NYT: Matt Gaetz Said To Have Sought Blanket Pardon | All In | MSNBC

NYT: Matt Gaetz Said To Have Sought Blanket Pardon | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. @James Faulkner II Even with the “blanket” none specified crimes? I really don’t understand the reason for Pardons. Or what is expected from the convict if he accepts one.
      Except when it commutes a death sentence to life in prison without parole. The power Governors have. I can understand the President having that power in federal convictions involving death penalties.
      But certainly for not co-conspirators in cases identifying the President as only, “Individual #1” because, apparently, #1 can’t be charged while in office. Should he really have the power to release person’s jailed because they were following his orders?

    2. “NYT reporting” ” some Trump supporters said” After the Russian got introduced into the conversation in much the same way,why would you believe this? I’ll wait for some facts before I believe a possible political smear campaign again

    1. @HS There was no fraudulent election.

      No one is brainwashing people about the vaccine.

      Your guns aren’t being taken away.

      Education isn’t turning people into socialists.

      Loads of politicians have lined their pockets from corporations. Republicans are the biggest offenders and have fought to keep corporate money in politics.

      No one is taking away your freedom of speech.

      No one is forcing you to take a vaccine.

      Your rant is not based in reality.

  1. Everyone is turning on poor Matt.. 😪
    It’s well deserved. These Republicans really believe they are above the law and some are. Anyone else would spend the rest of their lives in jail.

    1. Worse part is to try and talk to the “anti-social trump supporters”, they make no sense whatsoever!!!!!

    1. Do you notice a specific source of this “bombshell information” is not named? Don’t fall for the propaganda…..

    2. @Rod did YOU notice Gaetz denied “sleeping” with minors.

      Notice the choice of word “sleeping”.

      That was the wording in his official denial. “Sleeping”. 😴.

      Geesh. I wonder what else “sleeping” could mean. Perhaps, falling asleep. Most obvious weasel wording EVER,

      Non-denial denial. That’s what that was.

    3. @Rod the alleged facts of the investigation are that a child or children under the age of 18 were flown to Gaetz from state to state where he then had s3. xu@1 relations with them. There is debate about whether those children under 18 were nonetheless technically over the age of consent.

      However, even if the children under 18 which Gaetz is being investigated for were technically above the age of consent in the destination state jurisdiction, that is a mute point because if the children were flown there across state or international lines, those age of consent laws become irrelevant. They’re voided.

      And so far, that 17 year old, which is the one we know of so far, remains a child for the purposes of trafficking legislation.

      Then there’s the fact of payment, meaning prostitution.

      Prostitution by itself is a crime across the overwhelming majority of the USA, no matter the age. Engaging in it is unlawful.

      And when it comes to minors under the age of 18, the age of consent again become irrelevant because anyone under 18 is a child for prosecution purposes of the person paying or procuring a person under 18, because age of consent is not relevant to prostitution prosecutions.

      As soon as the person is under 18 and there’s payment, that’s paying a minor for it.

      The age of consent laws are not applicable to prostitution because you can’t legally pay someone for prostitution in the first place, and if it is a child under 18 being paid then the age of consent is inapplicable for one simple reason: Paying someone under 18 for prostitution voids any age of consent which might otherwise state 17 or 16 years of age, because the ages of consent are NOT to consent to prostitution. They’re to consent to lawful s3. x. That’s the problem for Gaetz if the alleged facts are correct.

      That’s how Gaetz might come undone, assuming there’s not also children fully under the age of consent with or without prostitution, which would be a whole other criminal liability.

      And all this is what the investigation at the DOJ is sorting out. And remember, it was started under Bill Barr during the Trump administration. And Barr didn’t stop it even for partisan considerations.

    1. My rant for today…
      I worked in the health field for over 22 years in MedSurg.

      I didn’t get any handouts. I did my daily job as a wife, mother, employee, and the rest that goes along with the daily grind of life.

      We had a budget. We paid our bills. We struggled. Life was good.

      When we went on vacation, we went to all the free places such as museums, parks, beaches.

      A normal American family, loving our freedom, and working hard.


      You take over my nation with a fraudulent election.

      You try to brainwash me by telling me I may die without a vaccine.

      You try to force me to give up my guns, my means of self-defense.

      You try to convince me that everything you do is for my benefit.

      You have brainwashed millions.
      You also have murdered millions by withholding the inexpensive medicine they could have save their lives.

      You have brainwashed my children. Your liberal education as taking them down the road of socialism and hate.  

      You have lied, you have lined your pockets with taxpayer money, you have sat in Washington and taking away our freedom, yet you build up for yourselves wealth.

      You try to take away my freedom of speech, my freedom of worship, my second amendment rights.

      You now want to force me to Take a vaccine.
      I know better. I have read the package inserts. 
      I myself have never taken one of your vaccines. Never a flu vaccine, never a pneumonia vaccine, never the shingles vaccine, and I never will!

      You have done so much to harm the United States of America in six months, you are all traitors.  

      You are the ones who should live in fear.
      You are the ones who should be isolated and locked up.
      You are the ones whose rights should be taken away forever and placed in prison.

      You are the ones who should be forced to reveal your financial history so all the world can see how you have stolen from the American people.

