NYC Mayor Predicts Travel Bans, Evacuation Likely In Future Storms

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio discusses Hurricane Ida's impact on the city and what he expects from future disaster response as storms intensify.

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NYC Mayor Predicts Travel Bans, Evacuation Likely In Future Storms


    1. Lol DeBlasio is a straight clown. He just adds new restrictions and then doesn’t know what to do. How you gonna evácuate New Yorkers? 70% don’t have a car. You gonna pick them up. Where are people in basements gonna go? You know New York, full of empty space for everyone.

    1. Take a look at the some of the idiotic responses you’ve gotten, so you won’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

    2. @TheBarrow9040
      I’m in my 60’s.

      Back in the 60’s many were, and still are, aware. Slogans like “Save Water, Shower With A Friend” was tongue in cheek but serious for people to please conserve water. Earth Day was created by my generation but obviously not enough people engaged into preservation. Perhaps now they will.
      In any event, we are living in “exciting” and exceptional times; and living a full life is living it now. Now is all we ever have but I hope to live to 90! (I think. Lol!)

    3. @Selah I told my mother yesterday while we were talking about this that the hippies were right. People should’ve listened. ✌🏽

  1. I’m just grateful to all our city officials and public servants from police, fire, medical people, first responders, emergency personnel, transit workers and sanitation for the difficult, complex work they are doing to keep things going during one of the most horrible times in our history. Now it’s up to the way-way-too impatient public to start helping – wear the masks, stay away from close crowding and just use some common sense and courtesy. And be patient. It’s sad that it is taking crises of this magnitude to shake up the population about Climate Change and its effect on the economy, on climate migratin, on getting back to “normal,” but we now have to buck up and help.

  2. What always helps is raising more flags (stars & stripes), thoughts and prayers. That will solve everything and make the rains and fires go away.

  3. How is it that the Subway is still operating in the video? That much water pouring in, I would think it would short out the third rail.

  4. These extreme weather events are going on worldwide not just in the US. People better wake up Stop talking about it and start doing something.

  5. maybe it is time to pass the massive infrastructure bill. we could also stymie the fossil fuel billionaires. but what do i know.

    1. @Andrew Swift I own several cars, need them for my ranch. I have tractors etc…also have 2 semi trucks and trailers for transporting hay and grain. What do you have? A Volvo for commuting to the office and grocery store? 😂😂😂

    2. @Andrew Swift sounds like you don’t know what your talking about. I own a camper, a sports car, a motorcycle and an electric car. sounds like you’re a punk.

    3. @Dogsrawesome Oh I get it. You stymie the fossil fuel billionaires by buying lot’s of their product. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Call the Dutch!! Sell us back NYC and we will fix it for ya 😉 But seriously all the best over there, water can be a b*tch!!

  7. Hopefully they noted which places flooded. They can plot them and send warnings by cellphone the next time there are storm threats.

  8. People don’t hear what they don’t want to know. Smart experts and other people have been warning about this for over a half century.

  9. Having to pay more into public transit isn’t a good reason to bring in congestion charges, Terrible traffic and smog are good reasons to bring in congestion charges.

  10. Mandates for a pandemic created in a lab – NOW MORE MANDATES for man-made storms: I will not do any mandates, period!

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