President Biden Vows Federal Response After Texas Abortion Decision

President Biden said Thursday he is launching a 'whole-of-government' response to try to safeguard access to abortions in Texas following the Supreme Court's decision to not block the restrictive law. Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade discusses.

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President Biden Vows Federal Response After Texas Abortion Decision


  1. Essentially what Texas has created is a giant loophole for corporate and NGO money to get funneled into nonsense cases to facilitate intimidation and crowd-sourced litigation. It’s basically the use of democracy to dismantle democracy, one step at a time. Once the fair and equitable rule of law is gone, everything else follows in short order.

    1. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe He claims that his account is real but he Joined Jul 12, 2021 and got one subscriber. You’ll find his comment at the bottom.

    2. @Dittzx You were responding to me down there when I pointed out the troll. Click on the icon next to the posts.

  2. Since they’ve opened this door, let’s see what else we can get through.
    Make it possible for an ordinary, random citizen, concerned for the health and welfare of the community,
    to sue anyone walking through said community while unvaccinated.

    1. There’s lots of things that can be done in a similar way…
      Do something similar with gun’s and watch all these insane Republicans heads explode

    2. Yeah, Good luck doing that with the SCOTUS, Unless it involves boofing or the conservative agenda the only other things getting though are rewards for dobbing in ANTIFA, Mask wearers and non Christians.

    3. Your choice to not social distance, not wear a mask, not get vaccinated, during a pandemic, actually does cause injury to prospective plaintiffs who have been harmed by those detrimental actions you’ve taken. Thus the constitution already allows government to mandate all of the above on citizens, even vaccination, allowing the criminalization of non-compliance. You don’t need the Texas bounty-hunter abortion law as precedent to make unlawful any of the above.

      I’m a conservative. I’m against abortions performed without just cause. But I too disagree with the Texas law of delegating policing of abortion to private citizens in civil law as a way of bypassing the inability of the state to prohibit abortion because it can’t enact criminal laws against abortion because the constitution prevents it from making those laws and giving itself those powers of policing and criminally punishing for it.

      The answer is not to give private citizens that power. That’s madness. No private citizen must have civil standing in another private citizen’s healthcare choices if those choices don’t cause any injury to the prospective plaintiff. Federal legislation can and will be drafted and enacted to overturn this ruling. Congress has the power to override SCOTUS rulings that are not constitutional matters. This is not a constitutional matter.

      This law would open the door for any number of laws being legislated on other issues to outsource policing to private citizens under civil law for a bounty of $10,000 simply because the state can’t do anything about it not having constitutional power to prohibit something under criminal law.

      An analogy would be the constitutionally protected rights of gun ownership. So you could theoretically use this mechanism to make gun ownership a civil law matter with standing by any private citizen who is now a prospective plaintiff though not injured by your purchase or use of your gun. Enacted solely because the state hasn’t got the constitutional power itself to prohibit gun ownership. So they legislate to empower citizens to sue civilly for financial reward. Remember, even if anyone uses this law, no one found liable goes to jail, only money is paid to the plaintiff.

      Whatever one’s position on abortion, this law, if the legislative doesn’t legislate it away and instead allows it to remain precedent, it has really bad implications beyond abortion.

    4. Require castration for any man in Texas not planning to have children in 12 months. Prevent unwanted pregnancies.

    1. @Gluteus Maximus they are. Egyptians used to think their Pharaoh’s where God’s. Look at some Egyptian writings written about some of the first pharaohs they exactly the words you see in the Christian. Do some research on your own and cross reference them and you will see I am correct.

    2. The difference of religion is a significant difference. But don’t kid yourself. Don’t suppose for a second that Democrats aren’t committed to their worldview with religious zeal. Your religion is the lens by which you view and discern the world, and by which you make moral choices. With that definition, the civil religion of the Democratic party is just as much a religion as any organized religion.

      And the religion of the Democratic party is also heretical.

  3. Frankly, nothing should surprise any more, coming from the Republican Party. Remember this party installed an abomination at the head of the United States five years ago

    1. If a company is located in a Republican state decent people should divest themselves of that company. Let states like Texas pay for their religious theocracy.

    2. Indeed. When they could have removed him they chose not to. They are an odious party. All of them. Male & Female Republican politicians alike.

    1. American service men are not these Donald Chump non-college graduates voters. American service men will not forget. Donald Chump and the RepublicanT’s released 5,000 terrorists taliban. RepublicanT’s and Donald Chump are treasonous.

