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  1. Why doesn’t a Democrat State make a vigilante law that outlaws vigilantism from other states.. like I know that’s just a circular problem but at the same time it would be a stalemate

  2. As written, there’s nothing in that TX legislation that says Liberals can’t report ALL of their conservative neighbors to the vigilante hotline.

    1. Guns sound pretty legal to lock and unload in the southern toilet bowl of America. I would suggest that a living could also be made in selling firearms to women. More $ in the teach you how to connect some brains to the space behind these deputies of turdville. If they are going to go all rooting tooting cowboy..
      …well girls just wanna have fun.

    2. There are already reports on activists seriously spamming the hotline, though I haven’t heard that they’re using the tactic you suggest.

  3. In one cowardly act, the US Supreme Court has undermined their own authority and handed the country over to right wing fascists.

    1. The separation of powers are being eroded every day by republicans. Soon we will be living under a police state, lead by a dictator. Kiss your freedoms good bye. Or VOTE THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE !!!!!!!!

  4. I, personally, don’t agree with abortion, however, I would never stop someone from making their own choice. If they are going to do it, nothing will stop them. That has been vastly proven over the centuries.

    1. I’d never step in on anyone’s choice of abortion. It’s their business, not mine. Choices do have consequences. Good or bad but be responsible for the choice YOU make and OWN IT. Good or bad. It’s that person’s issues not anyone’s. Narcissists will support narcissists & it shows with the courts decision.

    2. A woman absolutely has a right to choose. This is insane even for republicans. Feeling very sad for woman 😞

    1. @Whicker Please don’t get vaccinated, don’t wear a mask and make sure you go to your Evangelical Church his weekend.

    2. @The Man With No Shoes Tampa You come to a MSNBC video that’s on the massively important subject of abortion rights in America going away and you want to change the subject to this? I can see you are traumatized beyond the point of rational thought, but there are plenty of videos elsewhere on YouTube that are on this topic. Go there.

    3. Serious question has America outlawed contraception. I only ask that because if your all about not getting pregnant(why else would you want a abortion ) then perhaps taking precautions against that eventuality might be a good idea

  5. This reminds me of Nazi Germany where people were incentivized to turn in their neighbors who were protecting Jews.

    1. In post-war East Germany there was an official informant policy, encouraging people to even turn in family members. Sounds about the same to me.

    2. Did you even read what you wrote? The Jews were being protected from execution. Who is being executed here? Say it. Protecting lives is just history to you?

  6. The supreme Court is to SUPPORT OUR laws irregardless of their personal religious beliefs. Church and law are totally separate OR AT LEAST THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.

    1. @Kirk Larson I guess I don’t think about it because I’m not typing I’m just speaking as if I was speaking to you so I don’t punctuate and since you can’t hear the tone of my voice that’s why it probably doesn’t make sense

    2. @musiclover9361 then why did they just report on the news tonight that the Taliban were flying over Kandahar and they were flying one over another city bragging they know how to fly these things don’t be so naive

    3. @Zach Hogan it’s too bad hardly anybody on this site wants to have a real adult conversation your comment is not even worth responding to

  7. On top of everything else this shows that the attention span of Americans is about 30 seconds. Last week everyone was up in arms about Afghanistan. That was last week. Then there’s the hurricane and now Texas has made everyone forget about those things. I think Biden should keep plowing ahead on infrastructure and voting rights and everything that is good for the American people. Just do it. Republicans are busy thinking about the horse deworming thing and taking away women’s rights

  8. If a bounty hunter is successful in stopping an abortion, can that bounty hunter be sued for child support ?

    1. @Jennie Drake Yes. You’reright. I used the wrong term. Should have said birth control device can be inserted in arms

    2. @Neil Mortimer there is no two party system, there is only the oligarchy party. Who makes money on baby body parts? This has zero to do with a woman’s right yo choose, and everything to do with stim cell cash

  9. The way they have written the Texas law making it illegal for a woman to leave the state, doesn’t that effectively make women the property of the state? I think this is the definition of patriarchy.

  10. The same people who are right now refusing to get a vaccine or wear a mask to protect themselves, their families, their children, and the community around them state the reason as ,BECAUSE IT IS THEIR BODY AND THEIR CHOICE AND THEIR PERSONAL FREEDOM.
    Are the SAME people DENYING EVERY!!! Woman/Girl those SAME Rights.

  11. “If women are not self-responsible, should they even be allowed to vote?” I’m guessing that’s what republicans will say next.

    1. @Julio Garcia well there are more than 500k+ to million+ abortions per year and that has been going on for more than a decade. So all those single deaths add up. Guess more lives where destroyed by abortions than covid, or holocaust or afghan war or gun violence.

    2. Your forgetting to include men in that first sentence. There is no excuse for them zipping up and walking away and believe me, many of them do.

    3. They’re assuming power and disregarding the will of the people, civil rights are threatened and casting your ballots are once again are too important for all people to cast . Where’s all the crybabies that whined my body my choice nothing but a bunch of hypocrites and ……..?

  12. Why is it only the Mother’s responsibility? A biological Father has an equal responsibility. If men got pregnant abortions would be freely available.

    1. To enforce something like that, you’d probably have to have mandatory paternity tests. I don’t think my imagination is up to the task of envisioning the magnitude of that disaster.

  13. Texas is looking more and more like Gilead every day. Just another reason to VOTE ALL BLUE in ’22 and all future elections for that matter.

  14. Republicans – “Hmmm, how can we get the attention off of this insurrection thing? I know, let’s try abortion rights”.

    1. Who’s paying attention to a fake insurrection by people armed with posters? Biden just got 13 soldiers killed and left Americans stranded in Afghanistan

    2. @Yourdeadmeat69
      Thousands of US military personnel and contractors, over 1,000 allies and tens of thousands of Afghan civilians died. It is all tragic because humanity has yet to solve it’s issues without warfare.

  15. Remember the action that women took to get ” THE VOTE”. Time to start these countermeasures that only women can uniquely take.!?

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