      We the people, will not allow you to steal from our lives any longer. 

      You are liars.
      You are murderers.
      You are stealing in our children both physically and mentally.

      Just how long do you think we will take this abuse? No that is not a threat. That is honesty.

      For you see, the same patriotic blood that ran in the veins of those Americans in 1775, still runs in our veins today.

    2. @HS Who are these murderers specifically? I,m just like you, worked hard, raised a family etc. Democracy is,nt perfect, but what is the alternative?

      believe in gov,t, and all our institutions. History teaches us that an oppressed people will rise up and overthrow the oppressors. Democracy is,nt perfect, but what,s the alternative? A scourge, like a pandemic creates fear, and panic. Take heart. This too will pass. I,m an old pensioner who is moving in with my son and his family. This morning I learned that two family members are waiting for covid tests, and I,m holding my breath until the tests come back. Keep safe 🇨🇦

    3. @MSNBC Why do you delete this comment and Likes? Do you not stick behind your story 💯? Like Er ic Ci aramella Ukraine / The New York Times Russia! I’M ALL IN! Cause of there track record! And yours! Where’s Adam Schiff on this why isn’t he helping?
      I myself have been waiting now going on 5 years! For his more than Circumstantial Evidence! He has against Trump in bed with Russia! Russia! Russia! SAY IT! SAY IT!
      Interesting That I had to break up Er ic name so this comment won’t be deleted!

    4. @HS Nice creative fictional writing. You put a lot of emotion into it. Now take your Qanon story to your Russian comrades. Fake News.

    1. @J Cerullo The blackmail (if true) happened on March 16th 2021. It is a different case. Gatze is trying to muddy the waters. This investigation was started around summer of 2020 by Trump DOJ. Word to the wise….. GOP are LIARS DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING MOST SAY!!!!!

    2. @Stormie watch the interview with Tucker He says people are trying to extrort money from him and that why these allegations agents him David Magee

    1. A Trump blanket pardon for Gaetz would not have saved Gaetz from charges of these alleged crimes, because they are state crimes too.

      They could be prosecuted by the states unless there are also pardons from the governors.

      Lastly, pardons must be specific or broadly specific. They cannot be outright broad. It must at least say for what category of crimes, if not for the crime itself in specific detail. If it doesn’t, the pardon will not be valid.

      Gaetz, what did you do?

  2. I’ve never been more delighted in news about Matt Gaetz than I have these last few weeks!
    Crossing my fingers that the Zeppelin goes down in flames! 🪂

    1. lol This isn’t “news”. Notice that a specific source is never named by MSNBC/CNN? They just make stuff up and you libs fall for it. 🤣

    2. Trump is going down, Gaetz is going down, feds are looking into Roger Stone again. I am happy.

    1. @MSNBC Why do you delete this comment and Likes? Do you not stick behind your story 💯? Like Er ic Ci aramella Ukraine / The New York Times Russia! I’M ALL IN! Cause of there track record! And yours! Where’s Adam Schiff on this why isn’t he helping?
      I myself have been waiting now going on 5 years! For his more than Circumstantial Evidence! He has against Trump in bed with Russia! Russia! Russia! SAY IT! SAY IT!
      Interesting That I had to break up Er ic name so this comment won’t be deleted!

    2. @You never know!
      First off, C.I.s are always kept confidential..Even with the authorities and Corp Whistle Blowers..Duh..And as to Trump, you talk about being open, what did he and Putin talk about for 2 hours at Helsinki? He never said…Also, Don Jr, after no other bank other than Deutsche Bank would loan to Trump, came out and stated openly, in 2017 that they were getting a lot of money in from Russia..Google that..Trump also gave out highly classified info to the Russian Ambassador, that also verified..Trump is filth..

    1. He wouldn’t help the M.I.A. charity ,(trump), and then these new revelations appear. oh dear!

    2. @David Sibley what? You think he pardoned for free? Including those rappers, I didn’t realize there were trump delusional holdouts still out there.

    1. All this little things is doing is increasing the heart rate of these old perverts in Congress with her nude pics Matt Gaetz has been parading around like he’s Deuce Bigalow

  3. Gaetz: “Mr. President, I would like a blanket pardon that would cover something that might come up about a young girl”
    Trump:”Oh. I…see. Well, to be frank, Matt, thats’s not something I consider pardonable. On your budget.”

    1. Trump to Gaetz : Haven’t I taught you anything? First, deny, deny, deny. Then, stall in court by filling frivolous lawsuits. And counter-lawsuits. If none of that works, come see me about a pardon, since I expect to be the despot, I mean president, until I die. But first you’ll have to ‘show me the money’ .😉

  4. “You get a pardon. And you get a pardon! And YOU get a pardon!!”

    I remember a time when this country exhibited something that resembled dignity.

    1. Maybe when ummmmm. . No not sure . Tell me.
      Before or after attacking other countries for oil or some other excuses.
      Trump admitted it himself
      He said ” We have our own oil now so we don’t need to invade other countries.
      Under the pretense of democracy.
      Turns out the us is one of the worst democracies.
      I hope it all come good and things change .
      Too much hate for too long .
      I wish you all the best

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