  4. This isn’t just an assault on women’s rights, but on everyone’s, including the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. It could turn us into a nation of Stalinist secret police informants, for the cash.

    1. Eventually, they’ll do it like China does it now.

      The cash rewards will go away, and will be replaced by a threat of HARSH punishment if you fail to rat out your neighbor.

      They’ve traded their freedom for free-dumb.

    2. @TOS100 Returns kinda like how the democrat leaders wanted you to rat out you neighbor, your friend ,your colleagues, all those who didn’t wear a mask. Those who had gatherings if more than 2. Hypocrite

    1. @Pop Corn To whom?!! Lol!! There has never been fines or arrest warrants for non-maskers!! They weren’t allowed in stores but that was cause their faces were all naked and hanging out while they barked and whimpered

    2. @V V – And MAGAs *coughed on AND spat at* store clerks, security guards, door-greeters, etc., when asked to wear a mask.
      Feed ’em all horse-paste…and then send them straight to the ‘glue factory’. 👋🏻

  5. The only thing that is realistically holding this bill in place is the hope that abortion providers are scared of lawsuits. Once they find a way around that, then this bill becomes nothing more than toilet paper

    1. @Carl Phillips But of course, that “we” is red states and an anti-democratic Supreme Court that is way out of step with majority American values and priorities. We have got to be fighting harder for a truly representative government.

    2. What’s holding this bill in place is the Democrats unwillingness to do anything about a corrupt stolen supreme court.
      Don’t be fooled, Biden and the Democrats are going to do nothing. They’re going to vote on something in the house along party lines if you’re lucky, and then say what can we do because there’s a filibuster in the senate.
      The dams were elected to protect voting rights and to protect women’s rights…. And what did we get? We got nothing again.

      It’s getting old really fast watching Biden talk about putting a commission together to look at the problem. After the Republicans corruptly stole the supreme Court by violating their own rules they used to stop Obama’s nominee for almost an entire year the Dems did nothing and that in most part is why we are at where we are at today. You’ll hear a lot about looking into the problem and then the dams will try to find something else to talk about so you forget that they did nothing again.
      Republicans are actively trying to rig the next election with suppressing voting and instead of addressing that problem the Dems want to play with infrastructure bills

    1. I hope a liberal state does something similar to the Texas bill with guns that set’s their hair on fire…

      This country is collapsing under the strain of ignorance and stupidity…

    1. You have the freedom to do as your GOP overlords decree or face the consequences, It’s very simple in it’s eloquence.

    2. Abortions are only going to be available to rich, conservatives Republicans to use with on their mistresses and daughters.

      “Freedom for me, not for thee.”

    3. @ishtarian At least Orwell did it with better strategy and style. Not that its something to reckon with, but you know.

  6. This is a constitutional crisis in the making. Roe v Wade is still the law of the land – the Court decision did not change that. In effect, their decision violates the law, as it stands.

  7. What if pimps (or any dude) knock up women and force them to get an abortion so they can sue and collect $10,000?

    1. @Joe Potato Hey Orange Noser. America been GREAT never let a orange clown tell you otherwise. American service men are not these Donald Chump non-college graduates voters. American service men will not forget. Donald Chump and the RepublicanT’s released 5,000 terrorists taliban. RepublicanT’s and Donald Chump are treasonous.

    2. @Joe Potato Donald Dump and the RepublicanT’s are treasonous. Donald Chump and Dunce Pence along with the incompetent RepublicanT’s are responsible for the terrorists attack on January 6th

    3. @Joe Potato President Biden has been in office for 8 months and he ended a 20 year war that Bush stared and who Trump surrendered to .Trumps made a deal with the Taliban in 2020 when he released 5,000 Taliban fighters to fool his base of clowns and I see one of those clowns who jones YouTube in August 26, 2021 show jut here to show his a$$..,

    4. Slow clap for promulgating a cookie-cutter, fallacious and cliche’ analogy. Texas men are culturally implored to treat their women like queens and don’t stone them, you lemming.

  8. Bipartisanship died along Senator McCain. Even if I didn’t share his views and policies, he will always remain a war hero, and for that I respect him.

    After his passing the rest of the party dropped all pretences that they were interested in governing, instead only desperate clinging on to power…

  9. This is how 1984-ish totalitarian authority starts. “Deputize” ordinary citizens to enforce an unconstitutional “law”.

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