooks who make those decisions.

  8. Progressives worked for weeks and got the eviction moratorium extended and kept millions in their homes, establishment dems said “huh? We just learned about this today?”

  9. Who’d have known you can have results within a couple of hours instead of days or weeks or months like always? And who’d have thought the people would lose again, weird how we always lose, again

  10. We’ll see how well Shontel Brown fares next year. I haven’t forgotten about her corruption, and the voters won’t either.

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