Republicans Have Lots Of Criticism, Few Answers | MSNBC 1

Republicans Have Lots Of Criticism, Few Answers | MSNBC


Democrats are trying to do big things, and President Biden is doing his best to make good on his promise to work across the aisle. He even lowered his infrastructure price tag by half a trillion dollars just to appease his opponents. But Republicans seem uninterested in compromise. Alicia Menendez speaks with two veteran reporters about whether Democrats may need to go  ta it alone if they want to get anything done.  

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Republicans Have Lots Of Criticism, Few Answers | MSNBC


  1. A commission into Mr Potato head would get Republicans vote. First they need to be educated on what is a Terrorist and what is a Tourist.

    1. @lastrayden 02
      I’m eager to see Trump’s presidential library take shape. Soon, we may be able to view his bedside collection of the works of Milton.

    2. @g0679 As opposed to 2016 when President who humped his own daughter while Jerrod held her down, did no better. >DUMMY

    3. @Ron Wylie that is some thinking Ron. And I’m sure if it were the other way then it would be the Democrats fault. Nothing ever gets done for the American people. Exactly what the oligarchs want.

    1. @Don Shuflin Said he would hire only the best people. Flynn, Manafort, Cohen, Gates, Van der Zwaan, Poppodopolous all criminals.
      Turned on Tillerson, Bolton and that goofy Keebler Elf

    2. Kinda makes you think Trump got his plans for reforming the Republican party from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984:
      “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    3. What luck for rulers that men do not think.If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.

    4. @Don Shuflin tRump defrauded the American people, he fiddles his taxes and he will be jailed for it

    5. What are we doing at the border $86.9 million contract provides 1,239 beds and other necessary services.” This is for illegal persons. This is tip of iceberg and were paying for it. Maybe help the homeless we already have.

  2. Even WHEN Republicans have control of both the House and Senate they STILL can’t get ANYTHING done. They are a f’ing JOKE.

    1. @GreenKrickett I agree. The deficit is too big and the ultra rich and corporations should pay their share. Trickle down has never worked, is a comically ridiculous lie.
      Inflation is going to be massive.

    2. @Andy Welsh .
      Rep. Madison Cawthorn needs time around grownups, before he decides what to do with his life.

  3. must be the same tourists trying to take over govts. around the world! just different flags.

  4. Kevin McCarthy saying if he were subpoenaed he would testify is akin to him saying that he is willing to lie on the stand because he has no spine and he is going to say the things that will please his cult leader.

    1. @Ron Wylie please remind me of how many people were subpoenaed during the first impeachment that did not testify. Oh that’s right, it was a big fat zero.

    1. I think _some_ of them were actively complicit BEFOREhand.
      I think _most_ of them are trying to now imply “I AM TOTALLY TRUMP (like)!!!” … which is problematic if trump’s toxicity and incitement of violence is clearly outlined in a commission report.

      awkward …

  5. If they were not there for violence, why were there so many police officers who were so badly injured?

    1. @Whicker: You have a nerve telling ANYONE about FACTS mate!, you cant get away with that crap anymore
      EVERYONE saw the video, the court cases of the guilty will just wipe away all your crap about who it really was. WE ALL KNOW, the world knows and the commission will NAME them for all history.

    2. @Jerry P We will wait for the trials of the tRump sheep that are starting soon, I hope you will be man enough to come back on here and apologize for the lies

    3. @Jerry P THATS why whenever you see ANY of the insurrectionists being interviewed that say they are tRump supporters, why would you just lie, don’t you think we can SEE and HEAR what happened!, have lies not done enough damage already, your only going to be found out when they start coming through the courts.

    4. @Jerry P YOU would say anything but your prayers, we will soon see them coming through the courts, then THAT lie is dead forever.

  6. If you break into someone’s home or a business you’d be guilty. Breaking in and hurting, scaring or killing someone trying to stop you makes you just as guilty.

  7. Republicon’s testimony is useless. They are not going to tell the truth. They’ll read the script Dump gives them.

  8. ‘Too early … translation ‘People still remember Trump was a Republican and the insurrectionists were Republican voters.’

  9. Of course they want to move on they don’t want to wind up in prison as the seditionists they are.

  10. If they want to “move on” from this, why are they still pushing the Big Lie? They need to set up a Big Lie commission.

    1. @Jerry P LOL, I’m not the one whining about an election from six months ago. I don’t think a bucket load of tampons would help you idiots. Love your tears they are tasty.

    2. @Alexandria Yannotti We will just set up a proper commission and do it ourselves, they will say it;s not honest anyway but we will get the people behind that day of infamy

  11. Bank robbers don’t want anyone looking into their robberies. Traitors like the same blindness.

  12. “Let’s forget about hilllary’s emails, it’s in the past”……….said no Republican ever.

    1. @bus driver

      Never mind the significance of Jus Sanguinis. It’s too deep for a Trump supporter.

  13. McCarthys just gonna lie under oath, he’s been lying for so long he doesn’t know the difference

    1. efs 1066, the difference is we saw the insurrection, the tweets and messaging is there, the statements are there. The Republicans are attempting to whitewash an event even more dangerous to our country than 9/11. The 9/11 attack was an attack on our country designed to instill fear, the Capitol attack was intended to overthrow our election and destroy our Constitution. For the Republicans to oppose A commission investigating that, it is as much an act of treason as the insurrection itself. For it to go unanswered invites another attempt.

    2. @John DiGiacomo 9/11 was an attack like Pearl Harbor.
      1/6 was an attack like … well, nothing US has experienced.

      I live in Virginia, couple blocks from nearest Confederacy got to the WH.

      that Confederate flag actually made it into the Capitol … that’s grotesque, full stop.

      (my town pulled down the “confederate soldier” that literally blocked an intersection. it’s stupid it took as long as it did..)

    3. efs1066, you said before that because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done. This is one of the times it should be done. There is too much at stake.

  14. If they had no intention of going to the Capitol Building, WHY did they show up at the rally with all the materials, hardware and tools to build a Gallows infront of the Capitol Building?

    1. that’s a REALLY good question.
      (mine is: why wasn’t trump evacuated to bunker during jan 6?)

    2. @Helene Flamand dunno the protocol but … YEAH, somehow trump convinced SS that he wasn’t in danger

      …. _somehow_ he “knew” that

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