‘There Were No Fake Trump Supporters’: Joy Debunks GOP False Claims On Capitol Riot | The ReidOut 1

‘There Were No Fake Trump Supporters’: Joy Debunks GOP False Claims On Capitol Riot | The ReidOut


Joy calls the Republican disinformation machine and those involved ‘the absolute worst’ for refusing responsibility and promoting more false claims about the Capitol Riot. Aired on 04/06/2021.
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‘There Were No Fake Trump Supporters’: Joy Debunks GOP False Claims On Capitol Riot | The ReidOut


    1. @Paul Wilson
      You are intitled to you opinion. Many believe that Obama was the best President WE don’t have to hate each other because we differ in opinion. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t very popular in His day and look how history wrote about him. We will never agree as a Nation. SO WHAT THAT IS WHAT MAKE’S US GREAT.

    2. @Toni Olson no nation jus people some think they are more inferior than others thats the real problem (entitled) thats how its spelled

    1. Almost as shocking as discovering they’re not really about law and order or family values, either!

    1. @Dorothy Gears how many q have you met? The media says they are at all the trump rallies right? Then how come you cant never see any? Can you show me one? Can you tell me what they want? Or is the conspiracy on you? How come the only time i hear or see anything about q, its from the left? Think about it. You are being played

    2. @Gabe Dudley The desperation of the right is palpable, desperately jumping from 1 failed narrative to the next, *as the right watches their movement quickly diminish, with no idea how far it will fall, and no idea how to even slow its decline.* Your expectation the right’s support for Trump and the riot will be ignored is not rational.

    3. @Gabe Dudley Personally, I am only aware of having met 1 Q believer, because they would hide their beliefs since *irrational and delusional individuals are shunned in my circles, but they find welcoming arms in the right’s delusional echo chamber fantasy worlds.* To see examples, search YouTube, and the internet, for _”public Q supporters”_ or similar.

  1. “We think its fascist Antifa members”… what does Antifa stand for again? Oh that’s right.

    1. @S C Like using the terms “insurrection” or “anti-racist?” Pretty sure the leftists are the ones who weaponize language to paint their anti-American narratives…right out of Saul Alinsky’s book.

    2. @MrEkzotic _Insurrection_ can be accurately applied to *the right’s attempt to overthrow American democracy and the US govt.* _Empirical data_ doesn’t mean what the right thinks it means, as *the right again show’s their inability to comprehend what they observe, leading to their delusions.*

    3. @MrEkzotic *The right have proven themselves delusional enemies of America and democracy,* supporting and believing justified *the right’s attempt to overthrow American democracy and govt.* by going outside the courts and the ballots, discard election results, prevent elected President from taking office, and appoint their own.

    4. @S C Again, there was no attempt to overthrow anything. You don’t overthrow a government with a few hundred unarmed people. You’re being ridiculous, and you know it.

    1. @Gabe Dudley “the people” like yourself who have a list of a dozen preprogrammed responses? We know who you are, and I’ve proven you’re a form of auto reply bot yourself…

    1. @jim brewer no. After 5 years of conspiracy from the news i have figured it out now. Have you? Or is the orange man bad?

    2. @jim brewer and welcome to youtube new user. Fakeness surrounds the left doesnt it? Enjoy your account

    3. @Gabe Dudley Just because my account is “new” compared to yours doesn’t mean I am, I agree with some issues on the left and some on the right, but overall Trump was a disaster. Presidents need to be able to listen,negotiate, and listen to the experts in their prospective fields. Trump did NONE of that.

  2. “Fascist Antifa!”
    Can we get these people reference materials not written in crayon? Possibly one that includes a thesaurus and the words “Hypocracy” and “oxymoron”?

    1. Truly amazing just how stupid trump supporters are , the crooked politicians know the truth but they also know their disgusting supporters will believe anything they lie about

    1. Mom notices broken vase. “All right, who broke it?”
      Kid looks around, notices his brother John isn’t there. “John did it!”

  3. Republicans believe these claims because so many of them were the arsonists in last summer’s protests – arsonists hoping to start a race war.

    1. @Gabe Dudley He was calling you a liar . Come on now . I doubt that is the first time someone has described you that way .

    1. @Buddy Christ Not looking for an argument. I get your point better now, but I still don’t know if the person who mention is indeed a left-wing activist. But as you say, it makes little difference.

    2. @Buddy Christ Clearly you dont understand that there is no rule that says people only need to respond to your specific comments. No one is claiming you said anything. They are just pointing out the ridiculousness of your statement, in which you try to deflect blame on one individual, by pointing out that hundreds have been arrested. Also, no one is buying the you are not a Trump supporter lie. The only ones repeatedly putting Sullivan’s name (there is no proof he is BLM) out there are the disgruntled, desperate disturbed MAGA morons.
      The fact that you only want to focus on one individual is just you trying to manipulate the conversation. Over 200 arrests and they were Trump devotees. You will continue to hear that whether you want to or not.

    3. @Helene Flamand There is no doubt he is a left wing activist. I went and searched his name (like I suggested people do, but they obviously didn’t) and he was the founder of Insurgency USA, that’s why I tought BLM because it has been a couple months since I thought about it.
      He has a video here on YouTube, clips from this video were sold to the media and that is what people have been seeing, including the woman getting shot. In that you can hear him say things like
      “We can burn this whole thing down. They can’t stop us all.”
      “I’m putting on a mask, I’m not getting busted today.”
      None of that is an incitement to violence but he was there poking a group of people that was already worked up. He also had a couple of friends there doing the same thing, I’m hesitant to say anything concrete about them because I don’t know who they are.
      Ultimately my point of replying to the original comment was it wasn’t republicans recording their crimes it was this guy.

      Sorry for the long winded reply.

  4. If antifa was involved and we have more than 300 arrests have been made and not 1 antifa member was found, are they invisible?

    1. @Maria Miley I was being sarcastic when I said it was BLM in white face. Please! I’ve seen the videos. I know they were all Trump supporters. I am Not one of those brainwashed Trump supporters. And I’m certainly not in denial.

    2. @Big Boomer I wish they would have arrested every single Trump supporter that walked out of the Capitol that day. As they were leaving the building.

  5. None of them believe those were fake trump supporters. They know exactly what was happening. How they thought they would get away with it is unbelievable.

    1. John Sullivan did it. Maybe you can still find his vid. You know how big corp and tech like youtube like to keep things that go against the lefts narrative hidden. Sort of fascist isnt it? To be everything you hate. The Dparty

  6. Antifa, the Easter Bunny, and The Great Pumpkin shall all Rise & Ride Again on January 6th or When Mars Attacks. And Gaetz will lead us. Ack ack.

  7. It’s funny that they say antifa but yet cannot explain what it actually is or why it’s come about…what they don’t understand is that its not a group it’s simply a idealogy

    1. Thank you! I love seeing the comment from supposed progressives that act just like the stupid magats and try to personify ideologies they disagree with. Blm and ANTIFA are MOVEMENTS! IDEOLOGIES! NOT A MOB OF PEOPLE! THAT mob of people are the FASCISTS that tried to STEAL AMERICA on January 6th, 2021.

  8. Trying to make Twump look bad. Haha funny nobody needs to try to make Twump look bad. He does that totally all by himself

  9. So maybe some of them were school girls looking for senators and congress men looking for help with their school homework ! Gaetz has experience in this area and could have lent a hand !

    1. Yep, they were trumpists, ginned up on 45’s Qoolaid. They even took selfies and posted on Facebook, just to make the FBI’s job easier.

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