Rep. Cheney A Fringe Figure In The GOP, Says Axios Reporter | MSNBC


    1. @Mark Keller Joe is talker and an interrupter…everyone in the show has accepted it…which one of you pay his bills so he should care?

    2. @Shahnul Islam Everyone that paid taxes paid his bills when he was in Congress. He owes us all for being over paid.

  1. A snake by any other name is still a snake even if other snakes have kicked it out .

    1. @John Swo Leftists accept corruption if it hurts Trump. Wait until they turn that corruption on you.

    1. yall keep destroying yoselves…be easy for us demmys to win upcoming elections…no one with full teeth would want nasty trump back

    2. @Richard D thank you for your commeny jernomo jack…prob noone care a poop what you say…joe is yo new king..rwrump was da ild king

    3. @19MarkDavid the GOP is destroying theirself…caint quite let go of the trump oscat meyer

    1. Yep, she needs to use the last bit of her time in the Senate voting as an Independent WITH the Democrats as an opposition vote against the Republicans. If not she is tacitly agreeing with Trumpism no matter how much she howls against it.

    2. Funny how many pro- Trump trolls are on here , swearing that Trump is honest , and Liz Cheney is responsible for her father’s crimes . Too many facts are already out . Trump was voted out by the American People . Liz is very intelligent , with a warning for her OWN PARTY . ” Wake the funk up … “

  2. Boy when she says every state is different with the voting laws and it’s like bingo that’s the problem right there every state should be exactly the same they should have all the same rules all the same regulations!!
    Especially what happened in 2000 in Florida and now 20 years later it’s repeated all over again!!

    1. @Living Legend2 According to the new Georgia election law; “The State Election Board will be able to replace county election boards after conducting a performance evaluation” at that time the board selects the party they choose to replace those county election boards. This does give them the option to toss ballots they don’t like for practically any reason. They also made it illegal to supply transportation to groups that can’t drive to their voting sites. Reduces the amount of drop boxes, and makes it illegal to supply food and drinks to those in the super long voting lines. The board has already announced a reduction in voting places in minority counties.

    2. @Anita Bruton must be nice to cherry pick the information that fits your narrative. You are missing a whole lot to what you stated and I don’t have time to explain it, ppl can look for themselves, but if this is what you believe then that is fine with me, we will continue to use you for our entertainment and laugh at you. Stay angry little woman.

    3. Anytime a politician says, “take it on a case by case bases”; that politician is ducking the question. This politician is ducking the question.

    1. @AAA if it wasn’t an argument made by proven liars who almost overturned an election to install a con artist dictator maybe you’d have enough credibility to be believed.

    2. @AAA but that not how things happen in the real world .people have been brainwashed. Let them keep following rump it’s a loosing cause .the core of it is lies, deceive ,evil &racist.wont last .they’ll turn on themselves. It’s been proven .true success never dwells or thrives in evil

    3. The southwest border has exploded… this is insane, over 180,000 people crossed in April and it hasn’t slowed down.. The incompetence of this White House is staggering.. Either Biden or Harris has visited or even acknowledged this problem. So much for soul, compassion, and empathy.!!! This Country has a problem.!!!

    1. I remember someone else who said that, once: A former president…
      His name was GENERAL Eisenhower.

    2. @Time Surfer Yep, he warned us although that was a bit before my time but my farther spoke of that warning many times.

  3. When she says low taxes she means low taxes for the rich and corporations! She is still a ground crawler!

    1. You guys are puppets to political parties on both sides. Taxes are theft largely. You guys are arguing who should be stealing the most money from. You all are get fleeced 😂. Too busy fighting with each other to realize politicians are at fault. But if you realized that then they would become the target, cant let that happen now, no no, keep em stupid and occupied with each other

  4. Liz Cheney is Frankenstein saying to the villagers, “Look, compared to the monster, I’m a relatively nice person, right?”

    1. Perfect analogy! 🙌😍 Just fyi, Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster with no name, but you are not the only one that called the monster Frankenstein. On a side note, for the 2006 Halloween, I dressed up as Frankenstein’s monster and I made Paris Hilton my bride with a 3 feet cabbage doll. It was a blast.

  5. I would like to ask Representative Cheney if she’s ever worked as an election judge. I have several times (in Chicago, I know trolls will yuk yuk here), it is an extremely tenuous process on election day, and fully electronic. If you voted under a name in another precinct, I automictically know in seconds. This is not the nineteenth century, folks.

    1. @N N “They” did no such thing! They did say that Russia interfered which is 100% true. Trump, and no one else made a big deal about it and that got you making a big deal about it. Trump won in 2016 and Clinton conceded within days! What did Trump do? He whipped up a mob and threw it at are capitol. That’s what happened.

    2. @Mark M Russiagate has been debunked by Aaron Mate’ and other leftist people who dislike Trump. Mate’ literally won awards for debunking it. Only dumb people are buying your guy’s BS nowadays. 😂😂😂

    3. @N N. Hmm, I see your ‘new’ little YouTube trolling account was created aalll of 5 months many you up to now bud? Curious 🧐
      Just for your personal little record btw. Been coming out how Barr really played the lot of you fools ref Russian Interference in 2016.. I mean, what was it? Something like 34 odd indictments 1st time resulting from really Should’ve given you a bit of a heads up but you tools are generally a bit slow, yeah I know..🙄
      Anyway, looks like ol’ Barr might end up behind those ‘bars’ for Deliberately playing along with the Orange Doofus Airhead.. jeez bud, keep up 😊

    4. Thank you, Wade. When Cheney said that people who have the right to vote should be able to vote and those that don’t have the right shouldn’t vote. What percentage of the electorate doesn’t have the right to vote? It is minuscule, but it had been part of US law enforcement since the Reconstruction to try and get felonies on black people so that they can’t vote. Voter suppression under color of law.

  6. Wait wait wait wait…. can we please go back to this person who described there romance with a 14 year old as a Romeo and Juliet situation?… just casually slid past that.

    1. He got her pregnant at 14, married her, divorced her at 16, 17 she commited suicide, but he wants to run for senate 😒

  7. The Cheney family knows a thing or too about stealing elections. She’s annoyed at Trump for being such a buffoon about it. Al Gore shouldn’t have given up so easily.

  8. “Each state is different” says Cheney spreading the Big Lie in her own version. Heritage Action was uncovered writing and shoving the same legislation into all the reactionary states racing to pass new voting restrictions.

  9. Cheney trots out small Gov, low taxes, even she sounds bored, we need bold investment, inclusive laws and so much more. Republicans need a vision and build excitement around it or the voters are going to fall asleep.

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