Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 2nd | MSNBC 1

Watch All In With Chris Hayes Highlights: September 2nd | MSNBC

Watch highlights of Thursday's All In with Chris Hayes

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    1. @Pete Lind That’s what going to happen and it will be illegal to be black or Puerto Rican and hold a white job you all know what I’m saying.

    2. This has nothing to do with FS. That org is committed to giving rights to capital. They don’t care for people.

    3. Republicans are shooting their shot. They know their party has no popular policies anymore. It’s just seizing power through minority opinion rule. Get active in politics people!

    1. I guess nobody got the memo that you can’t make laws based on some invisible sky god, with a magical book. It’s in the constitution!!!

  1. Republicans have been pandering to Evangelicals since Reagan, unfazed as to how this is leading us to a Theocracy just as long as they stay in power.

    1. @John Mattingley I guess neither you nor Reagan knew what ‘fascism’ and ‘socialism’ actually mean. Fascism is a movement of the far right, an authoritarian nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, eg. Trump 2016-2020. The kind of folks who support a violent attempt to overturn the results of a free election, as an example.

    2. @Wesley Gordon what you mean is that you believe that fascist, fundamentalist religious extremists, white supremacists are holding the country together. Jesus disagrees with you. Jesus thinks you should leave people alone to live their lives and get the grifters out of his churches.

    3. @Paul Wilson they seem to be ok with killing babies from lack of healthcare, food, wars. When was the last time you heard a Republican fight against the death penalty, fought for healthcare, gun control, pollution, etc? They aren’t prolife, they just want to stick it to the other side and using women and fetuses as a wedge issue. You know what will happen, if abortion is banned, abortions will continue, but now women will die too. You know what else is going to happen, with a population of 70% pro-choice, and on the tail end of all the crap of anti mask, anti vaccine, pro violence against the election results…be prepared to luve in a bkue state.

  2. Kavanaugh needs to be investigated in regards to his financial irregularities never mind letting him pass down judgements. He should be in front of the judge’s not sitting up there looking down.


    2. what financial irregularities? is there evidence of that or do you just want a soviet style investigation and star chamber?

  3. This is going to result in an absolute CRAP FEST. They literally have just allowed bounties to be placed on women’s heads by anyone with bad intentions towards them.

    1. This procedural precedent goes beyond just women’s’ rights to abortion; this could open the door for any federally mandated matter a State government may want to make impudent.

  4. I hope people know that this is the beginning not the end. They will do the same such law to deny women the right to vote. To deny Black people the right to vote. There will always be a need to divide people up by race & gender & control them.

  5. Here’s a case for the SCOTUS. The Supreme Court cannot make decisions without explaining their reasoning to the public that pays them.

  6. But this is just the tiniest taste of what life will be like if the Republicans get to form their fascist autocracy, which is what the Republican Party is endlessly striving to do.

    1. @Paul Wilson how dare you try to give a voice to something that’s not even conscious, only to be on the same side that will immediately strip that voice the moment it *is* conscious.

    2. @Paul Wilson Come on I’m sure you could care less if they get sick or shot down after they are born. That’s pretty much been the believe in Texas probirth but prolife not so much. Your perfectly happy to have the elderly, sick, and children killed because you can’t be bothered to think about someone else but you. My body, my choice is OK for you and keeping that gun vs having common sense background checks is against your rights too am I correct.

  7. A question: How many abortions has the sexual abusive drunk, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, paid for or been responsible for?

    1. @John Edward Since they have essentially told their citizens to spy on women and people that help them and turn them in, I say turn the tables. I think we should get some people together to help watch these rich Republican men and their indiscretions then if they try turn them in en mass

    2. How many have trump paid for? One young woman said she was pregnant by trump, a crony of trump’s paid for the abortion. It was a you wash my hand, I will wash yours.

  8. The USA is again losing it’s respect everywhere in the world with it’s draconian nefarious approach to law and commitment to Minority Rule… WAKE UP

  9. The Democratic senators should vote to TAX the rich underhandedly just like the did the new abortion act in Tx!!!! Fix their behinds!!!

    1. Well, to save America, not humanity. The rest of the civilized world already has laws solidly in place.
      In the UK, we have abortion up to 24 weeks, or after that in the case of severe foetal abnormality or if taking the foetus to full-term will likely cause the mother’s death.
      Polling in the UK – Keep at 24 weeks 57%, change to 20 weeks 30%, No opinion 6%, Ban Abortion 7%. .

  10. Why don’t we write a gun banning bill and set it up the same way – community enforcement and government rewards to private citizens.

  11. Thing is for Minarchists and libertarians this approach is the thing. Privatizing law enforcement is a dream for these people

    1. Highland804, they reduced us all to 2nd class citizens when they decided to make it more difficult to vote, especially absentee.

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