NYC Schools To Fully Reopen In September, Says Mayor De Blasio | MSNBC 1

NYC Schools To Fully Reopen In September, Says Mayor De Blasio | MSNBC


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joins Morning Joe to announce the city's public schools will reopen fully in September with no remote option.

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NYC Schools To Fully Reopen In September, Says Mayor De Blasio | MSNBC


    1. @Joseph ozturkOh ho ho ho ho ho. I am a vet. Your draft dodging hero wasn’t. If I am to cross a mine field I sure would want to know it is mined. You’ll fall for anything from your cult leader.

    2. @Joseph ozturk That was just an analogy on your he didn’t tell people the truth about the virus so they wouldn’t panic. Laughable.

    1. Let’s talk about the real issue, Border Control.. Biden has put EVERYONE at risk at the Border! And He could care less is the sad part… The Dem’s say he is empathetic. Disgusting… 8 more deaths today.. With the temps. On the rise, A good crop of rattle snakes this year. I’ve seen dozens already while dirt biking in Pinal County, AZ… Can only imagine what it’s like a little further south.. The death toll will multiply. Wouldn’t want to be walking.. Especially at night, Horrible way to go… the temps will be well over 100 degrees next week in Arizona.. Good job Joe…

    1. That’s not alot ,I’ve never been to nyc but I’ve always thought there were 10,000 shootings a day with 8+ million people you would think there would be more

    2. Apparently im new jersey too I dont buy that they want to push gun control get ready for the second wave, I dont trust the govt to be behind every school shooting as well

    3. Here in fargo there was 1 shooting every 3 years ,murder was unheard of .now there’s shootings about everyday in fact a dude got gunned down yesterday by my apt .we get all the wannabes from Chicago and Minneapolis

  1. I wasn’t aware that de Blasio was the superintendent, what other “hats” does he wear? Police chief, Director of Health, and PTA president?

  2. De Blasio is a clueless lunatic who thinks the solution to crime is to fire policemen. A 5-year-old could do a better job running that city.

    1. He knows this will never happen, even while he lies to your faces…our pretend government will make sure some *new crisis* will stop school again next year…smh

  3. I sure hope those teachers got their full paychecks in the last year, imagine all that stress!!!!! And DeBlasio does nothing for the crime problems in New York beside reward the criminals! I don’t know who’s more asleep at the wheel, DeBlasio or Dementia Joe?!!!

  4. Looks like Deblasio is hanging up his tie. I can’t wait to hear what you all think of the next Mayor. Remember Mayor Dinkins.

    Mayor Dinkins was a lousy Mayor there have been more murders under Dinkins than any other Mayor.

  5. I would no more send my child into a New York School than I would put my father and mother in a nursing home there. Bill has killed more people with one stroke of a pen than Hitler did.

  6. Man these kids are gonna be way behind…love his stupid grin like he has accomplished something

  7. How about you ask the kids about how they feel, it’s the kids being exposed and left at Risk

  8. Weird how covid started at the beginning of flu season and is ending right at the end of flu season.

  9. They couldn’t go to school because of the Virus, and now it’s not safe enough to send them to school because of the violence. The Mayor and Governors incompetence has jeopardized all of us while they live lavishly and their children attend the finest schools.
    A lot of things need to change, but that won’t happen until they are replaced.

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